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Feb 01 2020

Creative Kids: Woodworking Class

Brina made this cool piece in class

Well we have made it halfway through the 2019-2020 school year! WooHoo!!!  While there are aspects of school that can be quite exhausting there are other parts that are fun.  Brina recently brought home this neat project.  It’s cool to see everything that they are learning in their classes. She had a great time doing this at school and it turned out really well. I think it’s awesome that she is learning how to use and operate a variety of tools. The first projects she made when she was little were treasured works of art as well, but she has come a long way from the crayon scribbles on a sheet of paper.  Thankful for the opportunities for the kids to learn and use their creativity.

Like anything in life some projects are more fun and exciting to do! Whether you are doing tasks around the house or work some are going to use a lot creativity and be more enjoyable while other projects that are just as important will not be as much fun (laundry, washing dishes, etc).  May we always continuing learning and growing no matter what stage of life we are in whether it is doing something creative and fun or tackling the necessary life activities for that day.

Feb 15 2011

Family Celebrations: Valentine’s Day

We had a blast celebrating Valentine’s Day together as a family.  The day was so packed full of fun that I didn’t have time yesterday to post what we were up to so I am doing it today!  Here are little snip-its of our family celebrations!

Brina and Karlie's Valentine Breakfast Goodies

While Brina and Karlie were getting dressed for school we set out a little box of sweethearts and heart necklaces for them to enjoy.  They ate heart shape blueberry pancakes and saved their candy until after school.  Although they did wear their heart necklaces ALL day!

Special Valentine's Surprise on my Steering Wheel!

Jake went with the girls to pick out something special for me.  They left these little goodies on my steering wheel.  When I got into the van to drive Brina and Karlie to school I noticed my Valentine’s surprise.  They picked out a flower, kitten candy and a Valentine’s Day card.  They each wrote their names and drew me a picture.  In my card I had a heart family of four, so cute!

Valentine's Day Gifts

Daddy and the girls each received a package of “Nerf Darts” for Valentine’s Day.  Now when we have our little nerf wars we won’t be knocking each other over to get a dart, hopefully.  Karlie was so excited she hugged the package, spun around, and ran out of the room (to get her nerf gun, of course).  Brina had her nerf gun loaded first and Mom was the primary target since I was cooking and couldn’t defend myself, don’t worry I got them back!

I had a package of Starbursts so I spelled the word “Love” on the table.  The girls thought this was so neat.  They were excited that they could read the word and could barely wait for Daddy to come home so they could eat the word!

I picked up an “I Love You” balloon at Dollar Tree for $1.  The girls thought this “ape” was so adorable and managed to drag it almost everywhere they went for the rest of the night!

Brina celebrating Valentine's Day with her class!

I was able to help with the girls Valentine’s Day party.  The kids had a lot of yummy treats to celebrate the day.  Brina was so excited to have me come spend time with her in the classroom.

Karlie enjoying chips during thier Valentine Party!

Karlie ate all the non-sweet goodies first, including a yogurt and Doritos, as you can see from her orange mouth she really enjoyed the chips.  She was telling all her classmates that I was her Mom and that they should wish me “Happy Valentine’s Day”!

Homemade heart shape Valentine's Day white pie pizza!

I made homemade heart shape white pie pizza with mushrooms and olives on top for supper!  The girls thought it was funny the pizza was a heart and the slices were different shapes from “normal” pizza.  It was a fun and easy way to spread the Valentine cheer!

Minor casualty, nerf dart was shot into the oven!

I was pulling the pizza out of the oven in the middle of a nerf dart storm and this little guy didn’t survive.  It managed to hit the hot oven, when I went to pull it off the dart tore.  The girls were sad that a dart was broken but it gave me an opportunity to demonstrate why they shouldn’t be aiming in my direction while cooking!

It was a super fun day with the family.  Having children have makes the Holidays even more of a special treat, they get excited about celebrating.  I am thankful everyday for my family and the memories we create together.