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Oct 09 2015

Flashback Friday - Brina and Karlie watching Daddy, he just brought out the trainc

Watching Daddy bring in a train toy!  What is it!?  Looks like fun!

Today’s Flashback Friday goes back to when the girls were 8 months old.  They would get so excited to play with various toys.  If you pulled out a new toy that they haven’t seen before they would eagerly check it out.  The hard part was when both wanted to play with it at the same time.  They were pretty good at sharing back and forth with only a few exceptions at this point.  If one would take a toy away the other one would just play with another one, no big deal.

Choo, choo, here comes the train - Brina and Karliec

Fascinated by the moving and musical Mickey Mouse train – Karlie and Brina.

Isn't life just GRAND - Brina and Karliec

Goofy girls – Brina and Karlie

Flashback Friday - Karlie being silly with her shirtc

Karlie loved to “talk” with you as you changed her clothes.  Her little babbling and smiles were so cute.

They could play no more, but they are still clutching the toys they were playing with - Karlie and Brinac

We have one thumb sucker (Karlie) and one two finger sucker (Brina)….oh boy.  At first we thought it was “cute” until it was time to break them of it.  You can take away a pacifier, but it is a little more difficult with fingers…

Flashback Friday - Brina - oh my Dargo what big teeth you havec

“Dargo what big nose and teeth you have!” – Brina

Dargo and Brina face off as Karlie provides a head rest for Dargoc

Dargo thought Karlie’s belly was the perfect chin rest.  He was so gentle with the girls.  They could do anything to him and he would just lay there enjoying the attention.  He was a big black lab, but was so sweet with the girls.

Karlie gets sleepy as Brina and Dargo continue to playc

Karlie more interested in relaxing, but Brina wants to talk and play with Dargo

Karlie proud of her stashc

Where are my Oreos?!  Sneaky Karlie….  She had no idea it was food and was more interested in the crinkling of the container.

Flashback Friday - Brina looking prettyc

I wonder who has been watching Brina…..  Daddy put the stickers on her face and it didn’t bother her at all.

Karlie and Brina with address label stickersc

My sweet babies, Brina and Karlie, playing away and totally ok with the stickers on their faces.  Don’t worry we didn’t leave them on long.  They weren’t easily upset by that type of stuff.

Happy Karliec

Happy Karlie Kool Kat

Karlie enjoying her toy and Brina smiling at herc

They loved any toys that made noise.  It was hilarious when they discovered it made noise for the first time.  They both stop and stare at it confused by the noise. Karlie proud of her noise making skills and Brina watching.

Flashback Friday - Brina waiting for her fishing teasure at the George's Creek Fall Festivalc

Their 1st local Fall Festival.  They were fascinating just watching all the activities around them.  Karlie got a flower and Brina got a butterfly painted on their face.  They did much better with this face painting session.

Karlie won a pumpkin door prize and Brina instantly stole it from hercc

Karlie won a stuffed pumpkin door prize.  As soon as they handed it to her Brina immediately swiped it to investigate it further.  Karlie didn’t care she was having fun.

Pretty smiling Karliec

Karlie giving us a winning smile.

Brina and Karlie loving the adventurec

Brina and Karlie shrieking and laughing as Daddy lifted them up in the air.  They thought it was so much fun playing with Daddy!

Brina and Karlie playing nicely nowc

They spent most of their time at home when they were eating or sleeping playing – Brina and Karlie

Thieves - someone always wants what the other one has - Brina and Karliec

Brina wants the cool toy Karlie is currently playing with.   Thankful that the were pretty good about sharing.

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Oct 02 2015

Flashback Friday - Awful lot of talking and moving for quiet nap time - Karlie and Brinac

Two little critters, Karlie and Brina, who are talking, laughing, and giggling when it is suppose to be nap time.

Today’s Flashback Friday goes back on October 2005 when the girls were 8 months old.  They have started babbling a lot more and discovered that they could get our attention when they shriek.  Brina especially had a shrill screech she would make followed by lots of giggles.  The first time she did it she surprised herself so of course she decided to just do it more.

They are happy babies.  We tried to do some fun Fall activities with them this year.  They didn’t understand everything we were doing, but were always up for an adventure.  They were my little cuddle bugs.  Love my sweet girls.

