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Oct 30 2015
'Our girls!'
Our girls at Falls Park

These last few weeks have been a whirlwind of fun with Jake & I going on our anniversary cruise, the girls school activities, fun adventures, work, and more! ūüôā Here’s a little snip-it of some of the school and fun activities Brina & Karlie have been up to lately -“Snow White & The Prince” Play at the Peace Center, a School Roller Skating Fundraiser, Beta Club Induction Ceremony just to name a couple. Very proud of both girls for their hard work at school. They were both accepted into Chorus, STEM Club, National Beta Club (for maintaining an A or A-B grades for their past year in school), Library Assistants, Safety Patrol as well as a number of other school related extra-curricular activities. I had no idea how busy 5th grade could be! Thankful for their hard work, positive attitudes, and their love of learning!

'Ready to go see
Hanging out with the family!
'Having fun skating with Daddy!'
Skating with Daddy!
'Proud of these two kiddos for working hard, maintaining their grades, and getting accepted into the National Beta Club!  Good Job Girls!  Love You!'
Beta Club inductions!
'Waiting for the Snow White play to start!'
Snow White & The Prince at the Peace Center

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Oct 30 2015

Flashback Friday - 1st Halloween - Brina the Bee and Karlie the Flower (Oct. 2005 - 8 Months)c

 We have a cute little Brina Bumblebee and a pretty Karlie Flower

Today we Flashback to October 2005 when the girls were eight months old and celebrating their first Halloween!¬† They were good sports with the Halloween costumes.¬† We really didn’t go “trick or treating” instead we just stopped by to say “hello” to some family in the area that evening.¬† The kids had a lot of fun playing and hanging out a little bit with family.

Brina looking very cute as a beec

Our little Brina BumbleBee

Happy little Karlie Flowerc

Our little Karlie Flower

Karlie and Brina saw Scooby Doo at Jake's work's Halloween partyc

Karlie and Brina celebrating Halloween at Daddy’s work

The flower and bee continue to play showing off their customesc

Enjoying some play time on Halloween

Brina and Karlie - Happy Halloweenc

Brina and Karlie trying to figure out what the Halloween treats from Grandma Kay were.  They loved how the wrapping made crinkling noises.

Brina with Jordanc

Brina talking with cousin Jordan

Karlie with Alecia ad Brina with Jordanc

Karlie with cousin Alecia and Brina with Jordan

Karlie with Jordanc

Karlie and Jordan

Rachel with Brina and Karlie with Alecia - stopped by BJU to show off the girls customesc

Rachel with Brina and Karlie with Alecia

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Oct 23 2015

Our 1st Pumpkin - Karlie and Brina (Oct. 2005 - 8 Months)c

 So proud of their pumpkin!

Today’s Flashback Friday goes back 10 years when the girls went to their first pumpkin patch.¬† They were so excited to check out the pumpkins.¬† They didn’t like the feel of the prickly hay and grass on their feet, but were fascinated by the pumpkin and it’s stem.

Flashback Friday - Brina and Karlie both wanted to hold the stemc

 Investigating the pumpkin

Mommy and the girls checking out their pumpkin - Brina and Karliec

 It was like a cool new toy to Brina and Karlie

Daddy and his girls at the pumpkin patch - Karlie and Brinac

 Jake and his sweet girls Karlie and Brina

Daddy, Karlie and Brina at the pumpkin patchc

Karlie and Brina hanging out with Daddy at the pumpkin patch

The whole crew at the pumpkin patchc

Our 1st pumpkin patch adventure as a family of four.

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Oct 09 2015

Flashback Friday - Brina and Karlie watching Daddy, he just brought out the trainc

Watching Daddy bring in a train toy!  What is it!?  Looks like fun!

Today’s Flashback Friday goes back to when the girls were 8 months old.¬† They would get so excited to play with various toys.¬† If you pulled out a new toy that they haven’t seen before they would eagerly check it out.¬† The hard part was when both wanted to play with it at the same time.¬† They were pretty good at sharing back and forth with only a few exceptions at this point.¬† If one would take a toy away the other one would just play with another one, no big deal.

Choo, choo, here comes the train - Brina and Karliec

Fascinated by the moving and musical Mickey Mouse train – Karlie and Brina.

Isn't life just GRAND - Brina and Karliec

Goofy girls – Brina and Karlie

Flashback Friday - Karlie being silly with her shirtc

Karlie loved to “talk” with you as you changed her clothes.¬† Her little babbling and smiles were so cute.

They could play no more, but they are still clutching the toys they were playing with - Karlie and Brinac

We have one thumb sucker (Karlie) and one two finger sucker (Brina)….oh boy.¬† At first we thought it was “cute” until it was time to break them of it.¬† You can take away a pacifier, but it is a little more difficult with fingers…

Flashback Friday - Brina - oh my Dargo what big teeth you havec

“Dargo what big nose and teeth you have!” – Brina

Dargo and Brina face off as Karlie provides a head rest for Dargoc

Dargo thought Karlie’s belly was the perfect chin rest.¬† He was so gentle with the girls.¬† They could do anything to him and he would just lay there enjoying the attention.¬† He was a big black lab, but was so sweet with the girls.

