Jul 31 2015

Flashback Friday: Celebrating Jake’s Birthday

Brina and Karlie-Happy Birthday Daddyc

Brina and Karlie were fascinated by the cool new toy on the floor.

Today we flashback to Jake’s birthday July 2005 when the girls were five months old.  It was his first time celebrating a birthday with two little munchkins with us.  They made the day quite entertaining.  They enjoyed the new things to explore and see throughout the day from birthday banners to candles to rice krispie treats and more.

Fire fascination (Brina and Karlie)c

Jake with his two girls on his birthday.  They were intrigued by the candles, but didn’t touch them.  Pretty sure they didn’t help blow them out either.

Flashback Friday - Brina and Karlie showing off their sucking skillsc

This is cool new mat to lay around sucking our fingers on….

Brina sitting on the stool at the island in our kitchenc

Brina sitting at the kitchen counter.  So Mom…..I hear their might be some kind of special treat for Dad’s birthday, can I try it first, pretty please!?

Brina spit up and is proud of it, Karlie is just laying there looking at it thinking how grateful she is that it wasn't her this timec

Oh no….too much excitement for someone.  Who did it this time!?  Brina is feeling better now and Karlie is thankful it wasn’t her this time around.

Karlie and Brina having fun togetherc

Daddy’s giggling girls helping him celebrate his birthday.

Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle worms, look at them squirm (Brina and Karlie)c

Our little rolly pollies saying “Happy Birthday Daddy! We LOVE You!”

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