We love our books - oh yeah - Karlie and Brinac

 Karlie and Brina very excited about the cool John Deere books Daddy brought home for them!  

Flashback Friday - Brina getting excited and doing her screechesc

Brina giving one of her shrill screeches….wish I could transfer it into an audio on this picture.

Karlie giving us a smilec

Karlie is all smiles as she plays

Brina is talking this morningc

Brina talking with Mommy.  While I couldn’t understand what she was saying at this point she loved to happily chat away.

Karlie loving lifec

Karlie cutting some more teeth and drooling like crazy, but still a sweet happy baby.

Brina up close and trying to steal the camerac

Brina decided that she was going to steal my camera

Karlie proud to be in charge of Mommy's cupc

Karlie in charge of Mommy’s water cup, so proud of her big girl duty!  She didn’t even tip it.

Flashback Friday - Brina on her cool ridec

Brina loves the riding toys!  Anything to keep moving!

Hey, what's up doc - Karliec

What’s up Karlie rabbit!  Not sure about these glasses Mom!

Sleepy Brinac

Brina our little two finger sucker.

Flashback Friday - Daddy's coming back from his first work trip to Plano, TXc

Daddy’s first work trip away since the girls were born to Plano, Texas!  It was so good to have him back home again.

Flashback Friday - Awake and ready for their 1st Halloween - Karlie and Brinac

They are so happy first thing in the morning.  It is cute hearing giggles from their crib in the mornings – Karlie and Brina

Brina and Karlie taking a nap so they can go out on Halloween nightc

Brina and Karlie crashed in their seats

Brina chewing away as Karlie smilesc

Playing is one of their favorite activities!  Brina chewing on a toy and Karlie looking up to smile at Mommy!

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Sep 25 2015

Karlie so proud of herselfc

Karlie loves hanging out in the Johnny Jump Up and playing with the toys, however, she would prefer spinning over jumping.

Today’s Flashback Friday takes us back to September 2005 when the girls were 7 months old.  We spent a lot of time at home when the girls were younger.  It was a lot of work to take them out every day and since they were still small they were more likely to pick up germs we tried to keep our errands, doctors appointments, and activities to a minimum at least during the first few months.

We had a lot of fun hanging out at home.  They loved to play, laugh, and explore.  The weekends and evenings were their favorite times of the week because Daddy was home to play with them.  They love their Daddy and always give him a winning smile.  He was great pitching in whenever possible with the kids.  They were used to having both of us feed, change, and play with them at various times throughout the week sometimes together and other times just one of us.

Brina just thought she was so cool with her hat onc

Brina thinks Mr. Octopus is so funny.

Flashback Friday - A surprised Karlie, she didn't see me coming over to herc

Karlie didn’t see me walk into the room and I startled her.  Love the expression on her face.

Brina all smiles as Daddy pushes her in circlesc

Brina is thrilled to be riding!

Karlie loving it as Daddy pushes her in circlesc

 Karlie’s turn to ride now!

Brina so proud that she can standc

Brina loves holding onto your hands and standing up.  She can stand for longer periods of time now.

Karlie so cute and smiley this morningc

Such a happy Karlie baby

Brina drinking from Mommy's cupc

Brina stealing water from Mommy’s cup….looks like she had some help from Daddy

Brina thinks she is so neat riding on Daddy's shouldersc

Brina loves going for a ride on Daddy’s shoulders.

Karlie thinks she is pretty cool riding on Daddy's shouldersc

 Karlie’s hanging out with Daddy

Karlie loving her play timec

Karlie relaxing, smiling, and playing

Brina sleeping with her head on one side of the boppy and her feet on the other sidec

 Brina is all tuckered out – fast asleep with her feet are on one side of the boppy and her head on the other side

Karlie showing off her hooded nightgownc

Karlie is clean and ready for bed now

Our two silly girls - Karlie and Brinac

Our girls – Karlie and Brina

Flashback Friday - Brina in a bucketc

There’s a Brina in the toy bucket!  She is so proud of herself for “scaring” Mommy.  Giggly girl.

Brina getting adjusted to the waterc

Brina ready to try out the swimming pool.

Karlie - okay I am in the pool now so where are the toysc

 Karlie looking for the toys in the pool.

