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May 20 2017

Travel Isn’t Always …

Travel Quotes 29

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Feb 11 2017

How Lucky I am …

100 Inspirational Quotes For Girls On Strength And Confidence:

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Jan 15 2017

In Memory of Grandma Doris

As I sit here quietly for the first time in awhile I begin to reflect on my Grandma Doris and the multitudes of ways she impacted my life.  Part of me doesn’t want to think about life without you in it, but I realize that you will always be a part of my life story and many others. Even though it’s not easy there’s a time to say goodbye….I’ve never been good at goodbyes….

I learned many lessons from Grandma over the years.   You gave me the extra confidence to do or be anything I set my mind on.  Grandma Doris was truly a one-of-a-kind person.  She was unique and loved you in her own way.

Growing up whenever they could Grandpa Verlyn and Grandma Doris would take the time out of their busy schedules to come to see me and the other grand-kids participate in whatever sports, concerts, competitions, or activities we were involved in.  I cannot tell you how much this meant to me, just knowing that they cared enough to be there for me and be a part of my life and activities spoke volumes in my life.  They have a lot of family members and many spread out over multiple areas so I know it wasn’t always easy or convenient to make it to these events.   I never doubted their love (why else would they sit on those hard bleachers to watch us over the years).  You knew when Grandma Doris was there….her voice had a way of piercing through all the noise in the crowd and hitting straight into your heart.  She would be your loudest and proudest cheerleader in the crowd no matter how good (or bad) you were.  It was one of Grandma’s many ways of supporting and encouraging you to be your best.

As a kid we would spend our Christmas Eve’s  at Grandpa and Grandma’s house.  There was always an amazing spread of food, fun activities, games, gifts and fun.  The house was full of many family and friends on any given Holiday.  As kids we would often play in the basement while the parents would play games upstairs.   One of our favorite games was Ghost in the Darkness…can’t remember who came up with it, but it was fun!  If we got too loud or rough we would hear Grandma Doris’ shrill voice and her footsteps on the stairs, it was pretty amazing how quickly all kids were instantly on their best behavior as soon as we heard Grandma coming.  I have no idea why Grandma and Grandma went through so many deep freezers when we were kids, but it may have had something to do with the grand-kids using the top of the deep freezer as our safety zone in a variety of games we played while at their house.  Oops!

Grandma preferred comfort over elegance in her day to day life but enjoyed getting fancy for special events involving family and friends.  Grandma knew how to have a good time.

It was okay with Grandma if her house wasn’t perfect as long as everyone felt welcomed.  Anyone was invited to come join the fun adventures at her house whether they we family, friends, or even strangers.  If you needed a place to crash for the night, no problem, there’s always room for one more.   The more the merrier at Grandma’s.

Grandma wasn’t big on making fancy meals, but could make the best Mayonnaise Cake with Chunky peanut butter frosting.  Delicious! When it came to cooking, the quicker the better, as far as Grandma was concerned.

My family lived in Grandpa and Grandma’s basement for several years while my parents were building their house.   It was an adventure in itself, but gave me additional opportunities to spend with Grandma which is something I didn’t truly treasure until later in life.

Grandma was a bargain hunting, coke and beanie baby collecting lady.  I have often wondered over the years how many McDonald’s or other kids meals she and Grandpa have eaten in her quest to collect the special beanie babies or other cool toys!

Life is precious,  life is short.  May this be a time to reflect on the special memories, love, and fun times with Grandma Doris.   She has made an impact on the hearts and lives of those around her.  You were always gracious, giving, and had a strong personality Grandma.

I will always remember Grandma’s smile and cackle that came along with the twinkle in her eyes when she was having fun.  Her spunky personality, loyalty to those she loved, spirit of adventure, gift of hospitality, and so much more.

Whenever I see a chicken, I can’t help but think of you, if I ever have a house with a big enough closet I plan to leave my Christmas tree up year round (just in the closet covered with a sheet most of the year – think how much time it would save around the Holidays decorating and un-decorating….genius Grandma!)  You always amazed me how you could walk barefoot on the gravel roads, through sticker patches, and more.  We always knew when you were walking through the front door with your friendly “YooHoo! Anyone home!”  Many times stopping by to say “Hi” or drop off a batch of fresh eggs,  garden tomatoes or other items.   Disposable cameras, toasty warm home with a crackling fire in the winter, digging out slivers, and even Vicks vapor rub remind me of you.

Thank you Grandma for loving us and leaving your imprint in our hearts and lives over the years. I love you Grandma.  May you rest in peace today January 15, 2017 and forever.

Nov 26 2016

Start Each Day …

Start each Day with a Grateful Heart - such a wonderful quote. Download and print this quote for free in 3 different colors!:

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Nov 19 2016

Be Thankful For What You …

Top 30 Famous Inspirational Quotes #motivational sayings:

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