Jun 11 2015

Organized Chaos: Hair Accessory Organizer


All Brina’s headbands, flowers, decorative hair ornaments organized and in one spot

A few months ago I showed you our  Easy DIY Headband Holder.  As you can see from the pictures on this post we are still using it.  It works very well for our girls.  Since they wear more than just headbands I wanted to find a solution that would help organize all the pretty, fluffy, and decorative hair ornaments they have as well.

My qualifications for getting these items organized:

  • Must assist in making these items more organized
  • Able to be hung in a visible location and still look nice
  • Easy to see, reach, and get access to the items when the kids need them
  • Reasonably priced organizer because I will need 2 (one in each of the kids room)
  • Something that we could hang near to the headbands (which were already hanging on the back of their closet doors).

It took me a little longer to find the perfect organizer for these items.  Part of the reason it took longer is I wasn’t really sure what I wanted for the decorative hair accessories.  I wasn’t in a rush so I just kept an eye out for ideas while in various stores.  One day when I was going through CVS the clearance section happened to catch my eye.  I paused for a moment and these little blue and black organizers were in the clearance section marked down to $1.*  After looking at them and thinking about them I decided to pick them up and see if I could make them work for the kids hair accessories.

It was exactly the type of item I was looking for and at a great price!  The organizer fit all the current hair accessories items I wanted to put in it plus had room for some extra ones too.  When I am on top of things (which doesn’t always happen) I will put the kids seasonal hair accessories in the extra pockets on the organizer too (ie. Christmas, July 4th, Halloween, etc… hair accessories during that specific season).

The organizer hangs on the back of the closet door where the kids can easily reach it.  It goes right under the Easy DIY Headband Holder  so everything is available in one spot.  The items are visible and easy to reach.  It meets all my qualifications for getting the kids hair accessories organized.  These have worked very well for our family!

*I tried to find these on the CVS website, but either they do not carry them online or they are not available.  You can look in your local store or I am sure there are other stores that carry a similar item.  This one on Amazon or something similar might work well too if you are looking for one.


Looking down on the Easy DIY Headband Holder and Hair Accessory Organizer as it is hanging on the closet door


Organized and ready to go!

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