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Jul 31 2015

Brina and Karlie-Happy Birthday Daddyc

Brina and Karlie were fascinated by the cool new toy on the floor.

Today we flashback to Jake’s birthday July 2005 when the girls were five months old.  It was his first time celebrating a birthday with two little munchkins with us.  They made the day quite entertaining.  They enjoyed the new things to explore and see throughout the day from birthday banners to candles to rice krispie treats and more.

Fire fascination (Brina and Karlie)c

Jake with his two girls on his birthday.  They were intrigued by the candles, but didn’t touch them.  Pretty sure they didn’t help blow them out either.

Flashback Friday - Brina and Karlie showing off their sucking skillsc

This is cool new mat to lay around sucking our fingers on….

Brina sitting on the stool at the island in our kitchenc

Brina sitting at the kitchen counter.  So Mom…..I hear their might be some kind of special treat for Dad’s birthday, can I try it first, pretty please!?

Brina spit up and is proud of it, Karlie is just laying there looking at it thinking how grateful she is that it wasn't her this timec

Oh no….too much excitement for someone.  Who did it this time!?  Brina is feeling better now and Karlie is thankful it wasn’t her this time around.

Karlie and Brina having fun togetherc

Daddy’s giggling girls helping him celebrate his birthday.

Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle worms, look at them squirm (Brina and Karlie)c

Our little rolly pollies saying “Happy Birthday Daddy! We LOVE You!”

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Jul 24 2015

Flashback Friday - Brina a little unsurec

Brina a little unsure about this whole “pool” idea

Today’s flashback Friday goes back about 10 years when the girls first were introduced to a pool.  The first trip to the pool with the Greenville Mother’s of Multiples Club family party.  We didn’t even have swimming suits for them yet so we took them in onesies and swimmer diapers.  They were not to thrilled about the pool the first time around.  Both were a little surprised and not overly excited about it.  You would never know that now though!

The second time we went to a pool was about a week later with our friend Mike and Ashley.  We had gotten the girls swimsuits in the meantime and they did a little better the second time around.  Still not thrilled about it, but they tolerated it better.

Brina's first dipc

Brina was a little surprised by the pool water.

Brina getting used to the waterc

Brina slowly getting used to the water on her feet while sitting in Daddy’s lap.

Brina standing in the poolc

Brina standing up in the pool, still not sure about this whole pool thing.

Brina thinking about sitting downc

Brina thinking about sitting down, but still disturbed by the pool.

Brina was very curious at why the other swimmers were having func

Brina was very curious by all the other kids swimming around her.  Why do they look like they are having so much fun!?

Karlie doesn't really know about this pool thingc

Karlie’s first dip into the pool.  She was not happy!

Karlie encounters the pool for the first timec

Karlie’s thinking that maybe this isn’t too bad.  Daddy seems to think it’s okay…

Karlie getting used to the poolc

Jake sprinkled a little water over her head.  She wasn’t entirely sure if she liked that.

Karlie meets another twinc

Karlie sitting on Daddy’s lap talking with another twin.  He wanted to know why she didn’t like playing in the pool, ha!

Karlie sitting on the bottom of the poolc

Karlie getting used to the water and she sits there for a minute.

Karlie still a little unsure but safe on Daddy's lapc

Karlie looking at Mommy for help and confirmation that this pool thing was okay.

Karlie wants to know if we can get rid of the big ball of light in the sky, it is really brightc

Karlie – “Can someone turn off the bright light overhead!”  She was not a fan of the bright sunny day and if she was directly in the sun would just close her eyes and whimper.  Poor baby girl.

Relaxing after their first pool experience, Brina and Karliec

Survived their first “pool swim” or should we say little dip!  They were much more content to be back in the bassinet together.

 Brina and Karlie stripped down and drying off in their bassinetc

Swimming at the pool was EXHAUSTING!  They were out for a nap within a few minutes of drying off and getting into the bassinet.  (Brina and Karlie)

Flashback Friday - Did someone say swimming (Brina and Karlie)c

Brina and Karlie got their cool new swimming suits and ready to go again.    They think it’s funny now as they are at home sitting in the chair together….

Flashback Friday - Aunt Ashley and Brinac

Brina with Aunt Ashley at the pool.  She is still not convinced that this is a good idea!

Brina, Mommy, and Karlie swimmingc

Mommy taking Brina and Karlie out into the pool.  They were very intent on watching the pool water, like its going to get them or something.

Karlie, Brina and Mommy in the poolc

Mommy with Karlie and Brina.  They tolerated the pool better this time around with only a few tears.  Thankfully it was a small quiet pool.

Flashback Friday - Brina getting warm after her swimc

Brina all snuggled up in her dry towel.  She is now ready for her nap.

Brina's pruned feet-love itc

Look at those pruney little tootsie toes!  So cute!

Daddy warming up Karliec

 Karlie is getting sleepy.  Swimming is hard work Dad!

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Jul 17 2015

Flashback Friday - Daddy making bottles, down from making 16 bottles a day to 10c

Jake making the next days bottles!

Today’s flashback Friday is about 10 years ago when the girls were five months old.  Every night right before Jake and I would go to bed we were make the girls bottles for the following day.  At this point when I took the picture of Jake (above) we were down from making 16 bottles a day to 10 bottles a day.  They no longer had to have any caffeine in their bottles and they were sleeping through the night consistently.  Making the bottles the night before helped us be well prepared for the next day when the babies were hungry and ready to be fed.

It was this month after a routine Doctors check up with the girls that they suggested we start introducing them to rice cereal in place of a couple bottles a day.  That was an adventure in itself.  The girls were not too excited about it at first and would rub it all over their faces and heads as well as cry, but eventually they got used to it.

Flashback Friday - Brina ready to go do errandsc

Brina packed up in her carseat and ready to go to the Dr and on errands this morning.

