Apr 01 2014

Love It - Splade 1/8/14

Jake surprised me a couple months ago with a cool and practical gift!  Love those types of gifts!  A splayd!!!  Before getting my gift I didn’t know what a splayd was and my first thought was that it was a spork (which is similar, but not the same).

My husband had been noticing how our silverware drawers would be empty before the dishwasher needed to be run so he came up with this great utensil that would cut back on the silverware we would need to use for each meal.  Since is a combination utensil we shouldn’t need to get out both a fork and spoon for each meal.

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Mar 31 2014

Easy & Healthy Way to clean produce A sink full of fresh produce

Our family eats a lot of fruits and vegetables so I love it when I find a great deal on produce.  We have one large drawer full of vegetables, another one full of fruit, and we have a fresh fruit basket on the counter.  One problem I had with produce in the past was it spoiling too fast.  Also, the produce needs to be washed to remove any germs, sprays, mold, or other spores that that tend to spoil or contaminate the produce  more quickly.

I have found the best way to rinse and clean the produce is to put everything in a clean sink, fill the sink with cold water, add approximately a half of cup of white vinegar, and let the produce soak for about 10 to 20 minutes.  After the produce has soaked drain the water and rinse thoroughly before putting it away.  You will be amazed at how much stuff comes off the produce (the sink is usually covered with a film, dirt, and little particles after I drain the water).    Some of the items in the sink for this rinse – pineapple, mango, strawberries, kiwi, red delicious apples, granny smith apples, golden delicious apples, grapefruit, blackberries, oranges, clementines, cucumbers, tomatoes,  celery, and a few other items.

One other way we have found that prolongs the life of our fruits and vegetables is the BluApple.  The BluApple absorbs the ethylene gas is given off naturally by fruits and vegetables as a signaling mechanism in order to coordinate uniform ripening.   We stick one BluApple in the vegetable drawer and another in the fruit drawer to prevent the produce from ripening as quickly.  Between rinsing the produce with vinegar water and using the BluApples the life of the produce is extended 2 to 7 times the normal shelf life (at least for our family).  A container of strawberries will last 2 to 4 weeks (if they last that long and are not eaten before that time) in our fridge.  We have been doing this way for over a year now and it has worked very well for our family, hope these tips are a huge blessing to you too!

Easy & Healthy Way to Clean Produce

The clean sink starting to fill up with water (and three tomatoes).


Draining the dirty water


Up close picture of all the “stuff” floating in the water after washing the produce!  Yikes!


After draining the water there is always a film around the sink with bits and pieces of produce, dirt, and other particles stuck to it.  If you look closely you can even see the water line.

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Mar 28 2014

Lunch Box - Special Snack

Every once in awhile I will pack a special surprise snack in the girls lunch bags.  Since they have the last lunch of the day their teachers allow them to have a snack mid-morning.   I love hearing their comments after school about their surprise snack.  Most of the time I am able to “sneak” the treat into their lunches so it is a surprise when they open up their bag at snack time!  I picked up these goodie bags on clearance and filled them with homemade trail mix.  Some of the items in the trail mix were cheerios, pretzels, dried bananas, cranberries, raisins, and nuts.  They loved the beautiful bags and the delicious snack.

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Mar 25 2014

Dry Erase Marker on the Bowl

Recipe written on a bowl with a dry erase marker!

The other day while Jake was making a meal he prepped another  meal for the following day.    Since he prepped the meal and I was the one who was going to make the meal the following day he wrote the directions with a dry erase marker on the outside of the stainless steel bowl holding some of the ingredients.  When I opened the fridge the next day I saw the bowl with all the directions on it.  It was awesome pulling out the bowl, following the directions, and enjoying a delicious meal with the family.   After dinner all I had to do was wash the bowl and all the dry erase marker came right off.  Thankful for a husband who is thoughtful, creative, and willing to help around the house.  It was a great meal too!  Thanks Babe!

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Mar 24 2014

Hero of the Year  History Project

 Karlie’s Time Magazine Hero of the Year Project – Thomas Sumter

The girls did a Social Studies project at school recently about various people in the American Revolution.  They made their own Time magazine “Hero of the Year” cover page and article.  They each picked one person and they did more research about the life of that particular person.  Karlie choose to research Thomas Sumter who was nicknames “The Fighting Gamecock”.  Brina did her research on George Washington who was nicknamed “The Father of His Country”.  Both men were instrumental and influential during the early years of our country specifically during the time of the American Revolution.

Time Magazine Hero of the Year Social Studies school project

Brina’s Time Magazine Hero of the Year Project – George Washington

On the back of each of the girls Time Magazine cover page was the details about the hero and his life.  It was a fun Social Studies project and the girls got to learn a lot of other details about the American Revolution during their time of research.  It is neat to see them get excited over fun school projects.  Both of them really enjoy learning about history!

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