Aug 18 2011

Craft Activities: Silly Yard Animals

During the summer I came up with a variety of fun activities for the girls to enjoy.  As I was going through the craft cabinet I pulled out google eyes, fuzzy sticks, pom poms, and glue!  A lot of fun crafty ideas can happen with all these great items but I had a specific purpose in mind – Rock Animals!  Rock Animals are always a huge hit and can occupy the girls for hours.  Here is how to much Rock and other Nature Animals!

Step 1

Items for the craft – Google Eyes, Fuzzy Sticks, Pom Poms, Scissors and Glue

We are ready to get creative with Fuzzy Sticks, Glue, Google Eyes, and Pom Poms!

Step 2

Have each child gather a pile of rocks, sticks, leaves, sea shells and other items from the yard.  The kids are usually so excited to get started this step only takes a few minutes!

Karlie gathered some rocks, sticks and leaves to make into fun animals!

Step 3

Once they have a pile of goodies from the yard help get them started on making their “animals”.  I make sure the glue is ready to go, the craft is going smoothly, and answer any last minute questions before giving them the freedom to be creative!

Brina creating her leaf animal.

 Step 4

Let the kids imaginations go wild creating their own animals!  Here are a few of the creations our girls came up with during their craft time!

Karlie made a rock replica of Daddy (love the green glasses)!

 I was thrilled to see them come up with “glasses” for their animals especially since our entire family (including the kids) wear glasses!

Brina's silly stick animal.

Brina found several sticks and had a blast creating animals out of them!

She started out making the three eyed alien from “Toy Story” but decided it looked more like a shark, one of her favorite animals (she has been fascinated by sharks since she was 3 years old).

Brina found a brick in the rock garden and made a happy brick animal out of it (with glasses as well).

I was excited to see them find and create a variety of different yard objects.

Cute rock with pretty purple hair.

They found the various objects and were able to create the animals on their own.  Although we went through A LOT of glue, so make sure to have plenty on hand!   The rock animal craft kept our girls entertained for hours!  It was so much fun checking out all their neat animals and hearing their stories behind each one.  They left several of their treasures on the front porch to show their friends, family and neighbors.   Skipper decided the pom poms were too irresistible and managed to remove a few from their animals so the girls spent the next day patching a few of their rock animals.  The girls had a blast and it only cost me a couple dollars for all the supplies!

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