Oct 30 2015

Flashback Friday: Girls 1st Halloween

Flashback Friday - 1st Halloween - Brina the Bee and Karlie the Flower (Oct. 2005 - 8 Months)c

 We have a cute little Brina Bumblebee and a pretty Karlie Flower

Today we Flashback to October 2005 when the girls were eight months old and celebrating their first Halloween!  They were good sports with the Halloween costumes.  We really didn’t go “trick or treating” instead we just stopped by to say “hello” to some family in the area that evening.  The kids had a lot of fun playing and hanging out a little bit with family.

Brina looking very cute as a beec

Our little Brina BumbleBee

Happy little Karlie Flowerc

Our little Karlie Flower

Karlie and Brina saw Scooby Doo at Jake's work's Halloween partyc

Karlie and Brina celebrating Halloween at Daddy’s work

The flower and bee continue to play showing off their customesc

Enjoying some play time on Halloween

Brina and Karlie - Happy Halloweenc

Brina and Karlie trying to figure out what the Halloween treats from Grandma Kay were.  They loved how the wrapping made crinkling noises.

Brina with Jordanc

Brina talking with cousin Jordan

Karlie with Alecia ad Brina with Jordanc

Karlie with cousin Alecia and Brina with Jordan

Karlie with Jordanc

Karlie and Jordan

Rachel with Brina and Karlie with Alecia - stopped by BJU to show off the girls customesc

Rachel with Brina and Karlie with Alecia

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