Jun 03 2015

School: Family STEM Activity Night


STEM Club team members getting ready to speak to family, friends, and school faculty.

On Family STEM Activity Night all students and families were invited to participate in dinner, activities, and a STEM Club presentation.  Both of our girls spoke in front of all the school faculty, family, and friends that were at the event.  So proud of their courage and willingness to speak in front of so many people.  They did fantastic at the robotic competitions and speaking at the event.


 Karlie speaking.  Brina spoke too, but we didn’t get a clear picture of her.

School - Family STEM Activity Night - P1400136c

Our little super heroes!


Karlie getting ready to test her balloon rocket.


Mrs. Williams (Brina’s 4th grade homeroom teacher) helping Brina put her balloon on the string so she can race it.


Mr. Moore (one of the STEM Club coaches) timing Brina’s balloon as it zips down the string to the target.


 Brina making her container for her egg drop.  You got 1 containers and could use 2 items.  She picked bubble wrap and yellow feathers!


Karlie picked cotton balls and sponges for her egg drop container!


There goes Karlie’s!


Brina getting ready to watch her egg drop.  The girls were the first ones to not have their eggs break on the concrete (almost 40 people went in front of them)!


Jake met us at the school.  He was great at building the tower out of spaghetti noodles and marshmallows.  They were given a specific amount of dry spaghetti noodles and marshmallows to see how high of tower they could build.  They had one of the highest towers when we left the room.


Measuring the tower!  It was leaning a little, but could stand on it’s own without assistance!


 Our spaghetti noodle and marshmallow tower design!


 At the end of the night the school held a drawing for all the people that came.  We had the grand prize ticket – an Amazon Kindle!  The kindle has already been proven valuable on our last couple of road trips.  Instead of bringing extra books they can read a lot of books that we downloaded on the Kindle.  It’s been a nice item to have for the kids.  They are very lucky girls!

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