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Apr 27 2015

30th Annual Georgia Renaissance Festival


Last weekend we made a trip to Georgia to attend the 30th Annual Georgia Renaissance Festival.  We’ve never gone to the festival before so the kids were very excited when we told them what we were doing.  We arrived just a few minutes after they opened and were surprised to see the amount of people that were at the festival.  The only traffic we ran into was the last two miles before the festival because traffic was backed up a little as everyone was trying to get in and park.  They had plenty of parking and attendants helping get the cars in as efficiently as possible.  It had rained the day before so it was a little muddy in a few places, but it wasn’t bad.

We had a great time watching all the neat shows and going through the various shops.  The kids thought it was fascinating and were even chosen to participate in one of the shows which was fun.  The people performing were very interactive with the audiences.  There were a few “adult humor” jokes in some of the performances, but nothing that the kids picked up on.  It was Roman and bring your pet weekend so there were lots of dogs which the girls loved.  We only saw one cat though!

They had a lot of different food options as well from giant turkey legs, key lime pie on a stick, funnel cakes, and more.  The kids thought the funnel cake was delicious!  There was alcohol available for purchase, however, with it being a day event most people were drinking casually so that wasn’t a problem.  They do allow smoking so occasionally you would have to walk around a group of people who were smoking usually around the picnic areas.  Overall it was a great experience, entertaining, fun, and a good family activity.

We got to see almost all the performances throughout the day.  Usually each show performs several times during the day so if you don’t catch one time you get another one.  We were there close to 6 hours and were able to watch at least part of every show that was performing that weekend.  It was neat to see a lot of tricks and talent.

Here are some of the pictures from the shows we attended and really enjoyed:


King announcing the jousting tournament!


The warrior princess to be won in the knights competition


One of the warriors


Karlie and Brina on stage being lassoed by Cirque du Todd on Fools’s Knoll stage


He got a bunch of kids inside the lasso


Having fun in the performance!


Juggling a large knife, garden spike, and jalapeno spam


Cirque du Todd balancing on a board while juggling fire sticks and fire spinning around his head and feet.


Sirena Dog Show at the Garden Cottage Stage


 She had a lot of different dogs doing various tricks


Huge poodle that could jump high!


Birds of Prey show, this guy flew over our heads!


The owl is ready!


We had an empty seat next to us and one of the workers would call the birds so they would land right next to us.


He’s got his little helmet on to keep him calm during the performance.


Petting the animals


Wheel of Death act at the Marrakech Mews area


He was walking and doing the jump rope while this huge wheel was spinning way up in the air.  Amazing!


Barely Balanced was entertaining on the Halfwit Harbour Stage


Juggling knives over his friend


Now that’s a way to stretch.

Georgia Renaissance Festival

He is balancing on a board while she’s on his shoulders juggling the knives.  Barely Balance is a husband, wife, and friend who perform together.


She is standing on a large ball while they are juggling the knives around her.

Georgia Renaissance Festival

It started the weekend of April 18th and goes through June 7, 2015.   There were many more performances we saw while at the festival.  Hope this gives you a taste of what you will see while you are there!

If you are looking to go to the Georgia Renaissance Festival you can use this promo code for another few days!  Also, next weekend, the first weekend in May kids under 12 years old get in free!

Georgia Renaissance Festival Promo Code Discount:

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A special thanks to U.S. Family Guide and Georgia Renaissance Festival for offering a special discount to our readers.  Any specific product information was provided by Georgia Renaissance Festival and U.S. Family Guide, however, the opinions expressed in this post are our own.  We did receive tickets so our family could visit the festival and share our experience.

Apr 06 2015

30th Annual Georgia Renaissance Festival Promo Code

The weather is warming up and there are a lot of fun activities happening all around.  If you will be in the Georgia area any time between April 18th to June 7, 2015 you may want to check out the 30th Annual Georgia Renaissance Festival.  I have also included a promotional code for you to use for additional savings!

30th Annual Georgia Renaissance Festival Details:

Every weekend and Memorial Day, starting April 18 thru June 7, 2015 The 30th Annual Georgia Renaissance Festival is a family-friendly event, and a different kind of theme park. Inside this 32-acre recreation of a 16th Century English Village you’ll find hundreds of costumed characters, the Queen and her Court, endless circus-style entertainment on 10 stages, shopping in over 130 artisan shoppes, food fit for Royalty, games and rides for kids of all ages, and the spectacular Jousting Knights on horseback. Patrons are invited to wear costumes and join in the fun too. It’s a whole lotta’ fun, and a little bit of History, every weekend and Memorial Day, April 18 thru June 7, 2015.

