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Jul 25 2019

Wild Animal Adventures (Stanton, MO)

The 2 tigers were together in the pen, we got to see them interact, swim, play, and relax.

After the girls got out of Cub Creek camp in Missouri we went visited Wild Animal Adventures.  It is outside of St. Louis in Stanton, Missouri.  It was a smaller establishment, but the animals were well cared for.  We went at busy time and their parking lot was full (they had a trailer blocking part of the parking lot which made it a little inconvenient) but after a few minutes we got a spot.

They have an indoor section with aquariums, touch tanks, birds, reptiles and more.  Outside the have both farm and wild animals in different sections.  The workers seemed to enjoy being there, interacted well with the animals and were happy to share stories about the animals.

Our girls did two extra interactions, playing with the foxes and the dingos. The dingos also known as “singing dogs” were tired so they were laying down and let the kids pet them. I was hoping to hear them “sing” but they were not into that while we were there. The workers allowed 4 people in at one time with the dingos.  For the foxes they gave the kids “treats” aka cat food to feed to the foxes.  Our two girls were the only ones other than the worker in the pen with the foxes.  The foxes loved munching on the treats and were more energetic.  The website lists the extra activities with a price range, however, at least one of the activities was more than their list price. They need to update their website if they are not still charging those rates.

Overall it was a fun stop for our family.  The animals were fairly active and the employees were nice. If you are driving through the area it is a nice place to stop especially if you  have kids that enjoy animals. We have included a sprinkling of photos from our trip to Wild Animal Adventures.

The llama had some personality.

Gorgeous colors

The kids were not interested in the pretty flowers, but I enjoyed them!

Their 3 legged white fox. He can still move quickly and nibbled up treats from the girls.

This one liked to interact and have conversations with you!

The llama was more interested in you if you had food!

Glad this one was in a cage and behind a window.

Beautiful white tiger!

Wild Animal Adventures

Apr 28 2017

North Georgia Zoo & Farm (Cleveland, GA)

North Georgia Zoo & Farm is a great place to visit with your family, especially if your kids enjoy animals.

That turtle and zebra have familiar faces….  Thankful that the girls still occasionally “humor” me with the cheesy pictures!

Baby goats!

This porcupine has a fantastic breakfast, look at all those fruits & veggies!

The beaver is munching on his veggies too!

Beautiful animal!

Are you sure you don’t have another treat for me!?

Albino Kangaroo napping in the shade!

Singing dog, so wanted to hear it actually sing!!!

Brina loving all the animals!

Jake and Karlie waiting for the Animal Show to start

Soft….of course the girls wanted at least one when they found out that they sale them at this location

Fascinating to watch it run awhile!

A lot softer than we expected.

Sep 08 2016

Family Fun at the Alaska SeaLife Center (Seward, Alaska)


Gorgeous animal, not as elegant moving on land, but amazing swimmer in the water!

We were able to visit the Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward, Alaska before cruising out of the port.  The Alaska SeaLife Center is located at 301 Railway Avenue, Seward, AK 99664.  It is only a couple miles from the port terminal and the city bus comes by the terminal every 5 to 10 minutes will take you to a number of places around the city of Seward (with the Alaska SeaLife Center being one of those stops).  The Alaska SeaLife Center is part of the Association of Zoos & Aquariums so if you are a member of one in your area you will be able to get into the center at a reduced rate.  We are part of our local Greenville Zoo which allowed us to have 50% per persons admission ticket which was a huge blessing and savings

The Alaska SeaLife Center was a lot of fun!  The kids loved seeing a variety of different marine life and the exhibits were very interactive and educational.  You could get fairly close to the animals and they even had a touch tank.  WARNING the  touch tank water is freezing cold so you won’t be able to keep you hand in it for very long. I thought my hands were going to go numb before I had a chance to touch each of the different marine critters in the tank.  They had several interactive talks with the animals.  We got to watch them feed, train, and care for several of the animals.  The animals were content and were showing off for the guests.

It was a cool and misty day when we arrived at Seward that day.  The Alaska SeaLife Center was a great task to do on a rainy day.  There are a couple of places you can go outside, but you can see the majority of the center from inside.  It is a wonderful place for anyone that enjoys animals, marine animals, and the opportunity to learn more about the native critters that can be found in Alaska.  Thankful for an opportunity to visit the SeaLife Center.  It was a hit with our kids.  There are also plenty of places for adults to sit down and relax as well.  It is a great activity for the whole family.  The girls loved personalities of the birds exhibits, the way the HUGE octopus spread out across the glass in front of them, the Artic Seals performed tricks for treats, that the touch tank was ice cold, that the fish and other animals were very active, and that the Sea Lion loved rubbing its belly on the glass window right in front of them.  It was a wonderful place to visit while we were in Seward.


 Brina and Karlie in the boat at the Alaska SeaLife Center


Beautifully colored starfish.  He was waving at us!  Even the starfish were active while we are the center!


Small yet beautifully colored bird


Taking a swim around the pool!


Coming by to say “HELLO”!


SeaLIfe workers checking the seals out and giving them treats.


Performing tricks


Enjoying the swim


Playing around in the pool


Doing a dance for us!


Beautiful and fast!


