Feb 13 2015

Creative Play – Karlie’s Fun Shop


Karlie’s Fun Shop!

I love it when my kids get creative during their play time!  When they use their imagination it also stimulates creative thinking, analyzing, organization, math skills, and uses a variety of other great educational skills.  One of the activities they enjoy doing is creating a store complete with products, cash register, hours, and more.

Setting up a store takes time and planning.  They really have fun pretending to sell us various goodies.  The store names change and products change from time to time, however, I have noticed that they are becoming more efficient and organized at setting up and running a store.

These activities allow them to practice some wonderful entrepreneurial skills which will be beneficial for them later in life!  Sometimes only one of the kids runs the store and other times it is a joint adventure.   On this particular day Karlie was the one who decided to “set up shop”!  She took time in selecting her merchandise, setting it up, creating a name, advertising her products and hours, and selling her inventory to her customers (aka family members).


Some items displayed in Karlie’s Fun Shop that will appeal to a variety of people!


She has all her products neatly displayed for her customers to see and purchase (looks like she has some great educational items for sale)!


Ashley Genovese 13-02-2015, 13:00

That’s so cool! Bradley has just started playing “library” in his room. He will lay books out all throughout his room and ask me to come and check out the books I want. He uses a Lincoln Log for his scanner to scan the books! LOL It’s so cute to see his imagination at play! Looks like Karlie has some great items in her store!!

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