Karlie gets sleepy as Brina and Dargo continue to playc

Karlie more interested in relaxing, but Brina wants to talk and play with Dargo

Karlie proud of her stashc

Where are my Oreos?!¬† Sneaky Karlie….¬† She had no idea it was food and was more interested in the crinkling of the container.

Flashback Friday - Brina looking prettyc

I wonder who has been watching Brina…..¬† Daddy put the stickers on her face and it didn’t bother her at all.

Karlie and Brina with address label stickersc

My sweet babies, Brina and Karlie, playing away and totally ok with the stickers on their faces.¬† Don’t worry we didn’t leave them on long.¬† They weren’t easily upset by that type of stuff.

Happy Karliec

Happy Karlie Kool Kat

Karlie enjoying her toy and Brina smiling at herc

They loved any toys that made noise.  It was hilarious when they discovered it made noise for the first time.  They both stop and stare at it confused by the noise. Karlie proud of her noise making skills and Brina watching.

Flashback Friday - Brina waiting for her fishing teasure at the George's Creek Fall Festivalc

Their 1st local Fall Festival.  They were fascinating just watching all the activities around them.  Karlie got a flower and Brina got a butterfly painted on their face.  They did much better with this face painting session.

Karlie won a pumpkin door prize and Brina instantly stole it from hercc

Karlie won a stuffed pumpkin door prize.¬† As soon as they handed it to her Brina immediately swiped it to investigate it further.¬† Karlie didn’t care she was having fun.

Pretty smiling Karliec

Karlie giving us a winning smile.

Brina and Karlie loving the adventurec

Brina and Karlie shrieking and laughing as Daddy lifted them up in the air.  They thought it was so much fun playing with Daddy!

Brina and Karlie playing nicely nowc

They spent most of their time at home when they were eating or sleeping playing – Brina and Karlie

Thieves - someone always wants what the other one has - Brina and Karliec

Brina wants the cool toy Karlie is currently playing with.   Thankful that the were pretty good about sharing.

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Sep 11 2015

Such goofs - Brina and Karliec

Ready for the NICU Graduation Celebration

Today’s Flashback Friday goes back to September 2005 when the girls went to their NICU Graduation Celebration.¬† It is hard to believe they are now 7 months old.¬† We are thankful for all the doctors and nurses that helped our family during the time when the girls were staying in the NICU.¬† They took good care of our babies and we learned a lot from them during their stay.¬† It was a great event to celebrate.¬† Glad the girls were still growing and healthy.

Flashback Friday - Brina and Karlie looking pretty in their outfits from Aunt Mary, Uncle Rick and Laurelc

Relaxing while we pack up the diaper bag and get everything ready to head out.  The super cute dresses are from my Aunt Mary Ann, Uncle Rick, and cousins Renelle & Laurel in Colorado!  Thanks guys, they are adorable!

Karlie getting her face painted at the NICU Graduate Partyc

¬†Karlie’s 1st Face Painting experience.¬† She was not too sure about a stranger touching and putting stuff on her face even though the rest of us were right there.

Karlie unsure about this whole face painting experiencec

Karlie made it through the face painting, but was not happy with us at the end.  She was not a big fan of it.  Her legs were kicking, arms waving, and was about to burst into tears to let us know that she was not impressed with this whole face painting adventure.  A little TLC and snuggle calmed her down quickly and she was fine for the rest of the event.

Daddy holding Brina still so she could get her face paintedc

¬†Brina getting her face painted for the 1st time at the NICU Graduation Celebration.¬† She didn’t seem to mind it at all.

Brina getting her face painted at the NICU Graduate Partyc

 Brina was relaxed and just let her paint her face.  She figured Daddy was there it must be okay.

Karlie with her face painted from the NICU Graduate partyc

Karlie is all smiles now.¬† She doesn’t even remember that her face is painted with a smiley face.

Brina was constantly sucking on her dress today, maybe a different texture, who knowsc

For some reason Brina loved chewing on this dress.  Must of tasted good or had an appealing texture.

Brina smiling with her face painted from the NICU Graduate Partyc

Brina talking and happy even though her pink heart is completely smeared all over her face from her fun NICU celebration adventure earlier that day!

Karlie happy and smilingc

 Karlie is glad to be back home again.  Her smiley face stayed on for several hours after we arrived back home.

Karlie and Brina having fun with their new toys from the NICU Party-they actually won one of the door prizesc

Karlie and Brina are very lucky girls.  During the NICU Graduation Celebration they won a door prize for some toy blocks and shapes.  They are playing with their new toys now.   They have no clue they won anything, but were happy to play with the new toys.  So exciting!!!

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