Jun 01 2013

CONGRATULATIONS to Our Barnes & Noble Gift Card Winner!

The name has been drawn for the giveaway!



for winning a

Barnes & Noble Gift Card!

Thanks for making a comment in honor of our Giveaway!

An email has been sent to you with more information*

Enjoy your next trip to Barnes & Noble!

Also, Lynette received an extra 5 bonus entries into the drawing for having the closest guess regarding the number of books on the new bookshelf Jake made for the girls.  The actual number of books on the bookshelf when the picture was taken was 834!  Yes, I counted every book on the shelves.  Our family loves books!  Thanks for entering and being the closest Lynette! 🙂

*Giveaway must be claimed within 5 business days of the prize being announced.  Failure to claim the prize within the allotted time frame means you forfeit the prize.  The actual gift card may or may not be identical to the one pictured above.

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