Feb 24 2015

Love It – Butterflies and Flowers Connectagons by HearthSong


Butterfly and Flower Connectagon Fun!

One of our kids got a Butterflies and Flowers Connectagons by HearthSong toy as a gift.  It has been neat seeing the various configurations she has created with this fun toy.  The butterflies are beautiful bright colors and the flowers are all snowy white.  The pieces are wooden and they can be interlinked in several spots on each piece.  There are many combinations that can captivate their attention for quite some time.

The HearthSong Connectagons is a building set that stimulates creativity.  Our set includes 50 butterflies and 12 white flowers.  The slotted sides allow the kids to connect the butterflies and flowers together.  It helps with hand-eye coordination and teaches kids how to experiment building many different sculptures with these beautiful pieces.  Some of the configurations make it look like the butterflies are flying to or from the flowers.


Showing off another butterfly configuration she made!

To learn more about Connectagons or to read reviews you can go to HearthSong’s website or Amazon.  If you are not interested in the butterfly and flower Connectagons you may enjoy one of the other sets they carry:

HearthSong Connectagons® Glow-in-the-Dark Celestial

HearthSong Connectagons® Glow-in-the-Dark Celestial

  • 157 glow-in-the-dark pieces with slotted sides
  • Full moon, moon phases, constellations, and galaxies

Hearth Song Connectgons Original Building Set

  • Connectagons Creative Building Set
  • Set includes 240 Wooden circles
  • Build freeform sculptures in any direction using wooden pieces with slotted sides that connect
  • Encourages open-ended play
  • For Ages 4 and Up.

“Love It” is a series of posts on items that I use regularly in my household that I love!  There are some items in our daily lives that make life more enjoyable, efficient, or just plain fun.  I will be sharing with you some of the products that have been given to us (or to me) that have made it to the top of my list.  It’s my way of giving a huge thumbs up!

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