Jul 02 2015

Organized Chaos: Kids Crafts & Activities


 Kids crafts

Our kids love doing a variety of crafts and fun activities.  Anything from artwork to bead work to pottery and so much more!   A lot of times for their birthdays or Christmas they will get some neat crafts and activities gifts to do.

We wanted to find a convenient place to store them until they had time to do the craft. Originally, we had all the craft items stored together in one general location, but not in their room(s).  As the girls got older we had to start putting names on the boxes or items so each one knew which ones were theirs when they went looking for a craft to do.  Since they are twins it is important as parents to make sure that each child has some items that are specifically for them. We felt like this was something easy to do regarding their crafts and it has worked out well for our family.

Once the kids moved into their own rooms we decided to put their individual crafts on one of their higher shelves in their closets.  Each kid has their own individual craft or activity shelf so they can pick out their specific item whenever they want to do a craft.  Some of the crafts on their shelves are the same while some are completely different.  They can easily get a chair or step stool when they want to pick out a craft to do, but with the crafts being on a higher shelf it isn’t as accessible so when we have younger kids visiting the crafts stay in place and don’t get all spread out.


 Crafts lined up, visible, and ready to be used.


Organized Chaos: Organizing Our Arts & Crafts Supplies - Blessings Multiplied 06-08-2015, 09:53

[…] When the kids were younger we had a lot more containers of art and crafts supplies.  Now we have narrowed it down to the supplies they use the most and will fit on one shelf in the storage room.  We still have a couple drawers and other containers on the very bottom shelf for specialty or specific items that do not fit into these categories, but they are easy to access when they need them as well.   Also, the girls have crafts that were give to them in their own rooms, Organized Chaos: Kids Crafts & Activities. […]

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