Watching him swim underwater from a viewing window at the bottom of his tank! Fascinating!


Showing off and diving right in front of us


He obviously was having a grand time!


Loved watching them glide so smoothly through the water


The Sea Lion rubbing his belly up against the glass in front of us.  He did it several times!  The kids thought it was hilarious!


Huge male octopus!


He was very active while we were there too


He decided to spread himself out across the front glass of his tank!


 He was very big, pretty sure I would not be excited about running into him in the ocean!  So neat to see!

Alaska, Wildlife Conservatory, SeaLife Center, Zaandam, New Holland Cruise, Cruise,

Relaxing in the water with his nose out and the rest of his body just floating in the water!


Diving directly in front of us!  Really loved how the  animals were very interactive with their audience!


Camouflaged ray….


VERY COLD touch tank!!!


The freezing water was not stopping our kids from checking out the animals in the touch tank!


Beautiful and showing off for us!


He hung out near us, watching us move around the bird exhibit!


Karlie all smiles as Brina soaks in all the birds zooming around the exhibit


Brina loving time with these beautiful Alaskan animals!


Keeping one eye on us as he watches the other birds….just in case!

Sep 06 2016

Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center (Portage, Alaska)


“Hello” Not-So-Little Bear – Glad he was at least on the other side of the fence from me!  Adorable and seemed content to hang out, but wouldn’t want to come across him on a hike through the mountains!

Our family had the opportunity to visit Alaska on our summer family vacation.  We flew into Anchorage, Alaska and took a bus tour form Anchorage down to Seward, Alaska to meet our cruise ship.  On the way to Seward we stopped to visit the Alaska Wildlife Conservatory Center, Mile 79 Seward Highway, Portage, Alaska 99587.

It was a cloudy and drizzly day, but that didn’t stop us and the area as well as the animals were still amazing.  The landscape was beautiful even on the cool rainy day.  Thankfully it was a light mist not a downpour while we were at the Wildlife Center.  The kids loved seeing all the animals  It was a neat place to stop and soak in some of the animals and information about Alaska.  I would recommend it especially for families with kids.  There is a little bit of walking, but not a lot.


 Gorgeous views of the mountains and animals lounging in their pen


 Deer in the headlight look…..


 Life is rough… and nap!


 Beautiful view of the mountains (even gorgeous in the mist that day)!


 The animals were very content and well cared for at the Wildlife Conservatory!


Brina attempting to run a bobsled


Little Kitty!


On the move!


Makes neck hurt just looking at those antlers this guy has to support!


Peaceful stream flowing through the pasture for the animals


I know the snow on those mountains must be cold, but the snow, mountains, and fog really were amazing!


Karlie and a very large bison hide!


Checking things out!


They had a neat bridge overlooking the bear pends which made it easier for people to see them.


Black bear relaxing for a few minutes!


Thankful for an opportunity to spend time with my family seeing this beautiful place and animals!

Sep 08 2015

Travel & Vacation: Colorado Rocky Mountain Wildlife


Elk lounging around near where we parked

I was going back over some trips that we had taken in the last few years when I came across a trip we took with my parents from Kansas to Colorado.  There were a lot of fun activities and adventures from that trip so I thought I would share a little bit with you and maybe you will see something you might want to do with your family.  I grew up going to Colorado for summer camp and vacation so I have made a few trips through the Rocky Mountains.

On this particular trip it was the girls first time in the Colorado Rockies.  They loved it and thought it was amazing the number of animals that we saw on the side of the road and near where we were walking around.  All of these animals were in their native wildlife settings, however, some were pretty close to local towns and hiking trails.  They didn’t seem disturbed at all by us taking their pictures.  We did keep a safe distance away just in case (we didn’t want to upset any of the animals).


The one on the left is the same one as in the first picture, but if you look closely to the right under the tree is another elk.  These were spotted next to the parking lot where our car was in near Estates Park.


 Mountain goat must have found something tasty to eat on the side of the road.


 He looked up briefly to look at us and went back to eating again.


 This little bird was making all kinds of noise on our hike and picnic.


 There are chipmunks everywhere.  You are not suppose to feed them, but they are very commonly seen around picnic areas scavenging for bits of food.


 Two chipmunks hanging out on a ledge together


 The girls want to pet or pick these little cute chipmunks up, but they are not tame and it wouldn’t be safe either.  They were fun to watch scurrying around.


 Elk sitting at the edge of the mountain looking down on the valley.  It didn’t even turn to look at us.


 Two elk eating food near where we were hiking.


 Several hours later after our hiking, exploring, picnic, and other adventures we came back down the mountain and it looked like the same goat was still eating from the same area near the road.  He must have found a lot of good food in that area!


A lot of places in the area have hummingbird feeders.  If you want a few minutes you will see them coming and going.  They are fast and pretty neat to watch.

The “Travel and Vacation” series is an insight into our trips together as a family, ways we relax, and tips on how to make trips more enjoyable.  Life is short and we were thrilled to have the opportunity to build memories with family and explore of of the most amazing places during our time away.  Explore with a good attitude, look for fun, and it will be an awesome trip jammed packed with positive memories.  It is refreshing having some time away from the regular routine.  Make it a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet new people and learn.  You just might see or try something new that takes your breath away!