Sep 08 2016

Family Fun at the Alaska SeaLife Center (Seward, Alaska)


Gorgeous animal, not as elegant moving on land, but amazing swimmer in the water!

We were able to visit the Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward, Alaska before cruising out of the port.  The Alaska SeaLife Center is located at 301 Railway Avenue, Seward, AK 99664.  It is only a couple miles from the port terminal and the city bus comes by the terminal every 5 to 10 minutes will take you to a number of places around the city of Seward (with the Alaska SeaLife Center being one of those stops).  The Alaska SeaLife Center is part of the Association of Zoos & Aquariums so if you are a member of one in your area you will be able to get into the center at a reduced rate.  We are part of our local Greenville Zoo which allowed us to have 50% per persons admission ticket which was a huge blessing and savings

The Alaska SeaLife Center was a lot of fun!  The kids loved seeing a variety of different marine life and the exhibits were very interactive and educational.  You could get fairly close to the animals and they even had a touch tank.  WARNING the  touch tank water is freezing cold so you won’t be able to keep you hand in it for very long. I thought my hands were going to go numb before I had a chance to touch each of the different marine critters in the tank.  They had several interactive talks with the animals.  We got to watch them feed, train, and care for several of the animals.  The animals were content and were showing off for the guests.

It was a cool and misty day when we arrived at Seward that day.  The Alaska SeaLife Center was a great task to do on a rainy day.  There are a couple of places you can go outside, but you can see the majority of the center from inside.  It is a wonderful place for anyone that enjoys animals, marine animals, and the opportunity to learn more about the native critters that can be found in Alaska.  Thankful for an opportunity to visit the SeaLife Center.  It was a hit with our kids.  There are also plenty of places for adults to sit down and relax as well.  It is a great activity for the whole family.  The girls loved personalities of the birds exhibits, the way the HUGE octopus spread out across the glass in front of them, the Artic Seals performed tricks for treats, that the touch tank was ice cold, that the fish and other animals were very active, and that the Sea Lion loved rubbing its belly on the glass window right in front of them.  It was a wonderful place to visit while we were in Seward.


 Brina and Karlie in the boat at the Alaska SeaLife Center


Beautifully colored starfish.  He was waving at us!  Even the starfish were active while we are the center!


Small yet beautifully colored bird


Taking a swim around the pool!


Coming by to say “HELLO”!


SeaLIfe workers checking the seals out and giving them treats.


Performing tricks


Enjoying the swim


Playing around in the pool


Doing a dance for us!


Beautiful and fast!


Watching him swim underwater from a viewing window at the bottom of his tank! Fascinating!


Showing off and diving right in front of us


He obviously was having a grand time!


Loved watching them glide so smoothly through the water


The Sea Lion rubbing his belly up against the glass in front of us.  He did it several times!  The kids thought it was hilarious!


Huge male octopus!


He was very active while we were there too


He decided to spread himself out across the front glass of his tank!


 He was very big, pretty sure I would not be excited about running into him in the ocean!  So neat to see!

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Relaxing in the water with his nose out and the rest of his body just floating in the water!


Diving directly in front of us!  Really loved how the  animals were very interactive with their audience!


Camouflaged ray….


VERY COLD touch tank!!!


The freezing water was not stopping our kids from checking out the animals in the touch tank!


Beautiful and showing off for us!


He hung out near us, watching us move around the bird exhibit!


Karlie all smiles as Brina soaks in all the birds zooming around the exhibit


Brina loving time with these beautiful Alaskan animals!


Keeping one eye on us as he watches the other birds….just in case!

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