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Feb 11 2015

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Mini Doughnuts!

The kids love spending time in the kitchen.  They have put together some great treats.  Thankful for kids who love to cook.  They used the doughnut recipe on the mini doughnut container.  The doughnuts were good, but they were a little heavier than what we were used to so we will probably look for a different recipe to try out.  They did these all by themselves.  The kids decorated them beautifully.

Jan 21 2015


Two of the “Soda Pop Top Ribbon Bracelets” we made!

The girls have been collecting Soda Pop Tops from my husbands aluminum soda pop cans for the last few months.  The other day we got all the soda pop tops out and made a bunch of cool bracelets.  It was a lot of fun!  We came up with some neat bracelets that we made out of the recycled soda pop tops!

These are super simple to make even for the kids to do themselves.  There are so many variations you can make with these bracelets.  Attached are pictures of four different types of bracelets we made that day.  The kids also made decorative belts for themselves and a matching belt for their baby doll out of the recycled soda pop tops too!


You can use any ribbon you want!  For this simple Soda Pop Top Ribbon Bracelet we choose white with red hearts.  This would be a great Valentine’s Day goody your kids can make to share with their friends at school.


The bracelets were adjustable – wrap it around your wrist and weave the leftover strand of ribbon into the next one or two soda pop tops to lock it in place.  It was very easy to take it on or off.  With the ribbons we used the bracelet stayed on really well, we didn’t have any problems with them slipping off.  If you have a thinner more flexible ribbon you can tie the two ends together in the back instead of weaving it through the pop tops.


Here’s another example of the Soda Pop Top Ribbon Bracelet with the simple weave as well,but with gold ribbon.  The gold color really popped out against the silver pop tops!


 This one was fun too!  We used the same ribbon, but on this one we overlapped the pop tops and only weaved the bottom row which gave this bracelet a more 3D look which was super cute!


This Soda Pop Top Ribbon Bracelet turned out really well.  We weaved the ribbon through a double layer of  overlapping pop tops.   The bracelet was thicker, but still comfortable and fun to wear.


The blue double layer soda pop top bracelet!  They kids has a blast putting together all kinds of cool bracelets in various colors and styles.  It was fun to see them use their creativity.  They have worn these bracelets several times already and get a lot of compliments.  These bracelets are simple and unique which make them fun to wear.

Jan 16 2015


On her own my daughter decided to start recycling the bottle caps for a craft.  The other day she pulled out the recycled bottle tops that she had been collecting and put together this bottle top tank .  With a little bit of construction paper, tape, and bottle tops you can make a lot of cool items for fun!


She put this  Bottle Top Tank in the living room so it can “guard” our front door (not sure it is the most welcoming sight for our guests, but at least it is harmless).

Jan 15 2015


Brina learning how to work the pottery wheel!

One of the gifts Karlie recently got for Brina was a do-it-yourself pottery wheel.  Since we like doing “crafty” things we decided it was time to try it out and see what we could create.  Since it was Brina’s pottery wheel she went first, but she was kind enough to let all of do a piece as well (even Mom and Dad).  While our creations are not anything fancy or perfect we had a blast creating neat items on the wheel.  Maybe with a little more practice we’ll be doing master pieces!!!


Karlie trying it out too!


Having fun shaping the item.


Focusing on making her pottery piece


These are the pieces we ended up making with Brina’s pottery wheel.  Waiting for the pieces to dry so we can do the next step….painting!  It was a lot of fun!  Thanks for sharing Brina!

Kids Craft Pottery Wheel Kit

We used the Kids Craft Pottery Wheel Kit which can be picked up at WalMart or Amazon (WalMart’s had a much better price on this item).  We did have to mix in some water to get the clay soft enough, but once we got going the clay and the pottery wheel worked great!  The clay was air dry so we didn’t have to worry about baking it.  You can get more air dry clay at Hobby Lobby too if they want to do more projects.

Jan 05 2015

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