Nov 01 2015

Boy Oh Boy – NICU Time with Sweet Kaelan

'Meeting sweet Little Pumpkin for the first time!  Brings back so many memories of NICU!'

Recently, I had the opportunity to spend a week in Colorado with family. My cousin Renelle Broughton (who is like a sister to me) had her little one early and was spending a big part of each day in NICU. I was able to spend time with her, her husband Eric, and their new sweet little one Kaelan! It was a precious time for me.

Words cannot express how honored and truly amazing it was me to spend time with this awesome Momma, caring Dad, and adorable little guy. Not to mention to have the chance to experience NICU from a totally different perspective from when the girls were in it over 10 years ago. Kaelan won my heart immediately and I am grateful for Renelle and Eric opening their home, sharing their precious boy with me, and everything during that crazy busy week.

Thankful for a chance to spend some extra time with my Aunt, Uncle, cousins, my parents, and other extended family over the weekend as well! Wish I lived closer to see them and their little guy grow up. Love you guys! Lots of hugs, kisses, and prayers always from South Carolina! Thankful for an awesome husband Jake Hayes for taking good care of our two chickies while I was in Colorado that week!

'The goodies we put together for Kaelan!'
Goodies for Kaelan!
'Momma waking him up for the next feeding!'
Renelle is like a sister to me and it was wonderful spending the week with her.
'The most adorable little feet!  He was not too happy with us doing the footprints, but we got it done!'
He was not happy about getting his footprints done and into the baby book, but his tiny little toes looked so stinkin cute afterwards!
'He was a trooper taking his bottles!'
Precious time with Renelle and her sweet little bundle of joy.  I cannot tell you how amazing this week was for me to spend with her, Eric, and her adorable baby boy!

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