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Aug 06 2016

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Jun 21 2016

It was a wonderful week packed with adventures and memories with family and friends.  We were able to spend time with people we hadn’t seen in quite awhile and meet some sweet little ones (new nieces and nephews that we are meeting for the first time).  The girls have had a blast meeting the sweet babies, playing with family and friends, spending time with cute animals, and making memories with a lot of people in our lives.  Thankful for an opportunity to travel and catch up with family from a variety of different areas.

I want to be accountable to you so the following are snip-its of some of the things I am thankful for this past week.

Counting My Blessings – Week In Review:

Monday –Thankful for the an opportunity to spend time with Jake’s cousin and family.  See a little bit of Boston with its great history.  As well as a chance to catch up with our great friends Mike and Ashley with their little ones in Maine.

Tuesday – Thankful for friends that are like family that we can spend time with and have a blast whenever we get together.  It was wonderful catching up with Mike & Ashley.  The girls were thrilled to meet Savannah, sweet girl with lots of personality, and Bradley. Grateful for the ability to fly as we head out to see my family in the Midwest, even though going through airports can be an adventure it does save time if were are wanting to see people that are spread out over many miles and more on a specifically on a limited time frame.

Wednesday – Thankful for a chance to spend some time on the farm in Kansas with my parents and family.  The girls always love time spending with the family and animals.

Thursday – Thankful for time in the Midwest with extended family.  Grateful that we can see a number of people in this area.

Friday – Thankful for another day with extended family.  The girls have grandparents, great grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, and more people to enjoy time with during our stay.

Saturday – Thankful for a safe trip to Colorado to see my cousin Renelle and her family.

Sunday – Thankful for some time to hang out with extended family in the Denver, Fort Collins, Johnston areas.

What are you thankful for today?  I encourage you to take the time to write down a few blessings that you have in your life today.  It will help cheer you up and turn your focus on the amazing blessings you encounter each day!

Jun 11 2016

Brina bringing back her trophy!

Brina has worked really hard over the past few months on her Science Fair project, Cupcakes on the rise!  She has made approximately 410 cupcakes since starting her experiments.  Our fridge has been full of chocolate cupcakes and she as well as Karlie have taken a lot of cupcakes to school everyone week to share with their friends and classmates.  Proud of Brina for all her hard work.

Regional Science Fair Champion – Brina!!!

For her science experiment Brina picked a cooking experiment.  She wanted to find out the difference in the heights of cupcakes when you use eggs versus egg substitutes (like applesauce and egg replacer).  Many people have allergies and it is important when making food for people with these allergies to know how the recipes will turn out.  The eggs act as binding agents in cupcakes, but will non-egg cupcakes turn out similar and tasty.  Are there any noticeable differences specifically in height (but also observations regarding taste, texture, how perishable the cupcakes are, and more information).

Congratulating my sweet girl on her win!  She was still in shock, but excited and pleased!

 Brina started working on her Science project months ago.  She started with making cupcakes one batch at a time.  Brina did everything in making the cupcakes (a couple of times Mom or Dad chipped in and helped with clean up, but otherwise she did it on her own).  Next she took the information from her experiments and created her journal, graphs, took pictures, and more.  Once she had all her experiments completed and the journal was complete she started working on her display board.  She added all the required and key information on her board and then spent the next few days adding more cute decorations to make it fun and appealing.  There were a lot of stickers used in the process! 🙂  The display board turned out well too.

Jake and Brina at the Regional Science Fair Ceremony!  Way to go kiddo!

She discovered that although the applesauce and egg replacers do act sufficiently as binding agents in cupcakes they do not rise as high as the cupcakes containing eggs.  The taste and textures of the non-egg cupcakes were not only acceptable, but preferred by some family and friends.  The day before her school’s Science Fair presentations she made another batch of cookies to share with her and Karlie’s classmates.  She won the opportunity to go to regional the following week! The day before the regional Science Fair competition she made another batch of cupcakes with the 3 different binding agents to take for the judges to enjoy.  Jake took her during the school day to set up her project and we came back for the ceremony that evening.  We were pleasantly surprised when they announced her as the 1st place winner for the Regional Science Fair 2016.  She won a trophy, certificate, medal, and a cash prize for her Science Fair Project.

Standing with my sweet Brina by her display board, cupcake goodies, and all her awards!  Good job Brina Bee!!!

Thankful for an opportunity to see Brina work for months through the Science Fair process and her hard work get rewarded.  She is a great cook and always a big help in the kitchen.  The project was fun, tasty, and a great learning experience for everyone in our family.

Jun 09 2016

Karlie Science Fair

More = Less!

Karlie did a fun Science Fair project this year for 5th grade!  It was fun and a great learning experience for her.  Her friends and classmates were fascinated by it.  We are proud of her hard work!

The purpose of the experiment was to see if the changing the velocity movement through a pipe will cause the pressure to increase?  Bernoulli’s Principle says that when a fluid is traveling in a horizontal direction, as the velocity increases the pressure will decrease and vice versa. The principle shows when the pressure is at it’s lowest, and is at it’s highest.  Some of the things that use Bernoulli’s Principle are race cars, airplanes (Bernoulli’s Principle makes it possible to fly), and it helps a baseball player throw a curve ball. The fluids increase speed, when pushed through a narrower space, will cause internal pressure to decrease even though it is in a tighter space.  The external pressure increase at slower speeds.


Karlie presenting her Science Fair Project!  She did excellent!

Jun 02 2016

5th Grade Graduation Party & Celebration

Brina and Karlie with Mrs. Johnson at their Graduation Celebration Party!  Mrs. Johnson was Karlie’s homeroom teacher in 2nd Grade, taught Karlie in Gift & Talented Program from 3rd grade up, and was both girls STEM Club Coach for 2 years.  Excellent teacher!!!


Such a sweet Daddy spent a lot of time helping get ready for this big day including helping cut starfish, decorate, blow up balloons, and so much more.  Thankful to have a partner that pitches in and takes the time to celebrate with the kids!


Luau theme at the Grad Party!  The kids had a blast!


Karlie with her homeroom teacher Mr. Moore and her friend David!  Mr. Moore was an awesome teacher!


Brina hanging out with her friend at the party!

P1640622cSweet Sisters!  Thankful for these two girls!