Apr 22 2017

Muller’s Famous Fried Cheese Cafe (Helen, GA)

When my husband and I were visiting Helen, Georgia we decided to try out this small family owned authentic German or Czech food cafe.  We decided to try it because some of our family heritage is Czech.  Since it had a lot of dairy products on the menu Jake and I went together on our last day in the area.  They are known for their “fried cheese” sandwiches.  We have a child who cannot have dairy so figured if we wanted to eat at this restaurant it was a good day to do it.

We had the fried cheese sandwich as an appetizer.  Even as an appetizer it was pretty rich and we ended up bringing the majority of it home.  If you like cheese sticks you may enjoy this treat.  It was a little much for us, but tasty.  Jake had a Pork Schnitzel and I had a Chicken Schnitzel.  We split a bowl of Homemade Goulash Soup with Beef.

Overall:  We enjoyed the service and the quietness of the cafe.  The meal was richer than what we were used to eating so we could not eat much, but the food was good.  We typically do not eat a lot of fried food and brought some home to eat as leftovers.  If you like rich and cheesy food than you may enjoy this restaurant.  They are only open a limited amount of hours some days and closed others, check their hours prior to going.*

*We would not recommend this place if you have any member of your party with a dairy allergy as they would have limited menu options.

Inside of the fried cheese and ham sandwich

Homemade Goulash soup and Chicken Schnitzel

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