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Mar 26 2015


Festival of the Lion King

Karlie had been wanting to go to the Festival of the Lion King at Animal Kingdom all day, but every time we passed that area we were not there at a time close to show time or we were heading for another activity.  We finally got a chance to go towards the end of the day and we only had about a 15 minute wait in the stand-by line.

The girls were hoping that the show had live animals, but were pleasantly surprised by all the cool things to watch (even though there were no live animals).  We got great seats only three rows from the front.  If you are looking for a good show, a cool place on a hot day, and a place to sit down and be entertained this is a good spot to go.  It was a really neat show.


Bringing out the giraffe!


Super tall!!!


These orange “creatures” did some amazing flips right in front of us!


The lights, smoke, and movement made it harder to capture all the cool pictures, but this was beautiful!


The girls had a fun time trying to figure out what animals all the people were dressed up as.


Singing along to the Lion King songs as we watch.


Timon from Lion King, he was hilarious!


Lots of fun music and action with this show.


The girls enjoyed this one!

Mar 26 2015


Petting Zoo at Animal Kingdom!

The girls were thrilled to find the petting zoo at Animal Kingdom!  They had a section were you could brush, pet, and interact with a variety of farm animals.  They had goats, sheep, pigs, and a cow that you could help groom.  There were llamas too, but they were not out in the big pen, the kids could see and pet them, but they did not interact as much as the other animals.  The kids loved brushing, petting, and hanging out with the animals.

We got there about 30 minutes before the workers took the animals into the barn for the night for their evening meal.  The animals were very active and it was fascinating to watch them trot into their barn stalls.  They knew when it was time to go into the barn and which stall contained their food.

They had an area in the shade that was roped off and contained a small jungle gym where the animals could go if they needed a break or didn’t want to be petted or brushed at that time.  You would see a handful of animals in that area, but for the most part they would go in run a loop through the jungle gym and come back out with the kids.  There were always plenty of animals out walking or laying around in the non-fenced off area that the kids had a blast.

You have to take the Wildlife Express Train to get to Rafiki’s Planet Watch and the Petting Zoo area.


 Loved this part of Animal Kingdom!


Petting, brushing, and talking with the cow.


Brushing a pig


Giving this pig a good brushing!


 Laughing at the animals being silly.  Brina had a blast in the petting zoo.  I think if they hadn’t taken the animals into the barn while we were there it would have been hard getting her to leave this area!


Karlie brushing a goat.


 All the pets in this area were very well groomed, probably from all the kids brushing them every day.  They were very tame and interactive with the kids.


You want to brush the goat Mom?!


 A herd of sheep.


Walking with a new friend


Giving her a good brushing!


 Finished brushing the cow now ready to find a new animal to groom!


The goat enjoying a face rub.


Waiting for the train to go back to the rest of Animal Kingdom


The train and our cargo have arrived!

Mar 26 2015

Daisy Duck at Disney Animal Kingdom

Hanging out with Daisy Duck!

We met some fun Disney Characters while at Animal Kingdom.   There were a few that we did not get an autograph or picture with because the line was too long or we were headed to a specific activity.  We did get a few which was another fun experience while at the park.  At Animal Kingdom we met and got pictures as well as autographs from Daisy Duck, Chip & Dale, and Rafiki.


Daisy Duck autographs


Chip & Dale were mischievous and fun.  They tried taking a sip of gatorade from Karlie’s camelback hose, using Brina’s hand sanitizer, and other silly actions.  These two were probably the girls favorite characters they met because they were so funny and the cast member helping them was very good interacting with them too.


Rafiki getting ready to give Brina a big hug!


Autographs and picture with Rafiki!

Mar 26 2015


Triceratop Spin

The girls convinced me to go on the Triceratop Spin in the Dinoland section at Animal Kingdom.  They know I don’t handle spinning rides well which they thought it was funny.  The ride wasn’t too bad and since the wait was less than 8 minutes we did it twice back to back.  Dinoland also has other rides, a bone yard, huge jungle gym, carnival games (although some of the carnival games require additional payment), shops, restaurants, Wilderness Explorer stops and more!

We had a blast in Dinoland and explored as much as time would allow before heading to the next section.  While we were at Dinoland it did sprinkle a little but not enough to get out the ponchos or get us wet so we journeyed on.  It was the only day we had any rain so we were very fortunate.


Checking behind them to make sure I had my seat belt on.  Karlie ended up coming back with me before the ride started so she could run the controller!


In the triceratop ride the front seat controls whether your dinosaur goes up and down.  The back seat controls whether you are tilting forward or backwards.  We had to ride the ride twice so both girls could try each controller.


Having a blast and checking to see if I was getting dizzy yet!


 Big dinosaur!


Pausing on the jungle gym for a brief picture.  They had fun exploring the jungle gym and I got to sit down for a few minutes while they played.  Nice place for the parents to catch a breathier plus the area is fully enclosed so the kids (which helps even more for the younger ones) are more contained.


Exploring together!


 Sitting on a dinosaur bone as we talk about where to go next!


Huge dinosaur bridge that led over to the Bone Yard


 Hanging out on the bridge!


Digging for dinosaur bones.  She found one.  Loved that this area didn’t have the little grains of sands, but more like small pebbles.  It was much easier to clean off the kids.


Finding another perfect spot to dig!

Mar 25 2015


Brina ready to head out on the Kilimanjaro Safari at Animal Kingdom

The fast passes were gone for the Kilimanjaro Safari at Animal Kingdom before we decided which day we would be going to the park which is a sign that this is a popular activity.  We waited in line for about an hour to go on the safari, but it was very worth it.  This is the longest we had to wait for any activity while at Animal Kingdom.  During this safari we were able to see real animals in their natural habitats during the expedition through the Safari.

We got to ride out to the safari where many animals were living in the wild.   We went through mud, standing water, on “shaky” bridges, and more while seeing animals at every turn.  Many of these animals I would not want to meet out in the jungle, however, the animals in this jungle looked well fed, peaceful, and relaxed.  It was a wonderful experience.  The kids LOVED this and rated the Safari as one of their favorite activities while at Animal Kingdom.  If you are ever at Animal Kingdom don’t miss this activity if you like seeing a lot of wild animals fairly close!


Karlie on the lookout for animals!


An okapi which is half zebra and half giraffe!


Hippo sunning itself on the bank by the water.


A group of hippo hanging out in the water.


Beautiful scenery!


That’s a lot of alligators in one spot!


Thankfully that big guy is heading that  direction and not our way!


Life is rough!


Very tall termite mound!  Surprised at how many of these were around in a variety of different sizes and shapes.


Giraffes nibbling on the tree!




Friendly elephant!


The elephants were covering themselves with mud to keep from getting sunburned.


A cluster of elephants rooming around.


The upside down tree (looks like the roots are growing out of the top).


Pink flamingos hanging out around the water.


Rhinos munching on hay!


Had to stop our drive through the grasslands when a rhino decided to cross the road in front of us.


Meandering along!


A gathering of rhinos helping themselves to some delicious rhino snacks.


Cheetah napping in the shade.


Lion sleeping in the cool rocks.


Zebras munching on the grass.


Warthogs resting


Ostrich eggs?


Zebras were pretty!


The animals were so peaceful!