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Feb 12 2020

Karlie made me this beautiful “wooden flower”

I received this super special flower from Karlie.  She found the wood, cut it into the perfect length, carved out the flower and presented it to me in a field of evergreen leaves.  Love it!  It was a creative, thoughtful, and beautiful gift.

It makes me smile seeing the kids use their creativity and often I am blessed with getting to enjoy the end product.  The best part of this pretty flower is that I don’t have to water yet it stays gorgeous. My type of low maintenance and beautiful decoration that lasts for a long time.  Grateful for Karlie’s talent and thoughtful gift.  I know this took her a good bit of time to design, create, and put together which means a lot to me. Love my girls!

Feb 01 2020

Brina made this cool piece in class

Well we have made it halfway through the 2019-2020 school year! WooHoo!!!  While there are aspects of school that can be quite exhausting there are other parts that are fun.  Brina recently brought home this neat project.  It’s cool to see everything that they are learning in their classes. She had a great time doing this at school and it turned out really well. I think it’s awesome that she is learning how to use and operate a variety of tools. The first projects she made when she was little were treasured works of art as well, but she has come a long way from the crayon scribbles on a sheet of paper.  Thankful for the opportunities for the kids to learn and use their creativity.

Like anything in life some projects are more fun and exciting to do! Whether you are doing tasks around the house or work some are going to use a lot creativity and be more enjoyable while other projects that are just as important will not be as much fun (laundry, washing dishes, etc).  May we always continuing learning and growing no matter what stage of life we are in whether it is doing something creative and fun or tackling the necessary life activities for that day.

Oct 31 2016

Happy Halloween, Pumpkins, Pumpkin Carving, Jack O Lanterns

Karlie’s Pumpkin glowing after she finished carving it!

We had a fun family Halloween celebration the weekend before Halloween.  Since Halloween came on a Monday night (also a school night) we decided to celebrate as a family over the weekend.  Once again we gave the kids the option to dress up and go trick-r-treating or to stay home and have a family Halloween Celebration together.  They choose again to stay home celebrate by carving pumpkins, playing games, and having fun together as a family.

Both girls picked, designed and/or created what they wanted on their pumpkins prior to carving.  Karlie went with a more cute and traditional pumpkin face with a BOO underneath while Brina chose to do a Mare with her baby foal.  They worked hard cleaning out and carving their pumpkins.  The pumpkins turned out super cute too!  Thankful for a time of celebration with my family.  Hope you had a safe and Happy Halloween too!


Brina’s adorable Horse and Foal Pumpkin all a glow!


Working hard on carving their pumpkins


Opening the package from Grandma Kay, PopPop, and Nana


Sweet Halloween treats from Grandma, Nana, and PopPop!  Fun and tasty surprise!


Karlie is excited about her chocolate covered popcorn ball from the Popcorn Factory!  Thank you Grandam, Nana, and PopPop!!!

Jul 05 2016

It was a busy week, but we had a lot of fun.  The girls came into work with me first thing in the morning for a little bit.  They helped unlock the doors, turn on lights, and get set up for the day before spending time working on their summer workbooks for some time before I took them into camp.  They did a Music & Technology camp in the morning and a Rube Goldberg creative experiments in the afternoon.  It was super neat seeing what cool creations they developed over the course of the week.

I want to be accountable to you so the following are snip-its of some of the things I am thankful for this past week.

Counting My Blessings – Week In Review:

Monday –Thankful for an opportunity to spend some time chatting with the girls on the way to work and their help getting everything set up for the day.

Tuesday – Thankful to have an chance to see and hear all the neat things the girls are learning and creating in their week at Summer Camp.

Wednesday – Thankful for a dentist near home, that gets me in for an early appointment, and that I didn’t have any cavities or items that need to be done! Yay!

Thursday – Thankful for the girls curious and inquisitive minds.  They are not afraid to ask questions so they can learn more from people in various areas.

Friday – Thankful for some quiet one-on-one time with Jake.  It was nice to relax, catch up, chat, and spend some time together.  Grateful for his thoughts and for being a sounding board regarding my crazy ideas.  He brings peace, calm, and great insight to areas that am I trying to figure out.

Saturday – Thankful for an opportunity to spend time my family!  We got a lot of accomplished, but also had fun together!

Sunday – Thankful for the freedom to attend church, learn, and grow.  Grateful for a refreshing and much needed moments with my family.

What are you thankful for today?  I encourage you to take the time to write down a few blessings that you have in your life today.  It will help cheer you up and turn your focus on the amazing blessings you encounter each day.

Jun 11 2016

Brina bringing back her trophy!

Brina has worked really hard over the past few months on her Science Fair project, Cupcakes on the rise!  She has made approximately 410 cupcakes since starting her experiments.  Our fridge has been full of chocolate cupcakes and she as well as Karlie have taken a lot of cupcakes to school everyone week to share with their friends and classmates.  Proud of Brina for all her hard work.

Regional Science Fair Champion – Brina!!!

For her science experiment Brina picked a cooking experiment.  She wanted to find out the difference in the heights of cupcakes when you use eggs versus egg substitutes (like applesauce and egg replacer).  Many people have allergies and it is important when making food for people with these allergies to know how the recipes will turn out.  The eggs act as binding agents in cupcakes, but will non-egg cupcakes turn out similar and tasty.  Are there any noticeable differences specifically in height (but also observations regarding taste, texture, how perishable the cupcakes are, and more information).

Congratulating my sweet girl on her win!  She was still in shock, but excited and pleased!

 Brina started working on her Science project months ago.  She started with making cupcakes one batch at a time.  Brina did everything in making the cupcakes (a couple of times Mom or Dad chipped in and helped with clean up, but otherwise she did it on her own).  Next she took the information from her experiments and created her journal, graphs, took pictures, and more.  Once she had all her experiments completed and the journal was complete she started working on her display board.  She added all the required and key information on her board and then spent the next few days adding more cute decorations to make it fun and appealing.  There were a lot of stickers used in the process! 🙂  The display board turned out well too.

Jake and Brina at the Regional Science Fair Ceremony!  Way to go kiddo!

She discovered that although the applesauce and egg replacers do act sufficiently as binding agents in cupcakes they do not rise as high as the cupcakes containing eggs.  The taste and textures of the non-egg cupcakes were not only acceptable, but preferred by some family and friends.  The day before her school’s Science Fair presentations she made another batch of cookies to share with her and Karlie’s classmates.  She won the opportunity to go to regional the following week! The day before the regional Science Fair competition she made another batch of cupcakes with the 3 different binding agents to take for the judges to enjoy.  Jake took her during the school day to set up her project and we came back for the ceremony that evening.  We were pleasantly surprised when they announced her as the 1st place winner for the Regional Science Fair 2016.  She won a trophy, certificate, medal, and a cash prize for her Science Fair Project.

Standing with my sweet Brina by her display board, cupcake goodies, and all her awards!  Good job Brina Bee!!!

Thankful for an opportunity to see Brina work for months through the Science Fair process and her hard work get rewarded.  She is a great cook and always a big help in the kitchen.  The project was fun, tasty, and a great learning experience for everyone in our family.