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Feb 13 2016

There comes times in every relationship where we forget why we love the person we love.  But then one small moment of one day makes you remember.  Makes you smile.  Makes you look at that person you love and makes you fall in love all over again.:

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Mar 09 2015


My parents on the bridge over Reedy River at Falls Park

While my parents were in town we made a trip to downtown Greenville.  We stopped first at Joe’s Place Book Store where my sister-in-law works.  The book store is only a couple of blocks away from Falls Park so we decided to go through it on our way back to our cars.

I was so busy looking at books in the book store I didn’t even take a picture!  Oops! We did have fun and got some good books.  Guess we’ll have to go back again to snap a few shots at our next visit.  I didn’t realize it was the first time my parents had seen the big suspension walking bridge over Reedy River.    We went through the park and on a few scenic hiking trails before heading back to the vehicles.

It was a good walk, a beautiful day, and the kids were able to vent a little extra energy.  Thankful for time with family.


Brina speed hiking through the side trail.


The kids loved these little side trails!


Nicko and Karlie heading up the trail.

Feb 28 2015 credit

Feb 16 2015

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Heart cinnamon rolls to start off the Valentine’s Day weekend!  Friday’s breakfast!

The girls did not have to go to school the Friday before Valentine’s Day which was really nice.  My parents were also visiting us from Kansas that weekend.  The first couple of days they stayed at my brother’s house and the last half of their stay at our house.  It was great spending time with family over the Valentine weekend.

Sphero, Valentines Day, Birthday, Brina, Karlie, Grandpa, Grandma, Celebration, Family,

Valentine goodies from Grandma Kay!


Opening their gift.  Lots of great school supplies and some sweet treats too!


 Brina is ready to have some fun!

Feb 11 2015

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