Karlie doesn't care too much about errands as long as she does not miss her napsc

 Karlie doesn’t care if we run errands or go to the Dr as long as she can sleep peacefully in her carseat.

Brina's not enjoying the rice cereal to its fullest tastec

 Brina’s first time trying rice cereal.  She was ready for her bottle and instead got rice cereal.  She NOT happy with me and cried through the whole feeding.

Karlie-ew, what is this stuffc

 Karlie’s first try with the rice cereal.  She was very upset and cried the entire time I fed her too.  This picture was taken right before she burst into tears.  After a couple minutes she closed her eyes and cried as I fed her the last few bites.  Guess, she preferred getting her bottle over the rice cereal.  Such a disappointed baby.

Karlie not cooperatingc

 Later Jake attempted the second rice cereal feeding instead of the bottle.  Karlie was not happy with Daddy either about him giving her rice cereal instead of her bottle.  Poor baby….growing up is hard!

Karlie talking to usc

 After awhile she gave up and began to enjoy it.  In this picture she is babbling away as she gives in and eats the rice cereal for Daddy.  Glad to see her smile starting to come back.

Brina knows how to make a mess with her foodc

 What a mess Brina!  Sometimes we would let them attempt to feed themselves or if we were feeding them they would smear the food all over their faces with their hands.  It never failed during this stage there was always a mess to clean up at the end of meal time.

Flashback Friday - Brina's morning bottlec

 Brina enjoying her morning bottle with Mommy.  Loved holding them and talking with them first thing in the morning as they took their bottle.  They were always great snugglers and gave me many sweet smiles.

Karlie-Mmmm...good stuffc

 Karlie enjoying her morning bottle.  When they first started taking the bottles it would take them over an hour to drink an ounce or two.  At this point they were guzzling down several ounces in a just a few minutes.  How much they have grown.  Loved hearing them drink their morning bottles and sigh with contentment.  It was a great way to get the day started.

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Jul 10 2015

Flashback Friday - Karlie and Brina 5 months old (July 2005)c

Silly sisters 5 months old

 Today’s flashback Friday goes to July 2005 when the girls were 5 months old.  We loved seeing their smiles and hearing their giggles at this age.  They were on the move and starting to get into more stuff.  Thankful for these two blessings.

Their pinchable cheeks are so cute.  They could make each other laugh or cry.  It was an adventure exploring new toys.  They discovered that they could pull themselves up in the crib and look over the edge at us and the room around them.

This month the girls were strong enough and growing well we got to take them off the heart & apnea monitors.  It was a blessing having them, but it was sure nice to get rid of all the wires and monitors.  We always had extra stuff to carry anywhere we went whether at home, errands, or anywhere else.  Thankful that they are growing and starting to really take off.

Brina unsure how to react to Karlie's Cryingc

Brina is unsure about what to do regarding Karlie’s crying!

Goodnight Babiesc

They loved watching their mobile above their crib – Brina and Karlie

Our Giggling Girlsc

Brina and Karlie giggles

Flashback Friday - Brina all smilesc

Brina relaxing on the couch

Karlie looking happyc

Happy Karlie

Brina talking to Daddyc

Brina talking with Daddy!

Flashback Friday - Grandpa Russell, Uncle Lee, Brina and Karlie playingc

Grandpa Russell swinging Brina as Karlie swings in her swing.

Karlie chucklingc

Karlie all smiles!

Karlie sucks her thumb as Brina laughs awaycHappy Babies

Karlie sleeping with her feet up on the bassinetc

Karlie sucking her thumb and napping in the bassinet with her feet up

Flashback Friday - Brina and Karlie face offc

Their first bumper cars

Brina pulling her outfit up and Karlie trying to lean forwardc

Sweet girls

Karlie and Brina looking all prettyc

All dressed up in their silky Sunday dresses!

Flashback Friday - Brina and Karlie smiling widec

Laughing – Brina and Karlie

Brina laughing as she plays with Mr. Octopusc

Brina laughing and playing with Mr. Octopus

Karlie-life is goodc

Karlie having fun!

Karlie-Hi Mommyc

Karlie is ready to eat!

Flashback Friday - Brina thinks it is funny to sit up in the crib, Karlie would just rather sleepc

We came back in to check on the girls a little while after putting them to bed.  Brina is still wanting to play, but Karlie has crashed.

Who's got Brina and Karliec

Having too much fun at bed time.

Brina hanging loosec

Brina hanging out on the couch

Is someone being naughty-Karliec

Karlie laughing, talking, and giggling when she is suppose to be sleeping

Karlie and Brina waiting or the monitor peoplec

The heart apnea monitors are officially going back today!  WooHoo!!!  They are almost 6 months old and no longer need them.  Thankful for the opportunity to have these medical devices home with us for so long as they were growing and getting stronger.  Glad the girls are doing so much better..

Karlie is all smilesc

Karlie’s excited and talking away!

Shhhh....Karlie has a secret to tell Brinac

Shhh….Karlie has a secret to tell Brina!

Sit up straight soldier -Brinac

Sit up straight solider B!

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Jul 03 2015

Flashback Friday - Brina and Karliec

 Happy Independence Day from Brina and Karlie!!!

Today we are flashing back to July 4, 2005.  It was the girls first July 4th Independence Day celebration!  My Aunt gave the girls these adorable dresses to wear for the celebration.

We spent the first part of the day as usual.  Getting everybody up, fed, changed, and some play time.  That evening we went over to a friends house to play games and celebrate.  They were good sports and happy babies the whole evening.

Girls in the Holiday Spiritc

 Brina, Riley, and Karlie all coordinated for the July 4th Holiday!

Brina and Karliec

So many reasons to celebrate this July 4th!

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