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Jul 25 2019

The 2 tigers were together in the pen, we got to see them interact, swim, play, and relax.

After the girls got out of Cub Creek camp in Missouri we went visited Wild Animal Adventures.  It is outside of St. Louis in Stanton, Missouri.  It was a smaller establishment, but the animals were well cared for.  We went at busy time and their parking lot was full (they had a trailer blocking part of the parking lot which made it a little inconvenient) but after a few minutes we got a spot.

They have an indoor section with aquariums, touch tanks, birds, reptiles and more.  Outside the have both farm and wild animals in different sections.  The workers seemed to enjoy being there, interacted well with the animals and were happy to share stories about the animals.

Our girls did two extra interactions, playing with the foxes and the dingos. The dingos also known as “singing dogs” were tired so they were laying down and let the kids pet them. I was hoping to hear them “sing” but they were not into that while we were there. The workers allowed 4 people in at one time with the dingos.  For the foxes they gave the kids “treats” aka cat food to feed to the foxes.  Our two girls were the only ones other than the worker in the pen with the foxes.  The foxes loved munching on the treats and were more energetic.  The website lists the extra activities with a price range, however, at least one of the activities was more than their list price. They need to update their website if they are not still charging those rates.

Overall it was a fun stop for our family.  The animals were fairly active and the employees were nice. If you are driving through the area it is a nice place to stop especially if you  have kids that enjoy animals. We have included a sprinkling of photos from our trip to Wild Animal Adventures.

The llama had some personality.

Gorgeous colors

The kids were not interested in the pretty flowers, but I enjoyed them!

Their 3 legged white fox. He can still move quickly and nibbled up treats from the girls.

This one liked to interact and have conversations with you!

The llama was more interested in you if you had food!

Glad this one was in a cage and behind a window.

Beautiful white tiger!

Wild Animal Adventures

Jul 22 2019

We specifically picked Trackrock Campground as one of the places to stay so we could go to their stables.  Our girls love horses.  When we booked our campsite we also booked a 2 hour trail ride. They have about 65 horses on the ranch, 45 are owned by Trackrock and the other 20 are ones that people are boarding at their location.

The horses each had their own individual personalities. The trail was a little tight and steep in some places (bushes would brush up against you) and my horse, Tango, enjoyed bouncing from tree to tree.  They had a lot of different trails you could ride on depending on the weather and wildlife in the area. There were bear tracks on one section of the trail and our horses were a little skittish in that area so we took another path.

We had 9 guests and 2 guides on our trail ride. We walked, trotted, and cantered with our horses. The trail went through the woods, meadows, streams and more. It was a hot day, but the majority of the ride was in the shade. At one point it started raining, however, it didn’t last very long so we didn’t get too wet.  The horses were well trained yet had a lot of spunk.  Thankful for the opportunity to go for our ride at Trackrock Stables.  The kids LOVED it!

Karlie riding Chef

Jake on Carlos and Brina on Felipe

Enjoying the trail ride!

Our crew in one of the meadows.

Are we having fun yet!?

Trackrock Stables

Jul 20 2019

Our family recently had a weekend trip to the TrackRock Campgrounds in Blairsville, Georgia. We left on Friday afternoon and stayed until Sunday.  The campground was very nice and well maintained.  We arrived after the office closed but they had our name posted with our campsite on the bulletin board.

There was a mix of retired couples and families as well as RVs and tents at the campgrounds. The campsites had enough space and trees around them to give everyone some privacy.  We stayed in campsite #10 which had full hookups (water, electricity and sewer) and as a bonus wild blueberries!  They were not quite ripe yet, but there were other berries around the property and a blueberry bucket in the office so they are pretty common.

They have a lake you can fish or swim in, a couple playgrounds, hiking trails, and more.  TrackRock has their own stables were you can either board your own horse or go for a ride on one of theirs.  They have a variety of horse trails.

Lake with the mountains in the background.

Barn with old farm equipment around it.

My favorite peeps!

Trackrock Campgrounds, Cabins & Stables

Apr 28 2017

North Georgia Zoo & Farm is a great place to visit with your family, especially if your kids enjoy animals.

That turtle and zebra have familiar faces….  Thankful that the girls still occasionally “humor” me with the cheesy pictures!

Baby goats!

