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Jun 02 2016

Karlie & Brina's 5th Grade Awards

Brina’s 5th Grade Awards!

Brina and Karlie had their 5th grade Awards Ceremony on Friday, May 27, 2016.  Jake and I knew the girls did really well this year, worked hard, and got decent grades, but we were still surprised at how well they did.  Thankful for all their hardwork regarding school.  It has obviously paid off and they have learned a lot throughout the year.  They both had awesome teachers which is always beneficial for the kids too.

We did not even save seats for the girls (we didn’t realize that they would need to sit with us after graduation), but it didn’t matter because they barely even sat down before they were called back up on stage to receive their next award.  They did fantastic this year.  It was a tough year, but it was worth all their effort!

All there teachers were excellent and encouraged them to learn a lot while making learning fun for the students!  Their Homeroom Teachers, Gifted & Talented Teacher, Reading Teacher, and STEM Club Coaches, Library Leader, Chorus Director, Safety Patrol Leader, Beta Club Leader, the Administration Leadership Team and more  were all good about communicating with the parents which is always key in helping the kids be successful.   Thankful for all the teachers and all energy they put into our kids this school year.

We are VERY PROUD of the hard work Brina put forward this year and the amount she was able to accomplish throughout her 5th grade year!  The girls have the biggest class in the school so it is a huge honor to get these awards.  Way to go chickie-a-dee!!!

Brina received the following 16 Award Certificates, 12 Award Medals, 3 Award Pins, 1 Trophy, 1 Cash Prize, &  3 Specialty Awards:

  • 1 – Highest Math Achievement Awards (Received 1 Award Certificate & 1 Award Medal)
  • 1 – Highest Social Studies Achievement Award (Received 1 Award Certificate & 1 Award Medal)
  • 1 – Highest Reading Achievement Award (Received 1 Award Certificate & 1 Award Medal)
  • 1 – Highest Language Arts Achievement Award (Received 1 Award Certificate & 1 Award Medal)
  • 1 – “A” Honor Roll Award (Received 1 Award Certificate & 1 Award Medal)
  • 1 – Jet Toy Challenge Competition Award (Received 1 Award Certificate & 1 Award Medal – Brina’s Team went to Regional Competition)
  • 1 – School Science Fair Award (Received 1 Award Certificate & 1 Award Medal)
  • 1 – Regional Science Fair 1st Place Grand Prize SCPC Winner (Received 1 Award Certificate, 1 Award Medal, 1 Grand Prize Trophy, & a Cash Prize)
  • 1 – 5th Grade Elementary School Diploma (It’s official that she has graduated up to 6th grade – Middle School. Received 1 Award Certificate, 1 Award Medal, & 1 Stuffed Bear)
  • 1 – Helping Hands & Beta Club Award (Received 1 Award Certificate & 1 Award Medal – for doing Community Service Projects throughout the school year)
  • 1 – Chorus Award (Received 1 Award Certificate & 1 Award Medal – participated in Community Chorus Events & Activities throughout the year)
  • 1 – Academic Excellence Award (Received 1 Award Certificate & 1 Award Medal)
  • 1 – Library Assistant & Book Worm Award (Received 1 Award Certificate & 1 Adorable Book Worm)
  • 1 – President’s Education Awards for Outstanding Academic Achievement (Received 1 Award Certificate & 1 Award Pin)
  • 1 – Safety Patrol Award (Received 1 Award Certificate & 1 Award Pin)
  • 1 – STEM Club Award (STEM Club Team – went to state) (Received 1 Award Certificate, 1 Award Pin, & STEM Organizer for next school year)

Brina and Karlie together received  34 Award Certificates + 25 Award Medals + 6 Award Pins + 3 Trophies + 1 Cash Prize + 7 Specialty Awards at their 5th Grade Awards Ceremony!

