Aug 21 2015

Flashback Friday: Fun with Friends and Bath Time

GattiTown Birthday Party (Brina, Bridgette, Karlie, Mandy, Jack, Danielle and Riley)c

 First trip to GattiTown with Mandy, Jack, Danielle, and Riley (Brina & Karlie)

Today our Flashback Friday is in August 2005 when the girls were 6 months old.  It is quite an adventure packing up and heading out to visit family, friends, or do errands, but we are getting better at it.  The process of just getting out of the house, into the car, and on our way is usually several minutes long.

The girls have been enjoying going out and about more.  I try to do at least one fun activity outside of the house each week with family or friends.  They are usually exhausted by the time we get home, but we have fun.  It is good for me to spend time with other Moms too.

Thankful for family and friends to hang out with.  The girls are really good and for the most part do really well when we are out and about.  They love watching everything.  It is neat to watch them soak everything in during our adventures.

Mandy and Jack at GattiTownc

Mandy and Jack on the carousel

Riley and Danielle at GattiTownc

Danielle and Riley on the carousel

Flashback Friday - Brina - cool toy Riley, beep, beep, you  better watch out here I comec

 Brina very excited about driving Riley’s cool car!  Vroom…vroom….look out people here I come!

Brina and Josh Kambc

 Josh carrying Brina

Kari and Karliec

 Karlie hanging out with Kari

Karlie and Christy Kambc

Christy holding Karlie

Flashback Friday - Aunt Vick and bouncing Brinac

 Aunt Vick hanging out with Brina as she bounces around

Karlie eating with an audience, Uncle Brad, Jordan, Rachelc

Cousins Jordan and Rachel feeding Karlie

Flashback Friday - Brina watching Jack unwrap his presentsc

 Brina watching cousin Jack open his birthday gifts

Jack getting excitedc

 Jack opening his birthday gifts.

Karlie still sporting her Elmo party hatc

Karlie starting to zone.  She didn’t like the party hat at first, but soon forgot about it.

Our first bath together-they were greasy from sunblock (Karlie and Brina)c

 1st Bath together after being out with friends and having sunblock on them.  It was too hard to safely bath two wet babies at the same time before now.  They could sit up on their own and each had a place to safely sit in the tub now.  At first they were not sure what to do?  You mean we can play in here!?

Brina's turn to get the sprayc

 Getting use to the bath time fun.

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