Aug 08 2015

Realize the reasons.

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Aug 07 2015

Flashback Friday - 1st Trip to the Zooc

 First trip to the Zoo

Today’s Flashback Friday was the girls first trip to the zoo with our Moms group back in August 2005.  We went to the Greenville Zoo.  The girls looked around, took a nap in the stroller, and hung out.  They got some fresh air, vitamin D, and wore themselves out even though they did not get out of their stroller.  Thankful for friends and a chance to hang out at the zoo for a few hours.  We have had many trips to the zoo since this day!

Brina and Karlie's first trip to the Zoo - see the turtle in the background (Karlie is awake but Brina is snoozing)c

Brina sleeping in the front. Karlie still looking around, but starting to suck her thumb so she’s not far behind Brina.

The hungry and cranky crittersMommy brought back from the zoo (Brina and Karlie)c

They were great on their first trip to the Greenville Zoo, however, the two critters I brought back home with me were very hungry and ready for lunch by the time we walked into the house.  Once it was lunch time they were ready to eat and my happy babies were in tears if there happened to be a delay that day!

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Aug 06 2015


  General Craft Supplies

Our kids love to do crafts! In the summer months, on the weekends, or evenings when the kids have some extra free time they like to do crafts.  Throughout the school year they have to do various projects for school so our art and craft supplies come in handy for those tasks as well.

The general arts and crafts supplies are stored in our storage closet on one of our shelves in individual containers labeled with what is inside each one.  Whenever the kids want to do a craft or need something specific all they have to do is get the container out, use whatever item they need, and put the container back once they are finished.  If they use up all of one particular item they write that item on the grocery / shopping list (or tell us if we are nearby so we can add it).

When the kids were younger we had a lot more containers of art and crafts supplies.  Now we have narrowed it down to the supplies they use the most and will fit on one shelf in the storage room.  We still have a couple drawers and other containers on the very bottom shelf for specialty or specific items that do not fit into these categories, but they are easy to access when they need them as well.   Also, the girls have crafts that were give to them in their own rooms, Organized Chaos: Kids Crafts & Activities.

These small containers with lids that we used for the arts and crafts supplies, you can find for a $1 at Dollar Tree, have been very useful in helping our family get organized!  Once the items are placed in containers, we put the lid on, and label them. We picked up the shelving a long time ago at Sam’s Club, but you can find it at a number of stores including Walmart, KMart, Target, Home DepotLowe’s, and more.

Here are some of the container labels we used for our arts and crafts supplies to get you started:

  • Stencils
  • Small Crafts
  • Glitter
  • Craft Sticks
  • Modeling Clay
  • Crayons
  • Google Eyes
  • Beads & Necklaces
  • Fuzzy Sticks (pipe cleaners)
  • Water Color Paint / Paint Brushes
  • Finger Paints
  • Stamps
  • Pom Poms


 Our organized storage room – the top shelf in this picture is where the arts & crafts supplies are located!

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Aug 05 2015

We were created by an amazing God.  He wants us to be actively serving others.  When we see a problem do we do something about it or wait for someone else to handle it?  What are we doing to help others?  How are we going to change the world we live in today?

I woke up this morning
Saw a world full of trouble now
Thought, how’d we ever get so far down
How’s it ever gonna turn around

So I turned my eyes to Heaven
I thought, “God, why don’t You do something?”
Well, I just couldn’t bear the thought of
People living in poverty

Children sold into slavery
The thought disgusted me
So, I shook my fist at Heaven
Said, “God, why don’t You do something?”

He said, “I did, I created you”

If not us, then who
If not me and you
Right now, it’s time for us to do something
If not now, then when
Will we see an end
To all this pain
It’s not enough to do nothing
It’s time for us to do something

I’m so tired of talking
About how we are God’s hands and feet
But it’s easier to say than to be
Live like angels of apathy who tell ourselves
It’s alright, “somebody else will do something”

We are the salt of the earth
We are a city on a hill (shine shine, shine shine)
But we’re never gonna change the world
By standing still
No we won’t stand still

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Aug 04 2015

Travel & Vacation - Charleston - SC - Old Exchange & Provost Dungeon -P1490414c

 Visiting the Old Exchange & Provost Dungeon

One of the days while we were in Charleston, SC it was raining so we took the time to explore the Old Exchange & Provost Dungeon.  We had gotten a Groupon for a discounted tour of the Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon so we figured it was the perfect day to go.  The girls and I had a lot of fun learning about the building and all the history that took place within it’s walls.  Another time about a year later we were in Charleston again and Jake joined us for our second tour of the building.  It is full of history.  The kids really enjoyed it.  A friend recommended we go see this historic site a couple years ago and we have enjoyed going more than once.

Old Exchange dates back to the 1670′s when it was used as a Customs and Exchange building for the busy Charleston port.  Pirates were placed in the Provost Dungeon.  British tea was stored inside it’s walls.  You can see the old sea wall inside the Provost Dungeon.  During the American Revolution the colonists hid guns and ammunition inside the building.  There is a lot of neat history in this building.


Old staircase, not in use anymore


Old Seawall can be seen inside the Provost Dungeon.  Half-moon battery.


They had amazing brick work done in the building.  It was neat to see.


Old model of the building.


Our tour guide telling about the pirates they captured and held as prisoners in the Provost Dungeon


Pirates biding their time in the Dungeon


The had to keep records of all the exchanges and transactions that took place inside the building.


The colonists put a powder magazine inside the building and then built a wall in front of it.  Even during the American Revolution when the British soldiers had control and occupied this building they never found it.  After the war when they took down the wall everything was still where they had left it.


Provost Dungeon


Black Beard the pirate


A lot of neat historical pictures line the walls throughout the building


It was a rainy day in Charleston.  Perfect day to take a tour of Old Exchange & Provost Dungeon.


Information about Preside George Washington’s visit to Charleston.


We the People….


Historical people and swords


Rainy day, but still beautiful


Looking out from the Old Exchange & Provost Dungeon building to the street below.


History of the Exchange & Custom House, Faneuil Hall, and more


One of the meeting rooms, beautifully decorated


The Old Exchange Building & Provost Dungeon Banner


Plagues on the outside walls of the Old Exchange & Provost Dungeon

The “Travel and Vacation” series is an insight into our trips together as a family and ways we relax.  Life is short and we were thrilled to have the opportunity to build memories with family and explore of of the most amazing places during our time away.  Explore with a good attitude, look for fun, and it will be an awesome trip jammed packed with positive memories.  It is refreshing having some time away from the regular routine.  Make it a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet new people and learn.  You just might see or try something new that takes your breath away!

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