Jun 09 2016

Karlie’s Science Fair Project! More = Less!

Karlie Science Fair

More = Less!

Karlie did a fun Science Fair project this year for 5th grade!  It was fun and a great learning experience for her.  Her friends and classmates were fascinated by it.  We are proud of her hard work!

The purpose of the experiment was to see if the changing the velocity movement through a pipe will cause the pressure to increase?  Bernoulli’s Principle says that when a fluid is traveling in a horizontal direction, as the velocity increases the pressure will decrease and vice versa. The principle shows when the pressure is at it’s lowest, and is at it’s highest.  Some of the things that use Bernoulli’s Principle are race cars, airplanes (Bernoulli’s Principle makes it possible to fly), and it helps a baseball player throw a curve ball. The fluids increase speed, when pushed through a narrower space, will cause internal pressure to decrease even though it is in a tighter space.  The external pressure increase at slower speeds.


Karlie presenting her Science Fair Project!  She did excellent!

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