Every time Karlie tries to sit up her legs instantly go up in the air tooc

Karlie – “Wow, Dad these sit ups are hard!”

Karlie is interested in Cuddles the Cow book but Brina is more interested in Daddy who was taking the picturec

Mommy reading a book to the girls.  Brina is more interested in Daddy who is taking the picture while Karlie is completely engrossed in the book.

Brina looks so uncomfortable but she is totally asleep, we ended up waking her up fearing that she would get a kink in her neckx

It makes my neck hurt just looking at her sleeping in this position.  Brina would literally jump until she crash.  This does not look like the most comfy position to take a nap in though kiddo.

Flashback Friday - Brina and Karlie having fun with Little Lambc

They think “Little Lamb” is hilarious!

Brina showing off her toysc

Brina having a blast!

Karlie smiling as she sucks on her thumbc

Karlie smiling and sucking her thumb at the same time.  That takes talent!

Sleeping beauties - Brina and Karliec

Sleeping beauties – Brina and Karlie

Flashback Friday - Hanging out and having fun - Karlie and Brinac

Life is so fun for these two little ones – Karlie and Brina!

Karlie is excited to meet this other happy babyc

Karlie is smiling and talking with the baby in the mirror at the Doctors office, little does she know that she will be getting a shot soon.

Karlie so happy that she gets to sit on Daddy's deskc

Karlie sitting on Daddy’s desk and “helping” him.

Silly girls almost ready for their bottle - Brina and Karliec

Giggling kiddos – Brina and Karlie

Flashback Friday - Brina and Karlie being funnyc

Brina and Karlie love hanging out and being silly together.

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Sep 18 2015

Flashback Friday - All Smiles - Brina and Karlie (7 Months, Spetember 2005)cc

Sweet girls – Brina and Karlie

Today’s Flashback Friday goes back to when the girls were 7 months old.  They are growing and changing so quickly.  It doesn’t take much to make them smile.  They love hanging out with family and friends.  A new experience was trying on and attempting to stand in shoes this month.  They were not too sure about what to think about having shoes on their feet, but decided since Mommy and Daddy thought it was fun and exciting that it must be a good thing.  Their little giggles make our days so much sweeter.

Being Unique, Brina and Karlie (7 Months, Sept. 2005)c

Being goofy – Brina and Karlie

Pretty in Pink, Brina and Karlie (7 Months, Sept. 2005)c

Brina and Karlie hanging out together

Telling secrets - Brina and Karliec

Brina and Karlie talking with each other.  Love hearing them gibber jabber and giggle.

Flashback Friday - Brina so proud of herselfc

Brina LOVES the “Johnny Jump Up”!  She will literally jump and spin around until she crashes.  It is hard keeping toys on the tray for her because she is always moving.  She is all smiles when she is playing in it.

Brina with Mike Genovesec

Brina hanging out with Uncle Mike

Flashback Friday - Brina all done with her manicure and pedicurec

Brina laughing at her silly Daddy

Karlie - Daddy that tickles (pedicure time)c

Jake clipping Karlie’s toenails.  Clipping nails made me so nervous so Jake was delegated to do that task for the kids the first few times.  Karlie thought it was hilarious having her toenails trimmed.

Crashed while playing with Mr. Octopus - Brina and Karliec

Two sleepy babies in a pile.  Brina sucking on her middle fingers and Karlie sucking on her thumb.

Karlie playing on the clownc

Karlie having fun playing

Brina playing with her earc

Brina pulling on her ear….hopefully she is just playing not another ear infection.  You never knew when she had an ear infection because she typically did not run a fever with an ear infection.  She still looking happy so that’s a good thing!

Flashback Friday - Do we have a cute little puppy in the house Karliec

Karlie looks cute in this little “puppy” shirt.  She didn’t mind having the hood up.

Flashback Friday - Brina babyc

Brina trying out her new shoes and all smiles

Brina standing in her new shoesc

Look Brina’s standing on her own.  Way to go Brina Bee

Daddy and Brina talkingc

Daddy and Brina talking

Karlie a little unsure about standing in shoes - it just might be func

Karlie a little unsure about these things on her feet….not quite certain that she likes them yet.