Love these girls! XOXO

Oct 30 2015
'Brina made the owl and Karlie designed the scary face pumpkin!'
We gave the girls a choice about what Halloween activities they wanted to do this year. They chose to stay home, play games, spend time together, carve pumpkins, make a special meal, and more fun instead of going out trick & treating! We had a lot of fun together! Thankful for our girls and sweet time together!
'BBQ Mustard flavored pumpkin seeds - Jake's favorite this year!'
Baked and seasoned pumpkin seeds!
'Karlie working on her pumpkin!'
Karlie’s scary pumpkin!
'Caramel coated pumpkin seeds were our other flavor creation this year!'
Caramel flavored pumpkin seeds!
'Brina concentrating on carving extra cute hearts on the side of her pumpkin'
Brina creating her owl pumpkin
Aug 06 2015


  General Craft Supplies

Our kids love to do crafts! In the summer months, on the weekends, or evenings when the kids have some extra free time they like to do crafts.  Throughout the school year they have to do various projects for school so our art and craft supplies come in handy for those tasks as well.

The general arts and crafts supplies are stored in our storage closet on one of our shelves in individual containers labeled with what is inside each one.  Whenever the kids want to do a craft or need something specific all they have to do is get the container out, use whatever item they need, and put the container back once they are finished.  If they use up all of one particular item they write that item on the grocery / shopping list (or tell us if we are nearby so we can add it).

When the kids were younger we had a lot more containers of art and crafts supplies.  Now we have narrowed it down to the supplies they use the most and will fit on one shelf in the storage room.  We still have a couple drawers and other containers on the very bottom shelf for specialty or specific items that do not fit into these categories, but they are easy to access when they need them as well.   Also, the girls have crafts that were give to them in their own rooms, Organized Chaos: Kids Crafts & Activities.

These small containers with lids that we used for the arts and crafts supplies, you can find for a $1 at Dollar Tree, have been very useful in helping our family get organized!  Once the items are placed in containers, we put the lid on, and label them. We picked up the shelving a long time ago at Sam’s Club, but you can find it at a number of stores including Walmart, KMart, Target, Home DepotLowe’s, and more.

Here are some of the container labels we used for our arts and crafts supplies to get you started:

  • Stencils
  • Small Crafts
  • Glitter
  • Craft Sticks
  • Modeling Clay
  • Crayons
  • Google Eyes
  • Beads & Necklaces
  • Fuzzy Sticks (pipe cleaners)
  • Water Color Paint / Paint Brushes
  • Finger Paints
  • Stamps
  • Pom Poms


 Our organized storage room – the top shelf in this picture is where the arts & crafts supplies are located!

Jun 05 2015


Proud of my girls!

Brina and Karlie had their 4th grade Awards Ceremony on Tuesday, June 2nd.  Jake and I knew the girls did really well this year and worked very hard, but we were still blown away by the amount of awards they received.  I honestly don’t think Jake was in his chair for more than 5 minutes throughout the entire Awards Ceremony (seriously).  Every time he sat down one or both of the girls names would be announced to receive another award.  The grandpa sitting next to me said “Wow, you most be doing something right with those kids.  They are very talented!”  Both girls did worked hard all year even when it wasn’t always easy so it is something exciting to celebrate with them!

They both had great teachers this school year.  The teachers encouraged them to learn a lot!  Their Homeroom Teachers, Gifted & Talented Teacher, Reading Teacher, and STEM Club Coaches were all good about communicating with the parents which is always key in helping the kids be successful.   Thankful for all the teachers and all energy they put into our kids this school year.

We are VERY PROUD of the hard work these girls did and the amount they were able to accomplish throughout the 4th grade year!  The girls have the biggest class in the school so it is a huge honor to get these awards.  Their classes are large and it takes a lot of work to get these honors.  Way to go girls!!!

Karlie and Brina received  13 Award Certificates + 10 Award Medals + 2 Award Pins:

  • 2 – Highest Math Achievement Awards (Both girls were the highest in their classes)! (Received 2 Award Certificates & 2 Award Medals)
  • 1 – Highest Social Studies Achievement Award (Received 1 Award Certificate & 1 Award Medal)
  • 1 – Highest Reading Achievement Award (Received 1 Award Certificate & 1 Award Medal)
  • 1 – Highest Science Achievement Award (Received 1 Award Certificate & 1 Award Medal)
  • 1 – Highest Language Arts Achievement Award (Received 1 Award Certificate & 1 Award Medal)
  • 1 – “A” Honor Roll Award (Received 1 Award Certificate & 1 Award Medal)
  • 1 – “A/B” Honor Roll  Award (Received 1 Award Certificate & 1 Award Medal)
  • 1 – 1st Place Accelerated Reading Award (Received 1 Award Certificate & 1 Award Medal)
  • 1 – Pickens County Youth Arts Award (Received 1 Award Certificate)
  • 1 – Children’s Book Award (Received 1 Award Certificate & 1 Award Medal)
  • 2 – STEM Club Awards (their STEM Club Team – Solar SySTEM went to state) (Received 2 Award Certificates & 2 Award Pins)

Here are some of the pictures from their big Awards Night! Very proud of our girls!


