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Feb 01 2020

Creative Kids: Woodworking Class

Brina made this cool piece in class

Well we have made it halfway through the 2019-2020 school year! WooHoo!!!  While there are aspects of school that can be quite exhausting there are other parts that are fun.  Brina recently brought home this neat project.  It’s cool to see everything that they are learning in their classes. She had a great time doing this at school and it turned out really well. I think it’s awesome that she is learning how to use and operate a variety of tools. The first projects she made when she was little were treasured works of art as well, but she has come a long way from the crayon scribbles on a sheet of paper.  Thankful for the opportunities for the kids to learn and use their creativity.

Like anything in life some projects are more fun and exciting to do! Whether you are doing tasks around the house or work some are going to use a lot creativity and be more enjoyable while other projects that are just as important will not be as much fun (laundry, washing dishes, etc).  May we always continuing learning and growing no matter what stage of life we are in whether it is doing something creative and fun or tackling the necessary life activities for that day.

Sep 24 2016

I Don’t Want My Children …

love this:

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Aug 06 2016

Do Not Handicap Your Children …

Heinlein Quote

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Jun 02 2016

Brina & Karlie’s 5th Grade Graduation Party & Celebration!

5th Grade Graduation Party & Celebration

Brina and Karlie with Mrs. Johnson at their Graduation Celebration Party!  Mrs. Johnson was Karlie’s homeroom teacher in 2nd Grade, taught Karlie in Gift & Talented Program from 3rd grade up, and was both girls STEM Club Coach for 2 years.  Excellent teacher!!!


Such a sweet Daddy spent a lot of time helping get ready for this big day including helping cut starfish, decorate, blow up balloons, and so much more.  Thankful to have a partner that pitches in and takes the time to celebrate with the kids!


Luau theme at the Grad Party!  The kids had a blast!


Karlie with her homeroom teacher Mr. Moore and her friend David!  Mr. Moore was an awesome teacher!


Brina hanging out with her friend at the party!

P1640622cSweet Sisters!  Thankful for these two girls!

Jun 02 2016

School: Karlie’s 5th Grade Awards! Good Job KARLIE!


Karlie’s 5th Grade Awards!

Brina and Karlie had their 5th grade Awards Ceremony on Friday, May 27, 2016.  There is something both unique and special about having twins because they challenge and encourage each other in many areas of their lives.  Thankful for the girls love of learning.  It is great seeing them grow up into amazing young ladies!

Jake and I knew the girls did really well this year, worked hard, and got decent grades, but we were still surprised at how well they did.  Thankful for all their hardwork regarding school.  It has obviously paid off and they have learned a lot throughout the year.   They did fantastic this year.  It was a tough year, but it was worth all their effort!

All there teachers were excellent and encouraged them to learn a lot while making learning fun for the students!  Their Homeroom Teachers, Gifted & Talented Teacher, Reading Teacher, and STEM Club Coaches, Library Leader, Chorus Director, Safety Patrol Leader, Beta Club Leader, the Administration Leadership Team and more  were all good about communicating with the parents which is always key in helping the kids be successful.   Thankful for all the teachers and all energy they put into our kids this school year.

We are VERY PROUD of the hard work Karlie put forward this year and the amount she was able to accomplish throughout her 5th grade year!  The girls have the biggest class in the school so it is a huge honor to get these awards.  Way to go kiddo!!!

Karlie received the following 18 Award Certificates, 13 Award Medals, 3 Award Pins, 2 Trophies, & 4 Specialty Awards:

  • 1 – Highest Math Achievement Awards (Received 1 Award Certificate & 1 Award Medal)
  • 1 – Highest Social Studies Achievement Award (Received 1 Award Certificate & 1 Award Medal)
  • 1 – Highest Reading Achievement Award (Received 1 Award Certificate & 1 Award Medal)
  • 1 – Highest Science Achievement Award (Received 1 Award Certificate & 1 Award Medal)
  • 1 – Highest Language Arts Achievement Award (Received 1 Award Certificate & 1 Award Medal)
  • 1 – “A” Honor Roll Award (Received 1 Award Certificate & 1 Award Medal)
  • 1 – Jet Toy Challenge Competition Award (Received 1 Award Certificate & 1 Award Medal – Brina’s Team went to Regional Competition)
  • 1 – 5th Grade Elementary School Diploma (It’s official that she has graduated up to 6th grade – Middle School. Received 1 Award Certificate, 1 Award Medal, & 1 Stuffed Bear)
  • 1 – Helping Hands & Beta Club Award (Received 1 Award Certificate & 1 Award Medal – for doing Community Service Projects throughout the school year)
  • 1 – Chorus Award (Received 1 Award Certificate & 1 Award Medal – participated in Community Chorus Events & Activities throughout the year)
  • 1 – Academic Excellence Award (Received 1 Award Certificate & 1 Award Medal)
  • 1 – Library Assistant & Book Worm Award (Received 1 Award Certificate & 1 Adorable Book Worm)
  • 1 – President’s Education Awards for Outstanding Academic Excellence (Received 1 Award Certificate & 1 Award Pin)
  • 1 – Safety Patrol Award (Received 1 Award Certificate & 1 Award Pin)
  • 1 – 1st Place Accelerated Reading Award & Trophy (Received 1 Award Certificate, 1 Award Medal, & 1 Trophy – Karlie broke her schools record in highest AR Points!!!)
  • 1 – Children’s Book Award (Received 1 Award Certificate & 1 Award Medal)
  • 1 – STEM Club Award (STEM Club Team – went to state) (Received 1 Award Certificate, 1 Award Pin, & STEM Organizer for next school year)
  • 1 – Gift & Talented “GT” Gift Award (Received a Karlie’s Characteristic Gift Award from GT Teacher and Classmates
  • 1 – All A’s All Years in Elementary School Award (Received 1 Award Certificate & 1 Trophy)

Karlie and Brina together received  34 Award Certificates + 25 Award Medals + 6 Award Pins + 3 Trophies + 1 Cash Prize + 7 Specialty Awards at their 5th Grade Awards Ceremony!

Love these girls! XOXO