May 28 2015

Fun Around Town: Safari Bus Ride & Beautiful Peacocks at Hollywild Animal Park (Wellford, SC)


Heading out on the Safari Ride at Hollywild

The kids loved the Safari Bus Ride at Hollywild Animal Park.  They had a grand time feeding and petting the animals that walked up to the bus.  It was neat to see a variety of animals on the trip.

We have come to Hollywild for their Holiday Lights Safari Benefit as well as a couple times when they were younger.  Once we were there for a party with friends which was a lot of fun.  It was neat watching the kids and animals interact on the Safari.

In previous visits I don’t remember seeing so many peacocks.  They seemed to be everywhere (or maybe we just had the same ones following us around).  They were beautiful!  The males had their feathers all spiked up and shaking to get the attention of the pretty female peacocks or to shoo away any person or animal that got too close.  I have never seen peacocks up their feathers so much.  It was fascinating to watch them.  The male peacock is the one that has all the bold beautiful colors with a long tail feathers.  The female peacock has a lot of similar colors, but not as vibrant and shorter tail.

For more information about our adventure at Hollywild you can check out our post:


These were the only guys you couldn’t feed by hand from the Safari Bus because they have sharp beaks, but you could toss them some treats.  They were the first ones to great us on the tour.


Animals on the hill grazing peacefully.


Someone’s not afraid to get right up close to the Safari Bus!


Karlie getting her treat ready for the animals.


She enjoyed feeding the animals.


Hand feeding deer, so much fun!


Brina tried to feed as many as she could.


Look at that tongue!


Brina wanted to pet every one that came by our side of the Safari Bus.


So soft…Brina loved the hair of this one.


Petting the buffalo now

Fun Around Town - Hollwild Animal Park (SC) P1140828c

We couldn’t take a picture of our Safari Bus on the ride, but here’s the other bus that went at the same time we did.


The deer was alert and looking for more treats!


“Tank” enjoying the shade

Tank the Rhinoceros was featured in the following:

  • Commercials – Blue Cross / Blue Shield
  • National Ad Campaign – Land Rover
  • National TV Commercial – ZICAM
  • Tank is the only working rhinoceros in the United States


Is that a unicorn!?


Not a unicorn just missing one of his antlers.


Cooling off in the pond!


Love this picture of the peacock perched on the fence. So beautiful!


I don’t know if this one was guarding a nest or what because I didn’t see any other peacock around, but he was intent on making sure everyone knew he was there.


Putting down his long feathers.  I was surprised how much noise the peacock made with its feathers.  It was noisy when he put them up or down as well as when he was shaking them.  Very interesting to watch and hear it.


Brina taking a walk with the peacock.


I have a peacock friend nearby.  He is curious, yet cautious.


Showing off his big beautiful feathers!


Trying to get the attention of the female peacock in front of him.  It was neat to see what his feathers looked like from the side angle.


Still attempting to get the lady peacock to notice him.


Spinning around, it was interesting seeing what the backside of a peacock looks like when it’s feathers are up.


Female peacock walking around us.

Hollywild Animal Park Coupon Discount (Free Child’s Admission):

  • Print off the coupon for Free Child’s Admission with purchase of an Adult Admission and bring it to the park with youLimit one per family. $8 Value. This coupon is valid during our Park Season which is open Weekends in March, Daily April through Labor Day, and Weekends from Labor Day through the end of October. Please visit our website for seasonal hours prior to your visit. Coupon not valid during our Holiday Lights Safari Benefit.  Expires: 10/24/2015.

A special thanks to U.S. Family Guide and Hollywild Animal Park for offering a special discount to our readers.  Any specific product information was provided by Hollywild Animal Park and U.S. Family Guide, however, the opinions expressed in this post are our own.  We did receive tickets so our family could visit and share our experience.

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