This porcupine has a fantastic breakfast, look at all those fruits & veggies!

The beaver is munching on his veggies too!

Beautiful animal!

Are you sure you don’t have another treat for me!?

Albino Kangaroo napping in the shade!

Singing dog, so wanted to hear it actually sing!!!

Brina loving all the animals!

Jake and Karlie waiting for the Animal Show to start

Soft….of course the girls wanted at least one when they found out that they sale them at this location

Fascinating to watch it run awhile!

A lot softer than we expected.

Jan 04 2017

Fireworks after the Greenville Drive Game!

With a new year comes a lot of excitement!  The feeling of a fresh start in many areas of our lives, planning for future events and adventures, new goals, and more!  Everyday is a blessing!  While we welcome in the New Year don’t forget to reflect on the many blessings that you have enjoyed over the past year(s).  I encourage you to initiate a conversation with your family (it can be during a family dinner, game night, or any good time when everyone is present).  During this family time focus on these three things as a family to start off your New Year right.  This time together will make a positive impact on the hearts and lives of each individual family member and is worth it:

  1. Reflect back the fun memories and blessings of 2016!  Often the hardest part with this stage is getting the ball rolling.  Before the family time create a list of several good family memories to get it started.  Mention one and let others input their memories tied into that event as well as start adding their own memories.  Give everyone a chance who wants to talk the opportunity.  If there is a pause bring up a different memory to keep them going.  Before long you’ll be laughing and the kids will be bringing up memories connected to the event or new ones that you forgot about.  This is a wonderful way to end a year and begin a new one.
  2. Take a moment to think about the tough times over the past year! While the harder times are not easy to deal with or will bring back sadness or emotions they still have an impact on our lives.  Sometimes during these times of discussion you realize that a family member is still struggling with something.  Whether it is grief over a lost pet or loved one, anger, frustration, or something else.  This is a good time to gauge how everyone is doing and give you an opportunity to encourage each other or help those family members heal.  The love and support you receive from those around you can make an incredible impact on your life as you continue to move forward.  Knowing you are not alone, you are loved, and you have a team of people who want to help you can help the family member heal more quickly.  (Do not use this time to point out problems with each other, but to talk about harder times and to encourage.  Some topics made need to be tabled for a later and more lengthy conversation)  It will give you a good insight into your children and some ideas of what to help encourage them with over the next few weeks as they continue to grow and heal.
  3. Look ahead! As one year wraps up and a new one begins it is a great time to set some goals both personally and as a family.  Use this time to set family goals together.  There may be some activities that the kids have been wanting to do, but you have been letting it slip not even realizing that it was very important to them.  The goals discussed during this family  time should be family related, although they most definitely have a personal impact on each family member.  Write these goals down and review them weekly or monthly or regularly throughout the year to remind the family members of what is important to the family as a whole.  This also provides a lead in for each of the members to think about their personal goals.  It allows a great opportunity to have a group of people focused on similar goals and encouraging each other along the way.  Some family goal ideas (eat healthier, regular family game night, monthly date night with spouse and each child, daily family devotions, learn a new skill together, plan a family vacation, weekly family night, quarterly family service project, etc…).  Make a point to write the ideas down and either make a decision that day or within a few days on the family goals.  Type up a list, print it or email it to each family member so that they can be reminded of the ways your family is working together to create stronger bonds, happy memories, and improving lives.

Setting aside a time when everyone is together can be difficult, however it is important.  It can be during a family dinner, game night, or another time when the family is together.  Make sure it is a convenient time with as little distractions as possible.  A time when everyone is more relaxed (not hungry, ready for bed, or trying to multi-task while having this conversation).  The reflecting on memories helps create a happy bond, the tough times allow family members to see that they are not alone and have the support of people who love them, and looking ahead gives you the opportunity to improve and grow into a better individuals and family unit.  If you do write down the family goals please do your best to follow through as much as possible because these goals are important to the members.

Life has a way of staying busy.  Taking the time to spending reflecting on good memories as a way has a way of bringing everyone together.  It may cause some laughter, tears, and healing.  It is good to be reminded of the many blessings in our life and to realize that we are journeying through this life together.   Yes, we make mistakes along the way, but we can can make the best of it and have a lot of fun too.  Many blessings to you and your family this 2017 New Year!!!