Feb 10 2015

Love It – Ozobot Robot


Ozobot running through its course!

One of the gifts the girls got for Christmas was an Ozobot.  It has been really neat seeing them learn more about robotics and create more maps for it to explore.  The Ozobot is very tiny and comes with a couple maps.

You can create any number of additional maps for the Ozobot – all you need is a piece of paper and some markers.  The kids have really enjoyed doing different maps for the Ozobot.  One of the best ways to create new maps is to get a large piece of drawing paper from an easel and have the kids continue to add various paths to it until it is full of fun routes and activities for the Ozobot to go on.

We got the Ozobot from a deal site, but you can also find it on Amazon as well.   The Ozobot helps the kids learn more about programming and coding while having fun!  If you know of a kid (or an adult!) who enjoys robotics, computers, and/or engineering you may want to check it out!


We made a list with all four of our names – we ask the Ozobot after dinner who should clean up the table!  He will pick someone at random…interesting way to decide who gets chosen for the task!  Ha!  Dad was the lucky winner this time around!


Karlie mesmerized by Ozo!


Learning how to program it and make new maps for it.


Brina designed a new map for Ozo to run on.


Really neat robot!  Love that you can create new maps!


Ozobot picking the next lucky winner!  Who gets to choose the next game for the family to play?!

You can learn more about the Ozobot and read some of the reviews on the Ozobot website or on  Amazon.

Product Details

“Love It” is a series of posts on items that I use regularly in my household that I love!  There are some items in our daily lives that make life more enjoyable, efficient, or just plain fun.  I will be sharing with you some of the products that have been given to us (or to me) that have made it to the top of my list.  It’s my way of giving a huge thumbs up!

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