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Feb 12 2020

Karlie made me this beautiful “wooden flower”

I received this super special flower from Karlie.  She found the wood, cut it into the perfect length, carved out the flower and presented it to me in a field of evergreen leaves.  Love it!  It was a creative, thoughtful, and beautiful gift.

It makes me smile seeing the kids use their creativity and often I am blessed with getting to enjoy the end product.  The best part of this pretty flower is that I don’t have to water yet it stays gorgeous. My type of low maintenance and beautiful decoration that lasts for a long time.  Grateful for Karlie’s talent and thoughtful gift.  I know this took her a good bit of time to design, create, and put together which means a lot to me. Love my girls!

Feb 13 2016

There comes times in every relationship where we forget why we love the person we love.  But then one small moment of one day makes you remember.  Makes you smile.  Makes you look at that person you love and makes you fall in love all over again.:

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Dec 25 2015

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Dec 19 2015

vintage holiday prints.:

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Dec 12 2015

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