May 30 2014

Greenville Drive & Fireworks

Greenville Drive Game

Jake’s company hosted an event at the Greenville Drive.  We ate delicious BBQ and enjoyed one of the best Greenville Drive Games we have been to in our area.  The girls had a blast watching the game!  Since it was a Friday night they had fireworks after the game as well which are always a big hit with everyone!  Greenville won with a 13 point spread.


Daddy and Brina watching the baseball game!


Karlie is very excited!


Awesome fireworks!


Great way to end the night at the baseball field


A few fireworks even hit the stadium lights!




Thankful for our fun evening together!

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May 29 2014


Daddy showing Brina how to shoot the black powder gun!


Brina taking a shot at the target


Daddy showing Karlie how to shoot with black powder


Karlie taking another shot!

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May 28 2014


Working on robotics!

The girls have been part of the STEM Club at their school.  They have really enjoyed learning so much through the club, including more about robotics.  Since they have been learning about robotics and are really interested in learning more so Jake has been doing fun robotics projects with them at home as well.  Here are a few of the projects they have been working on recently.


Brina and Karlie checking out the robotic


Daddy helping the girls put together one of the robots


This is one that Jake had from college.  He pulled it out and had the girls help him get it back up and running again.


Watching the robot spin around the kitchen!

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May 26 2014


A picnic at the park with my girls before going to the museum!

Recently I took the girls to the Museum and Library of Confederate History in a nearby town.  They have been studying in school various aspects of the Civil War and I thought it would be a good field trip to help them learn a little more regarding the history they are studying in school.  They had a grand time looking at all the cool items in the museum.  One of the workers took the time to go from room to room with the girls and explain in more detail many of the items on display.


Brina and Karlie at the Museum & Library of Confederate History


Touring the Museum & Library of Confederate History


Checking out the cool Civil War items


This toy cannon is similar to the one Thomas Jefferson’s son had as a child.  It was said that he attacked his toy soldiers with the cannon and occasionally a stray chicken.


Enjoying the museum


Karlie soaking it all in…


Brina enjoying her time at the museum exploring.


Karlie and Brina had fun learning more about the Civil War!

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May 19 2014

Family STEM Night

Karlie watching the robotics demonstration right after giving her speech to the students, faculty, parents, and family members in attendance.  So proud of her!  She was the only 3rd grader to give a speech that night!

The girls had a blast at their Family STEM Night!  Karlie gave a presentation to everyone in attendance about their STEM Club and robotics competition.  That night they had a lot of fun activities as well as informational meetings throughout the evening.  Brina and Karlie had a blast learning, soaking in all the great information, and participating in the various activities.  It was neat to see them work both independently and together to create some neat projects in the evening!


Learning about the cool pieces and their purposes.  Karlie was thrilled to hold the one that had been up in space!


Karlie testing her dragon racer.


Brina testing her dragon racer.


Putting together a soft bed for the raw egg.


Almost done with wrapping our egg!


Final wrapping to  their egg nicknamed “Pink Flemingo” for the egg drop competition.  I remember doing a similar activity in elementary school.  Super Fun!


Under all those pink and orange feathers and bubble wrap is a raw egg – “Pink Flemingo”!


A little concerned that the Pink Flemingo may have broken in the drop so they are hurrying to get back and unwrap her!


Brina so proud of her Pink Flemingo egg drop activity and wrapping skills!  The Pink Flemingo did survive the egg drop!  Yay!  The girls loved this activity!


Making their airplane gliders to fly and measure!

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