Karlie walking in her shoesc

Karlie – “Hey look what I can do Mom with these new shoes!”

Opps Karlie is going boom, hurry Daddyc

Oh no, Karlie’s getting a little off balance.  Hurry Dad and catch her before she hits the ground!

Karlie - okay Mom where's my bottlec

Karlie relaxing and content with life

Flashback Friday - Brina - whoa who turned on that bright light - Brina and Karliec

Brina originally started covering her eyes with her opposite arm to block out the sunlight or light in the room when she wanted to go to sleep while sucking on her middle fingers of her other hand.  This habit continued for longer than we preferred, but we did finally break her of the finger sucking and eyes covering habit.

Karlie girl looking prettyc

Karlie hanging out with Daddy

Karlie tackling Brina and Brina trying to escape, so much func

One…two…three…tackle Brina (who was hysterically laughing at this new game).

Weeee there goes Brina flying through the airc

Brina loves having fun with Daddy!  She always giggled when he held her up in the air.

Karlie loves playingc

Karlie loves playing with toys and making them sing

Brina and Karlie are very chipper this morningc

Love walking into their bedroom first thing in the morning and seeing these to smiling faces looking back at me.  Glad that they are happy babies that are always excited to see us.

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Sep 04 2015

Grandma Kay at the Falls Park with Karlie and Brinac

 Grandma Kay and the girls at Falls Park

Today’s Flashback Friday goes back to September 2005 when Grandma Kay came to visit for a few days.  The girls were almost 7 months old and are a lot more active than they were when Grandma was here a few months ago (they were actually still in NICU).  We packed a lot of fun into the weekend.

Falls Park downtown Greenville (Karlie and Brina)cc

Our family at Falls Park – Karlie and Brina obviously were not impressed or we wore them out already because they were fast asleep in the stroller for their first picture at Falls Park.

Karlie and Brina sleeping as we view the Fallsc

First visit to Falls Park!  Brina and Karlie were so excited they fell asleep as we walked through the park.

Karlie and Brina's 1st trip to the Falls Park downtown Greenvillec

 Karlie and Brina are ready for a fun stroll through the park.

Karlie and Brina riding on a fire enginec

 Karlie, Brina and Grandma Kay at GattiTown

Karlie and Brina's first ride on a carousel c

 Karlie and Mommy and Brina with Grandma Kay on the carousel.  They loved it and were fascinated by all the lights and sounds.

Brina playing with Grandma Kayc

 Brina playing with Grandma Kay

Grandma Kay playing with Brina and Karliec

 Having fun with Grandma Kay

Karlie and Brina down for their nap, looks like someone isn't sleepingc

Taking a siesta in their bassinets.  Karlie and Brina both have their legs hanging out as they sleep.  The bassinets may be getting too small for them now.

Karlie and Brina love playingc

 Karlie and Brina playing with their toys.

Karlie, Brina and Grandma Kay sitting next to Mr. Octopusc

 Grandma Kay, Karlie, and Brina playing

Daddy and his two goofy girls (Karlie and Brina)c

 Jake and his girls

Karlie giving us a cheeky smilec

Someone woke up from her nap all smiles – Karlie Kool Kat

Go ahead smile Brinac

Brina Bee woke up with sweet smiles and laughter too.

Grandma Kay hanging out with Brina and Karliec

 Brina and Karlie hanging out with Grandma Kay

Playing ball with Grandma Kay - Karlie and Brinac

Karlie and Brina kicking and pushing the ball back and forth across Grandma Kay’s lap

Flashback Friday - Brina fell asleep holding Grandma Kay's necklacec

Brina crashed and Karlie’s not far behind

Flashback Friday - Silly babies - Brina and Karliec

Giggling girls – Brina and Karlie

Flashback Friday - Brina curious about Karlie's feetc

 Bath time Brina!

Karlie chewing on Nemoc

Karlie was more interested in chewing on the bath toys

Karlie and Brina drying offc

Karlie and Brina are now squeaky clean and ready to get in their jammies

Brina watching Daddy play Settlers of Catanc

Brina sporting a bowl as she supervises Daddy’s game of Settler’s of Catan

Karlie is now sporting the yellow bowlc

Karlie isn’t sure about the bowl thing, but relaxing with us as we play a game!

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