Aug 19 2014


Noelle’s window art

One of our fun summer crafty activities that ended up a big hit with all the kids was Window Easels!  Each kid (ages 4 to 12) got to pick their own window as their easel and could draw whatever they wanted on it.  I had a stack of window paint (like the ones you put on car windows) and each kid could come grab what colors they needed for their particular artwork.  They had a blast doing it.  I didn’t get a huge amount of pictures during the activity because I was helping distribute the paint and wiping up any drips as they happened.  It has a big hit!  I left the painted easels up for the rest of their stay so everyone could enjoy their artwork for several days. You could see the artwork both inside and outside of the house which was pretty neat!  Some of the kids choose to paint both the top and bottom windows (while standing on a chair) while others just wanted to do one window.


Brina did both of her windows


Noah’s creatively decorated windows!


Nadia, the youngest one of the group, had a lot of fun doing her window – “All by herself!”

window art

Karlie packed a lot onto her window – Art, Names, Signs, Shapes, Math, and more fun stuff!

Not only was it a lot of fun it gave me a good excuse to scrub down the windows this summer too!  It was the perfect summer craft.  It kept the kids entertained for quite awhile and there were very little clean up.   Plus no one had to wait for turns at the easel because everyone had their own and they all painted at the same time.  It was fun watching them paint and hearing them chitchat at the same time.

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Aug 18 2014

Greenville Zoo and Window Art

Watching “Joy” the elephant play

We were able to squeeze in a fun trip to the Greenville Zoo with our cousins during summer vacation!  A big thanks to our sweet cousin who shared zoo passes with us!  Joy the elephant was playing with her tire while we were there.  It was the last week Joy was at Greenville Zoo.  A couple days later they were transporting her to a new zoo in Colorado.


 Sweet girls!


 Hanging out in the shade at the Giraffe exhibit.  There were 3 giraffes in the pen and the Momma is expecting another one any day now!  Great times with the cousins!


 The turtles were very fascinating to watch!


 A quick picture of the girls on the bear as we worked our way through the zoo!

We spent the morning at the zoo then headed to Cleveland Park to eat a picnic lunch and play on the playgrounds.  It is always fun going on special trips with cousins.  Thankful for a fun time together with family!

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Aug 17 2014


We painted “Welcome” on our driveway as we waited for extended family to arrive!

We have had a great summer break with our kids home from school!!!  We packed in great adventures, time with our extended families, camps, Vacation Bible School, lots of memories, fun, history, road trips, flights, and much more!  So thankful for a wonderful time with our family.    Thanks for being patient with me as I enjoyed extra time with my family.  It is my intention of getting back on schedule here soon.  I will be posting some pictures of our summer fun soon!

Our first big summer adventure was having Jake’s sister and her family come stay with us for a week.  They arrived on the same day the girls got out of school.  We had a blast!  As an added bonus of fun we also got to see Jake’s cousins who live in the area several times throughout the week as well.  Thankful for family and fun times together!

P1140426c The girls enjoying popsicles and ice cream bars!

Time with family - Beliasov - Cousins

The guys enjoying their game!


A pool full of fun!


The kids breaking open the pinata!

Hayes - Weimann - Beliasov - Bennett

Playing the Jelly Belly game “Bean Boozled” with extended family!  Everyone is waiting with anticipation to see if Aunt Cindy got a good flavor!


Snow cones were a hit with the kids one hot afternoon!

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May 30 2014

Greenville Drive & Fireworks

Greenville Drive Game

Jake’s company hosted an event at the Greenville Drive.  We ate delicious BBQ and enjoyed one of the best Greenville Drive Games we have been to in our area.  The girls had a blast watching the game!  Since it was a Friday night they had fireworks after the game as well which are always a big hit with everyone!  Greenville won with a 13 point spread.


Daddy and Brina watching the baseball game!


Karlie is very excited!


Awesome fireworks!


Great way to end the night at the baseball field


A few fireworks even hit the stadium lights!




Thankful for our fun evening together!

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May 29 2014


Daddy showing Brina how to shoot the black powder gun!


Brina taking a shot at the target


Daddy showing Karlie how to shoot with black powder


Karlie taking another shot!

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