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Feb 23 2015

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Feb 12 2015

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Oct 24 2014


Charleston Explorer Goodies

Since we go to Charleston a few times every year we signed the kids up for their Charleston Explorers Club a little over a year ago.  It was a great way to explore the Charleston area, learn pieces of history or science and more plus earn a few prizes along the way.  We have always enjoy our trips to Charleston and every time we try to go to a new place which made the Charleston Explorers a great program for our kids.

You could pick up a Charleston Explorer passport at any of the Charleston Area Visitors Centers.  It was free for any kid under 18 to sign up for the club.  When the kids enrolled they each received a passport, prize, a list of more than 30 participating locations, and information about how the program worked.  Each time the kids visited one of the locations they would get a stamp specific to that location and enter the “stamp code” into their online profile and rate the place they visited.  Every 5 stamps they would earn a prize that was mailed directly to our house.  We never knew what the prizes would be and the kids were always very happy with the neat items that came in the mail.

Some of the places where you got the stamps were free while others required paid admission.  Several of the places you could buy discounted tickets if you bundled them together.  The program started back in April 2011 and recently ended.  It is probably one of the best travel programs we have participated in, it was ran well, the prizes were amazing, and we had a blast doing the Charleston Explorers with the kids.  We would love to see them do another program for the kids in the future!

I would encourage you to check out any of these types of explorers programs in your local area or another area where you visit frequently.  These are programs can provide great learning opportunities for your kids.  It was a wonderful experience for our whole family.   I wish more places had kids programs like this one.

Some of the items we received:

  • Charleston Explorers Water Bottles
  • Charleston Explorers Magnetic Keychains with Flashlights
  • Charleston Explorers Binoculars
  • Charleston Explorers Pens
  • Charleston Explorers Stickers
  • Charleston Explorers Bag
  • Charleston Explorers Clips
  • $25 Wonder Works Toy Store Gift Cards
  • iPod Touch


The highlighted places on our brochure are the ones we have visited since we started the Charleston Explorers program!  Great places to visit and wonderful times exploring with the kids!


The girls passport books!  Here is what two of their pages look like with the Fort Sumter, Patriots Point, Heyward Washington House, Nathaniel Russell House, Edmonston Alston House, and Aiken Rhett House stamps on these two pages.  We filled their passport books up.  The girls loved getting their stamps at the end of their tours.


One of the prizes they earned was a $25 Gift Card each from Wonder Works a Toy Store in Charleston.  The girls can’t wait for our next trip to Charleston so they can use their gift cards!


The girls were so excited when FedEx dropped off a package at our “Google only” household! Guess, we now need to include another platform…. Their final Charleston Explorers prize was an iPod Touch!  They were so very EXCITED to receive the iPod! Wow!!! Thanks Charleston for making our trips so enjoyable and for the amazing prizes! It has been a awesome exploring with the family and we look forward to our next visit!  We still have several more locations we want to see on our list!

Jun 01 2013

The name has been drawn for the giveaway!



for winning a

Barnes & Noble Gift Card!

Thanks for making a comment in honor of our Giveaway!

An email has been sent to you with more information*

Enjoy your next trip to Barnes & Noble!

Also, Lynette received an extra 5 bonus entries into the drawing for having the closest guess regarding the number of books on the new bookshelf Jake made for the girls.  The actual number of books on the bookshelf when the picture was taken was 834!  Yes, I counted every book on the shelves.  Our family loves books!  Thanks for entering and being the closest Lynette! 🙂

*Giveaway must be claimed within 5 business days of the prize being announced.  Failure to claim the prize within the allotted time frame means you forfeit the prize.  The actual gift card may or may not be identical to the one pictured above.

May 01 2013

I am excited to announce a new giveaway on Blessings Multiplied!   The winner of this giveaway will receive a $10 Barnes & Noble Gift Card!  The best part about this card is you can use it for books, educational items, games, puzzles, and much more.  Summer is quickly approaching and you may want to get a book for an upcoming family vacation!  We love to read in our house so any trips to a book store are considered fun and relaxing for all of us.  Here’s how to enter the giveaway:

Enter the Giveaway (up to 5 entries per person)!

  1. Sign up to follow my blog (if you haven’t done so already) and leave a comment below telling us how you follow Blessings Multiplied.  Put a separate comment for each way you follow Blessings Multiplied (Email, Twitter, or Facebook) plus an extra entry for your bonus answer!   Each comment counts as an entry into the giveaway.
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  • BONUS – you can get a bonus entry into the drawing if you leave a separate comment below sharing what type of items you enjoy picking up at Barnes & Noble.
  • EXTRA BONUS – My husband recently built a book shelf for the kids birthday!  The kids love having their own book shelf in their room and can be found reading quietly next to the shelf several times throughout the week!  You can get extra bonus entry by making a guess on how many books we have on the kids book shelf (picture below).  The person who gets closest to the actual number of books on the shelf will get an additional 5 entries into the drawing!  🙂

All comments must be made by May 31, 2013 at 10:00 PM EST to be entered into the drawing.  Good Luck!

The actual gift card may or may not be identical to the one pictured above.