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Feb 12 2020

Karlie made me this beautiful “wooden flower”

I received this super special flower from Karlie.  She found the wood, cut it into the perfect length, carved out the flower and presented it to me in a field of evergreen leaves.  Love it!  It was a creative, thoughtful, and beautiful gift.

It makes me smile seeing the kids use their creativity and often I am blessed with getting to enjoy the end product.  The best part of this pretty flower is that I don’t have to water yet it stays gorgeous. My type of low maintenance and beautiful decoration that lasts for a long time.  Grateful for Karlie’s talent and thoughtful gift.  I know this took her a good bit of time to design, create, and put together which means a lot to me. Love my girls!

May 10 2016

Happy Mother's Day! Family Picture!My family

Thankful for an opportunity to be a Mom! Being a Mom is an amazing honor and privilege that quite frankly scares me some days.  It’s good to know that the call of Motherhood is not a place for us to be alone, but a place where we get the opportunity to live life alongside other Mothers and sisters who can pray, encourage, and support each other throughout this incredible journey.

I am thankful for my Mother and the many Mothers and sisters in my life that continue to make an impact on my heart.  We live in a broken world full of broken people therefore it is impossible to be perfect and being a Mom tends to make that oh so clear.  It is essential and refreshing to have people who are willing to speak truth and love into your life on a regular basis.  I am grateful for each and every one of these ladies in my life.

Mother's Day - Breakfast in Bed

 Breakfast in bed – fresh cherries, fresh pineapple, yogurt, and an omelet (ham, cheese, mushroom, spinach, and tomatoes)!  Delicious!

Jake and the girls made my Mother’s Day extra special.  I received breakfast in bed, hugs, and well wishes.  After breakfast we went to church together and heard a powerful message that hit home in my heart.  When we got home Jake and the girls (okay, mostly Jake) made an amazing lunch followed by a relaxing evening.  The girls gave me sweet cards, beautiful flowers, a blueberry bush, a swing cushion, and other goodies.

It is not always easy being a Mom, however, there are more good days and great memories than I can count.  Some days are a little tough and I get frustrated with myself for not being able to do better, but I never regret becoming a Mom.  Motherhood is one of life’s greatest gifts and callings.  It is an honor and a little scary at times raising kids.

Although life gets a little crazy at times I wouldn’t change it for anything.  It has been a wonderful gift seeing these two little blessings grow up.  They continue to amaze me and it is awesome seeing them use their talents.

Happy Mother's Day

One of the several beautiful and Sweet Mother’s Day signs.  This one is from Karlie and I discovered it sitting on my desk!  Love my girls!

Oct 29 2015
'Great times with my sweetheart!'

Celebrating with my best friend!

Loving our time together on the cruise! Thankful for a time to celebrate! We had a great day on the ship watching the ice skating show, going to various activities, getting a massage, and so much more!

'Ice Skating Show'
Watching the ice skating show aboard the ship!
'It was a small ice skating rink but they did an awesome performance!'
A lot of interesting costumes and neat performances during the show!
'I am blessed to have this amazing man as my husband and best friend!'
Thankful for a time to get away and spend together!
'Loved these costumes!'
Fun characters.  Jake and I went ice skating, but we did have any fancy moves or costumes!

The “Travel and Vacation” series is an insight into our trips together as a family, ways we relax, and tips on how to make trips more enjoyable.  Life is short and we were thrilled to have the opportunity to build memories with family and explore of of the most amazing places during our time away.  Explore with a good attitude, look for fun, and it will be an awesome trip jammed packed with positive memories.  It is refreshing having some time away from the regular routine.  Make it a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet new people and learn.  You just might see or try something new that takes your breath away!

Jun 17 2015

3D Printed - Shrimp - Holder - P1420612c

My EcoSphere Closed Aquatic Ecosystem Aquarium & New Stand

My handsome man made me a 3D printed stand for the EcoSphere Closed Aquatic Ecosystem Aquarium.  The aquarium has been sitting on the dresser downstairs which has a glass top so it can easily slide.  The stand helps it stay in place on the dresser.  When you look through the aquarium at the stand the blue look like waves.  Thankful for a thoughtful husband who uses his 3D printer to make items that can be used around the house.


3D Printed Stand for my Aquarium!


The aquarium looks pretty cool with its new blue 3D printed stand!

Apr 22 2015


Super cool fake snow!

Our friends Mike, Ashley, and Bradley gave the girls Insta-Snow Powder for their birthdays!  It is AMAZING!  The girls have spent hours playing with it.  Ok, I will admit it I have been playing with it too.  It’s just so cool to play with inside!

It is super simple to make (just add water to a measured amount of powder).  The canister we have makes 2 gallons of snow.  We have only made a few batches and still have the snow we made from the last several weeks.  It lasts a really long time if you put it in a ziplock bag.  It is fascinating, not cold, and funky to play with.

The girls were wanting to go somewhere with snow for their birthday so our friend sent “snow” to them.  They had the snow out almost immediately and within a couple of days of playing with the Insta-Snow we got real snow outside in SC.  The kids are convinced our friends are good luck because every time they played with the Insta-Snow they sent them it would snow again in SC (which means no school too).

It is a fun activity for the kids.  If any of the snow particles do get on the counter or floors they are easy to wipe up or if you miss them they will dry back up into the powder which is easy to sweep or vacuum up off the floor.  We are gearing up to do a science project and the girls are convinced that whatever they decide to do they will need to add some of the Insta-Snow powder to give their science projects an extra WOW factor, ha!

I think the next thing we are going to try is to dye the snow different colors to see how it handles that and what it looks like when you mix various ones together.  Thankful for thoughtful friends who know how to brighten the lives of the little ones (and big ones) in our home!  THANK YOU Ashley from Reflecting on the Simple Things in Life for providing hours of entertainment at our house!!!


They thought it was neat being able to write messages in the snow!


The Insta-Snow Powder came in this canister and it makes 2 gallons.  The snow expands rapidly to 100 times its original size.  It goes from being a dry granule to fluffy white snow-like substance in a matter of seconds.


Inside the canister there is a scoop for easy measuring!


First we measured the insta-snow powder into a red cup than poured the water into it.


Mixing up the snow and water.  It literally grew in her hands.  Super cool!


Playing with it!


So fascinating they wouldn’t even look up for the camera


Pile of fake snow to play with inside.


Felt really neat!


Loved looking at all the little pieces and playing with it.


Building a volcano!


 Look it’s snowing inside!


You could play with it for hours with your bare hands because it is not cold like actually snow plus it doesn’t melt and it’s easy to clean up!


Brina playing with the snow!


Creating a replica of the Great Wall of China which we were just talking about the other day!

If you are looking for a fun and indoor activity you can find Insta-Snow Powder and other Snow like items on Amazon.