Way to go Brina and Karlie

School - Fourth - 4th Grade Awards Ceremony - P1150600c

Brina’s Honor Roll


Karlie’s Honor Roll


Highest Reading Achievement Award


Highest Language Arts Achievement Award


Highest Math Achievement Awards – Brina and Karlie!


Highest Science Achievement Award


STEM Club Awards


Highest Social Studies Achievement Award


Children’s Book Award


Pickens County Youth Arts Award


Talking with friends after the Awards Ceremony!


Brina showing us her cool projects in the hallway!


Brina and Karlie’s certificates, medals, and pins literally filled our kitchen table!


STEM Club, Highest Achievement in Math (for their class), and Honor Roll Awards & Medals for both girls!

Below are some of the pictures of their medals from their 4th Grade Awards Night (I didn’t take pictures of all of them or they didn’t turn out plus some were similar, but this will give you the idea of what they brought home on their 4th Grade Awards Night)!


2 of these Medals for Highest Math Achievement Medal (1 for Brina and 1 for Karlie)


All “A” Honor Roll for the Entire School Year


Highest Social Studies Achievement Medal


Highest Reading Achievement Medal


Highest Language Arts Achievement Medal


Multiple ones of this medal – 1st Place Accelerated Reading &  Children’s Book Award


Highest Science Achievement Medal


All “A-B” Honor Roll for the Entire School Year

We are super excited to see all that the girls have accomplished this year.  We are thankful for all their effort and hard work.   It is evident that they can do a lot and learned a great deal this school year.  They finished strong.  It is still hard to believe that this is their last day of 4th grade, they are growing up too quickly.

We are looking forward to a fun summer full of learning, memories, and catching up with family and friends!  It is our hope that they continue to enjoy learning and growing as they get older.  Thankful for our girls.  We are very blessed!  LOVE YOU BRINA AND KARLIE!!!

Jun 04 2015

School - Science Fair Projects - Science - Brina - Karlie -P1430637c

Karlie presenting her “Thermal Carousel” Project at the Science Fair!

I am super proud of Karlie for all the energy and time she put into her Science Fair Project.  She spent evenings and weekends working on her project for several weeks.  There were times when it wasn’t as excited to work on the science project, like with all the science journal writing, however, she buckled down and got it done.  All her hard paid off because she also was picked as one of the top 2 for her class!!!  Karlie got a 100% on her science experiment journal and 100% on her science experiment presentation!  Way to go KARLIE!  So proud of my girls and their hard work!

All the science projects had to be submitted to the teachers at the end of April so that the teachers would have time to grade all of them prior to the actual science fair.  The science fair was later in May so the whole project expanding over a couple of months.  Karlie had a lot of fun doing the actual science experiment.  The display board and the presentation of her project was something she enjoyed too.  Like her sister, Karlie’s least favorite piece of the experiment was all the hand written information for her journal.  Karlie had over a 100 pages of hand written information regarding her science projects and procedures.  We video taped her doing the experiment trials and have over 2 hours of her doing her testing.  She will probably enjoy going back and watching it again someday in the future!

This is an experiment that you may enjoy replicating.  I have included a shortened version (remember her hand written notes were over 100 pages) of her science project and procedures she used to go through the experiment.  Some of the information such as her title, purpose, hypothesis, and experiment are directly below.  Additional information such as her constants, variables, research, materials, step-by-step procdures, analysis, conclusion, future work, and more are at the very bottom after the pictures.  Have fun doing the experiment!

Karlie titled her science experiment: Thermal Carousel


  • Does hot air expand and rise?
  • Would changing the temperature affect how fast the fan wheel spins?


  • If candles heat air, then the air will rise, turning the fan.


  • Build a thermal carousel windmill that will spin when a certain number of tealight candles are lit under it.


Karlie sharing her project with another student.


Karlie listening to their questions!