Georgia Renaissance Festival Promo Code Discount:

  • Get $4 off Adult and $3 off Child (6-12) tickets!  Use  Promo Code: “castle” when purchasing discount tickets on our secure website at Tickets are good any day of the 2015 Season (Weekends and Memorial Day Apr 18-June 7). Online discount only. Not good with any other offers.

Apr 01 2013

Giveaway: $10 Hobby Lobby Gift Card

I am excited to announce a new giveaway on Blessings Multiplied!   The winner of this giveaway will receive a $10 Hobby Lobby Gift Card!  The best part about this card is you can use it for crafts, home decorating, educational items, seasonal items, birthday gifts, and much more.  Spring is here and Mother’s Day is coming up soon so maybe you want to get something for your home, Mom, next craft or something just for fun.  Here’s how to enter the giveaway:

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The actual gift card may or may not be identical to the one pictured above.

Apr 26 2011

Save A Lot: Deals for the week of April 27 – May 3, 2011

The Save A Lot deals are similar to the ones from last week so if you haven’t had a chance to stock up on these deals you can do it this week.  The weekly ad deals are listed below for your convenience.   Sign up for the Smart Shopper Club, by doing so you will get a $5.00 off of $25.00 coupon!

Meats and Seafood

Bone-In Shank Potion Ham – $0.99 per lb

Sugardale Sliced Bacon (12 oz) – $1.99

Fresh Chicken Wings – $0.99 per lb

Gwaltney Pork Sausage (12 oz) – $0.99

Pick 5 for $19.99 promo on going: Pick any 5 specially marked packages of your favorite cuts of fresh, frozen or smoked meats and pay just $19.99 (about $2 per pound).

Fridge and Freezer

Coburn Farms Cream Cheese – $0.79

Creamy Whipped Whip Topping – $0.79

Buyers Best Crinkle Cut French Fried Potatoes – $0.99

Imperial Spread Quarters (16 oz) – $0.50

Fairgrounds Jumbo Hotdogs – $1.00

Oscar Mayer Bologna – $1.00

Banquet Family Size Entrees (26 to 28 oz) – $2.00

Port Side Battered or Breaded Fish Fillets or Fish Sticks – $2.99

Wylwood Frozen Vegetables – $0.99

Banquet Brown & Serve Sausage Links – $0.99

Oscar Mayer Microwave Bacon – $2.99

Oscar Mayer Lunchables – $2.49

Home Churned Spread – $1.89

Morning Delight Crescent Rolls – $1.55

Mr. P’s Pepperoni Pizza – $0.99


Ginger Evans Baking Cups – $1.19

Star Ware Food Storage – $1.49


Large Fresh Pineapple – $1.50

Fresh Romaine Hearts – $0.99

Baby Carrots (1 lb) – $0.79


Grissom’s Brown & Serve Dinner Rolls – $0.79

Potatoes on the Side Au Gratin or Scalloped – $0.79

Ritz Crackers – $1.79

Shelby’s Grove Sliced Peaches (29 oz) – $1.00

Libby’s Pineapple – $0.99

Portmann’s Tartar Sauce – $1.29

Mantia Mostaccioli Penne Pasta – $0.99

Morning Delight Complete Buttermilk Pancake Mix – $1.49

Morning Delight Syrup – $1.49

Hargis House Regular or Chicken Vienna Sausage – $0.39

J. Higgs Potato Chips – $0.99

Palmer Peanut or Caramel Candy – $0.99

Portmann’s Salad Dressing – $1.89

Portmann’s Real Mayonnaise – $1.99

Ginger Evans Cake Mix – $0.99

Ginger Evans Frosting – $1.99

Ginger Evans Muffin Mix – $0.79

Ginger Evans Graham Cracker Crust – $1.29

Ginger Evans Instant Pudding – $0.50

Shelby’s Grove Mandarin Oranges – $0.49

Toast Em PopUps Poptarts – $0.99

Malt O Meal Cereal – $0.99

Vista Sandwich Creme Cookies – $0.99

Remember you can use the $5/$25 printable coupon to sweeten these deals!  Plus you can earn up to 5 additional $5 off $25 coupons for sharing the coupon with your friends.

For more information about Save A Lot’s coupon policies go here.  If you find additional deals or savings please let me know and I will add them to the list.

Apr 22 2011

Starbucks Coffee: FREE Cup of Coffee TODAY – April 22, 2011

Celebrate Earth Day with Starbucks!

FREE Cup of Starbucks Coffee on Friday, April 22, 2011!

All you have to do is bring in a reusable Travel Cup to your local Starbucks on 4/22/11 and receive a FREE Cup of Coffee or Tea!

At participating stores, please verify that your local store is offering this deal.