Mar 19 2015

Beautiful Plants & Basket from My Thoughtful Husband


Love it when he surprises me with something special!

My husband brought home these plants as a surprise for me a couple weeks ago.  He is sweet and I love it when he does the random thoughtful gifts.  My only regret is that it was such a busy weekend I did not take a picture of the beautiful basket with both plants green and blooming.

At this time only one plant is still alive.  Yes, I have already killed the miniature rose bush.  I love the mini roses, but have a horrible time keeping them alive for very long.  You can see pieces of my sorry looking rose plant beside the one that is pretty and still green.

I love plants and flowers, however, I am not the best person to grow them.  Usually I either over or under water them.  I like the ones that are easy to maintain and can handle wet or dry soil and withstand lots of sun or no sun.  In other words a very strong and durable plant that handles extremes well.  Grateful for a thoughtful and caring husband.  Love my plants and basket!!!


I love the basket the flowers came in and have already used it a couple of times since he gave it to me!


It has been fun using this basket for surprises and goodies!  Thankful for my husband and everything he does for me.

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