Dec 18 2014

Josh & Megan’s Wedding Reception (New Harmony, IN)


Josh and Megan at the reception in New Harmony, IN

After the wedding we headed over to New Harmony, Indiana to celebrate more at the reception.  As the bridal party was getting some outside pictures taking the wedding guests made their way to the reception hall.  They had a photo booth, kids coloring station, and other fun things to do as we waited for the bride, groom, and wedding party to wrap up the last few pictures.  The food and cake at the reception was delicious!


Reception table sign!  Neat idea!


All the adult guests got a jar of jam made by Megan (YUM) and the kids got crayons – super fun!


Mouth full of cake!  They were nice and didn’t make a big mess during this exchanging of cake tradition!


Our family with the good looking groom and lovely bride at the reception.  Thankful that we were able to be a part of their special day!


The kids chatting around the coloring table!


Busy kiddos coloring their pictures!  Great idea having a kids coloring table at the reception!


Brina and my adorable nephew Nicko coloring!


Time for some sparkler fun to send off the happy couple!


There they go!  Congratulations!  Hope you have a fun and relaxing honeymoon!


Watching the rest of the sparkler burn down.


Important sparkler lesson learned via Karlie…once the sparklers are done, the wire is still very hot.  After the reception clean up we headed to Walgreens for some burn ointment this picture was a couple days later after it started healing.  Poor kiddo, glad it wasn’t any worse.  Although she will probably be more careful the next time around sparklers!


A quick picture at the photo booth after a busy day of wedding celebrations.


You can see they are getting tired, but they were troopers through all the activities.  They were a big help with cleaning up after the wedding and reception too!


The “Hendrich” banner behind the bride and groom!

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