Feb 17 2015

Package Full of Goodies


My cousin knows us well….the perfect tasty, practical, and fun gifts!

We recently received an AMAZING package from my sweet cousin Renelle!  It was packed full awesome items for all of us!  The girls were super excited to open it.  They were very impressed with how much she was able to fit into the box.  Lots of “Ohhs…Ahhhs…” throughout the unpacking process, followed by “Wow, Aunt Renelle is so creative!”

Renelle was the closet “sister” I had growing up in a family with 3 brothers.  We had a lot of fun hanging out over the summers and various Holidays during our childhood years.  Unfortunately, now that we are older and many more miles apart we don’t get to see each other as often as we like.  We try to get together as often as possible and thankfully we are able to stay in touch regularly throughout the year.

Renelle Gift - Jam, Plants, Cutting Board, Fingernail Polish, Stones, Crafts

The package arrived packed full!  So exciting!


Going through Aunt Ren’s goody package and reading all the instructions!


Jellyfish air plant!  So cool!


Putting the dirt in the pots for their plants!


Enjoying all the fun goodies from the box!


Awesome name tags for the furry critters – Snowball, Skipper, and Oreo!


Beautiful key chain rings for the girls!  They were super excited to put these on their book bags for school!


Always love a delicious chocolate bar!


Super fun Face Paint craft for the girls!  Love it – even if that means I have to be the canvas at times!


Bread N’ Boards – the person who made this cutting board, Sears Trostel (a locally owned  custom wood shop) donates their proceeds from the sale of this item to a local Food Bank in Larimer County, Colorado!  Such a cool way to help those in need in the local community.  I love the cutting board!


Amazing White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Coffee – freshly roasted in Fort Collins, Colorado by Jackie’s Java!  Delicious!


Ren’s famous homemade Peach Raspberry Jam (it’s AWESOME) and a new flavor of hers I haven’t tried before, but is yummy too – Grape Apple Jam!


Gorgeous plant clippings from Ren’s plants!  So far I have been able to keep them alive!  So cool!


Some of the amazing items in our package!  Thanks Ren!  Including a cutting board, cutting more oil, body scrub, local coffee, homemade jam, and more!


Now we are ready for our next pedicure with scented polish and pebble picture crafts for girls night!


Hanging jellyfish air plant!  The girls call it the “Wild Hair Day” plant!

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