Mar 05 2015

Skipper Being a Good Sport


Skipper claiming a new bed on the back porch!

Earlier in the day the girls were out on the back porch coloring and drawing in a couple big boxes we gave them to play with.  The girls get so excited about getting large boxes to play with around the house.  Every time we get a box or a group of boxes of any size they usually ask for permission to use them for their play time.  Jake and I try to give them as many opportunities to explore creative play, but sometimes the boxes hang around for longer than intended or can get in the way or make a mess with all the “decorating” paraphernalia scattered around.

Sometimes when the boxes are big, taking over the house, and it is going to be a sunny day we will send the kids with their goodies outside.  They have been know to play with boxes building various forts and structures for hours.  Skipper loves it any time the kids are outside playing.  She usually hops right in the middle of everything and at times is in the way, but the kids and the dog love it!

Skipper Pet Dog Black Lab

Skipper snacking on a treat from the kids.


Even after the girls came inside Skipper decided to hang out in their box.


Waking up from a nap in the box.  She slept in the boxes for several hours in the sun that day.  I am not sure who enjoyed it most the kids or Skipper.

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