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Sep 12 2016

Glacier Bay National Park (Alaska)


Our family at Glacier Bay National Park!

On our Alaska cruise we were able to visit Glacier Bay National Park.  It was BEAUTIFUL!!!  The day started out as rainy and cool, but it cleared up as we were getting closer to the glaciers.  The overcast, misty, and foggy day gave it a really neat look.  Thankful for the opportunity to visit this beautiful place.  We LOVED hearing the glaciers snap, crackle, pop, and watching them slide into the water.

The water was a gorgeous blue color with lots of ice chunks floating around into it.  The lines and colors in the glaciers were super pretty.  You could really see a lot of the dirt, rocks, and items that the glaciers brought down through the mountains and valleys with it.  It was a super fascinating experience!   We took a lot off pictures, but even the pictures don’t do it justice.  We even saw several animals while on the boat going through Glacier Bay…a bear near a camp site with campers in a tent, otters swimming in the water, and more!

We had the privilege of visiting Glacier Bay National Park on it’s 100 anniversary!  While we were cruising through Glacier Bay National Forest Rangers were giving talks and sharing information about the area.  It was a very educational and fun activity for the whole family!


 Overcast, but beautiful in Glacier Bay National Forest


Our family on the deck of the ship with a glacier in the background!

Glacier Bay National Prrk - Alaska Cruise, Family Vacation - New Holland Cruise

 Big glacier!


 The water, mountains, and beaches were pretty at Glacier Bay


 The fog made it have an even more distinct and beautiful look to it


 A private boat in Glacier Bay


You can see from the striachens on the rock where the water ran down it into the turquoise water below


 You can see the waterfalls coming down the mountains


 You can see all the rocks, dirt, and items that a recent glacier moved down this mountain.. Fascinating that ice can move that many items along with it!


 Huge glacier coming down between two mountains and into the water!


Love the beautiful colors and lines in the glacier


Water streaming down the mountain!


 Iceberg floating in the water below us


 Glacier coming around the corner of the moutnain

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My favorite people – thankful for my family!


 Massive iceberg, part of a glacier!


A little cave like area of the glacier


On the middle-right side of the picture you can see something that looks like a cloud near the water?  That is actually a part of the ice breaking off and falling into the water.  It was loud and super cool to watch!


 Freezing cold, but gorgeous to see so close!


 Brina hanging out on the deck and trying not to get too cool


 I knew the glaciers were a pretty turquoise just didn’t expect it to be so vivid and beautiful in person!


Mesmerizing watching the water splashing along beside us.  Peaceful and pretty at the same time!

Sep 03 2016

Pausing to Eat at The Glacier Brew House Restaurant (Anchorage, Alaska)


Amazing & Delicious

During our adventures while in Anchorage, Alaska we decided to stop for a few minutes to rest and grab a bite to eat.   We had been walking and sight seeing all morning so wanted to find a place where we could sit down, relax, chat, and refuel for a little bit.  There were several great restaurant options to choose from where we are currently walking, but we ended up settling on going to the Glacier Brew House  at 737 West 5th Avenue, Suite 110, Anchorage, Alaska 99501.

We arrived in a little bit after lunch so the wait was short.  It was a neat atmosphere and the staff was great.  The hostess brought us glasses of water to drink as we waited to get our table.  It had a cozy atmosphere and decor inside the restaurant.  The sound carried well inside the restaurant so at times it was hard to hear the conversation at the table, but the kids were more interested in eating at first.

They bring bread to the table that you can dip in oil and seasonings as you wait for your appetizer and main entree to arrive.  The food was delicious too.  Jake had a steak sandwich, Brina had chicken strips, Karlie had brick oven pizza, and I had the shrimp salad.  With the kids menu they serve a homemade ice cream sandwich which was HUGE and DELICIOUS!!!  We were full by the end of the meal so we ended up splitting the homemade ice cream sandwich between the 4 of us.

If you are looking for a good restaurant in Anchorage, Alaska you should try out the Glacier Brew House.  They carrier their signature beverages too if that is something that you would like to try.