Karlie sharing her Science Fair project with Mrs. Johnson, her last year’s homeroom teacher.  Mrs. Johnson was super sweet and stopped by to talk with both girls about their projects.


Karlie’s presentation board and displays at the Science Fair.


Karlie had several display items to show people as they came by her area.

School - Karlie Science Fair Project - P1410444c

Timing the fan for one minute while counting the number of times it spun.  She was completely focused.


The thermal carousel starting to spin.  Notice the tiny light pink piece of paper on one of the fan blades.  That was her marker so she could keep track of her how many rotations the fan blade spun.


Counting!  The blue straws helped her see when the rotation was complete.


Checking the stop watch.


Testing with 2 candles lit

School - Science Fair Projects - P1410604c

Work in progress on her display board.  The majority of her information is complete now to figure out which pictures she wants to add to her board.  The yellow sticky notes are where she plans to add more pictures.


She decorated her thermal carousel!


Very colorful and fun!


Karlie’s rainbow thermal carousel!


Thermal Carousel Science Project Journal


 Karlie decorated her Science Project Journal Notebook with duck tape.  This is the back of her journal.  She was very excited to get it completed!

The information below contains more about the experiment so you may try it for yourself.  It was a neat project.  Karlie put in a lot of time to get everything completed and her hard work paid off.  It was a great learning experience for her too!

 Manipulated Variable:

  • I will change the temperature of the air by increasing the number of candles under the fan blades.

 Responding Variable:

  • The movement and speed of the rising air is measured by tracking the speed of the spinning fan blades above the heat source.
  • I will count the number of full rotations per minute (rpm) in each trial and record the data.


  • The room temperature of the air will remain the same throughout all trials of the experiment.
  • The distance of the fan blades from the heat source will remain the same during the experiment.
  • The friction of the fan on its axle will remain the same.


The first thing we must understand is that heat is a form of energy.  As the air absorbs energy from the heat it makes the molecules start to move more, expand, and decrease the air density.  With the same volume of air the hot air will not only weigh less it also has fewer molecules.

Hot air is always in motion.  As the air increases in temperature the molecules become more active by vibrating, bumping into each other, and expanding to fill the space between each molecule.  The Laws of Thermodynamics explains the relationship between the volume of air and its temperature.  As air gets hotter it produced more kinetic energy which is transferred to the air molecules.  The particles from the warm air rising should cause a fan or spinning object to increase in speed.

Air is full of a mixture of gases.  The majority of gases in air are nitrogen and oxygen.  Gases weigh different amounts and will change as you add a heat source.  When the warmer air rises it pushes, vibrates, and begins moving.  Force could be described as something that pushes on something else.  As the hot air rises it will hit the fan blades thus they start moving sideways which is called lift.


I completed 5 full trial experiments using a various number of lighted tealight candles under the carousel fan blades.  Based off the information I collected from the trials I was able to create graphs.  The data indicates that heat does rise, expand, and have an effect on fan blades that are sitting directly above it. 


The experiment appeared to work well and support my hypothesis that when candles heat the air, the air will expand, rise, and cause the fan blades to turn.  It was neat to see this work and be able to chart the results.  There is a lot more I could do with this experiment to learn more regarding this topic. 

Future Work & Questions to Ponder:

  • Did the distance between my candle flames and carousel windmill fan blades affect the speed and number of full rotation per minute?  To find out the answer to this question I could repeat the science experiment, but shorten the length of the skewer? What would happen if it were longer?
  • Did I alter any of the experiment trials by being physically near the experiment?  Would my breathing, a sigh, sneeze, leaning on the counter, bumping something nearby, or anything similar potentially change the movement of the air around the experiment and altered the data collected?
  •  Would changing the angles of the blades from 30 to 40 degrees (or another amount) affect the speed of the blades?
  • Will the position of the candles change the speed of the blades?  What if they are not evenly spaced or I changed their outer positions?  Moved them closer to the center of the pie pan stand?  How will these changes affect the speed of the fan?
  • By adding a little friction to the parts would that make it better or worse?  I believe any additional friction would cut down on the blade speed and possibly even stop it from spinning.
  • Would using different candles have any impact?  By changing the height, diameter, brand, scented, unscented, and more cause any changes in speed of the blades?
  • What would happen if I redesigned the base or fan blades?  Are there ones that would be faster?  Is there an ideal shape to get the most rotations per minute?