May 28 2015

Fun Around Town: Baby Animal Barn & Creature Feature Show at Hollywild Animal Park (Wellford, SC)


Someone came to say “hi” to me!

It is no great surprise to us that the Baby Animal Barn and the Creature Feature Show at Hollywild Animal Park were a big hit with the kids.  There is something extra sweet about interacting with a soft fluffy baby animal.  The girls could have spent even longer petting and feeding the goats.  They were very entertained by them.

It was fun to watch them bottle feed the goats.  Several of the little goats had obviously had some red juice earlier that day because their faces and mouths were covered with red drips.  It was a great spot to have the kids interact a little more with the animals.  You can’t pet every animal (like the lions, tigers, and bears for obvious reasons), but you could pet and feed some of them which made the experience more fun for the kids.

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 They had the most beautiful face and big eyes!


 One of the parents with the little baby named “Marshmallow” they were so soft!


 Saying “hi” to the crowd of goats!


 Brina petting and talking with a friendly goat!


 Jake got the girls bottles to feed the goats.  They loved it!


 Love the pink/red bottle drippings all over the face of this little goat.  Too cute!!!


“Hey, do you have any treats for me!”


 The hot pink tongue cracks me up.  So adorable even with the hot pink spots on its face!


 Karlie feeding a little one.


 Brina feeding one of the goats while chatting and laughing at some of the other goats in the pen.


Brina feeding and petting the baby goat at the same time.


She probably could have stayed all day.  Brina loves her goats and they are pretty entertaining to watch!


No matter where you stood there was always a goat friend nearby to greet you and see if you had any more treats to share!


Karlie loving it!


Having fun with my family.  Thankful for a good time together learning about a variety of animals at Hollywild.


Brina would be content to do this everyday.  She loves animals!


Trying to make sure everyone gets their turn with the treat!


This one looks super soft!  He must have gotten enough to eat and is now taking a little rest.


 Bottle feeding the goat.


 Karlie giving a little goat a treat!


 Smart goat!  A kid dropped a bottle inside the pen which got kicked around a few times to where it was unreachable.  This goat picked up the bottle off the ground walked over to the fence and propped it up so it could easily drink from the bottle.  Hilarious watching it, but very resourceful if you want a little sip.


 The newest baby in the group.  Super soft and cute!


 The little guy decided to take a rest in the feed bucket.


Karlie petting the zebras and animals next to the goats


 Brina giving him a good rub!


 It was cute hearing the girls talking with the animals.  I really liked how the animals were very active and friendly.  All the ones you could pet always came to the fence which made the kids happy.


We got there a few minutes early so relaxing for a minute while we wait for the Creature Feature Show to start.


 “Speedy” the turtle!


 “Marshmallow” not sure about all the people looking at her.  She was still a little bit timid.


 Talking about Marshmallow


 Another soft one to learn about and pet.


 Petting the turtle


 Petting the turtle and talking with the worker about the animals.

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A special thanks to U.S. Family Guide and Hollywild Animal Park for offering a special discount to our readers.  Any specific product information was provided by Hollywild Animal Park and U.S. Family Guide, however, the opinions expressed in this post are our own.  We did receive tickets so our family could visit and share our experience.

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