Oct 30 2015

Happy Halloween!

'Brina made the owl and Karlie designed the scary face pumpkin!'
We gave the girls a choice about what Halloween activities they wanted to do this year. They chose to stay home, play games, spend time together, carve pumpkins, make a special meal, and more fun instead of going out trick & treating! We had a lot of fun together! Thankful for our girls and sweet time together!
'BBQ Mustard flavored pumpkin seeds - Jake's favorite this year!'
Baked and seasoned pumpkin seeds!
'Karlie working on her pumpkin!'
Karlieā€™s scary pumpkin!
'Caramel coated pumpkin seeds were our other flavor creation this year!'
Caramel flavored pumpkin seeds!
'Brina concentrating on carving extra cute hearts on the side of her pumpkin'
Brina creating her owl pumpkin

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