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Feb 01 2020

Creative Kids: Woodworking Class

Brina made this cool piece in class

Well we have made it halfway through the 2019-2020 school year! WooHoo!!!  While there are aspects of school that can be quite exhausting there are other parts that are fun.  Brina recently brought home this neat project.  It’s cool to see everything that they are learning in their classes. She had a great time doing this at school and it turned out really well. I think it’s awesome that she is learning how to use and operate a variety of tools. The first projects she made when she was little were treasured works of art as well, but she has come a long way from the crayon scribbles on a sheet of paper.  Thankful for the opportunities for the kids to learn and use their creativity.

Like anything in life some projects are more fun and exciting to do! Whether you are doing tasks around the house or work some are going to use a lot creativity and be more enjoyable while other projects that are just as important will not be as much fun (laundry, washing dishes, etc).  May we always continuing learning and growing no matter what stage of life we are in whether it is doing something creative and fun or tackling the necessary life activities for that day.

Jul 25 2019

Wild Animal Adventures (Stanton, MO)

The 2 tigers were together in the pen, we got to see them interact, swim, play, and relax.

After the girls got out of Cub Creek camp in Missouri we went visited Wild Animal Adventures.  It is outside of St. Louis in Stanton, Missouri.  It was a smaller establishment, but the animals were well cared for.  We went at busy time and their parking lot was full (they had a trailer blocking part of the parking lot which made it a little inconvenient) but after a few minutes we got a spot.

They have an indoor section with aquariums, touch tanks, birds, reptiles and more.  Outside the have both farm and wild animals in different sections.  The workers seemed to enjoy being there, interacted well with the animals and were happy to share stories about the animals.

Our girls did two extra interactions, playing with the foxes and the dingos. The dingos also known as “singing dogs” were tired so they were laying down and let the kids pet them. I was hoping to hear them “sing” but they were not into that while we were there. The workers allowed 4 people in at one time with the dingos.  For the foxes they gave the kids “treats” aka cat food to feed to the foxes.  Our two girls were the only ones other than the worker in the pen with the foxes.  The foxes loved munching on the treats and were more energetic.  The website lists the extra activities with a price range, however, at least one of the activities was more than their list price. They need to update their website if they are not still charging those rates.

Overall it was a fun stop for our family.  The animals were fairly active and the employees were nice. If you are driving through the area it is a nice place to stop especially if you  have kids that enjoy animals. We have included a sprinkling of photos from our trip to Wild Animal Adventures.

The llama had some personality.

Gorgeous colors

The kids were not interested in the pretty flowers, but I enjoyed them!

Their 3 legged white fox. He can still move quickly and nibbled up treats from the girls.

This one liked to interact and have conversations with you!

The llama was more interested in you if you had food!

Glad this one was in a cage and behind a window.

Beautiful white tiger!

Wild Animal Adventures

May 28 2015

Fun Around Town: Safari Bus Ride & Beautiful Peacocks at Hollywild Animal Park (Wellford, SC)


Heading out on the Safari Ride at Hollywild

The kids loved the Safari Bus Ride at Hollywild Animal Park.  They had a grand time feeding and petting the animals that walked up to the bus.  It was neat to see a variety of animals on the trip.

We have come to Hollywild for their Holiday Lights Safari Benefit as well as a couple times when they were younger.  Once we were there for a party with friends which was a lot of fun.  It was neat watching the kids and animals interact on the Safari.

In previous visits I don’t remember seeing so many peacocks.  They seemed to be everywhere (or maybe we just had the same ones following us around).  They were beautiful!  The males had their feathers all spiked up and shaking to get the attention of the pretty female peacocks or to shoo away any person or animal that got too close.  I have never seen peacocks up their feathers so much.  It was fascinating to watch them.  The male peacock is the one that has all the bold beautiful colors with a long tail feathers.  The female peacock has a lot of similar colors, but not as vibrant and shorter tail.

For more information about our adventure at Hollywild you can check out our post:


These were the only guys you couldn’t feed by hand from the Safari Bus because they have sharp beaks, but you could toss them some treats.  They were the first ones to great us on the tour.


Animals on the hill grazing peacefully.


Someone’s not afraid to get right up close to the Safari Bus!


Karlie getting her treat ready for the animals.


She enjoyed feeding the animals.


Hand feeding deer, so much fun!


Brina tried to feed as many as she could.


Look at that tongue!


Brina wanted to pet every one that came by our side of the Safari Bus.


So soft…Brina loved the hair of this one.


Petting the buffalo now

Fun Around Town - Hollwild Animal Park (SC) P1140828c

We couldn’t take a picture of our Safari Bus on the ride, but here’s the other bus that went at the same time we did.


The deer was alert and looking for more treats!


“Tank” enjoying the shade

Tank the Rhinoceros was featured in the following:

  • Commercials – Blue Cross / Blue Shield
  • National Ad Campaign – Land Rover
  • National TV Commercial – ZICAM
  • Tank is the only working rhinoceros in the United States


Is that a unicorn!?


Not a unicorn just missing one of his antlers.


Cooling off in the pond!


Love this picture of the peacock perched on the fence. So beautiful!


I don’t know if this one was guarding a nest or what because I didn’t see any other peacock around, but he was intent on making sure everyone knew he was there.


Putting down his long feathers.  I was surprised how much noise the peacock made with its feathers.  It was noisy when he put them up or down as well as when he was shaking them.  Very interesting to watch and hear it.


Brina taking a walk with the peacock.


I have a peacock friend nearby.  He is curious, yet cautious.


Showing off his big beautiful feathers!


Trying to get the attention of the female peacock in front of him.  It was neat to see what his feathers looked like from the side angle.


Still attempting to get the lady peacock to notice him.


Spinning around, it was interesting seeing what the backside of a peacock looks like when it’s feathers are up.


Female peacock walking around us.

Hollywild Animal Park Coupon Discount (Free Child’s Admission):

  • Print off the coupon for Free Child’s Admission with purchase of an Adult Admission and bring it to the park with youLimit one per family. $8 Value. This coupon is valid during our Park Season which is open Weekends in March, Daily April through Labor Day, and Weekends from Labor Day through the end of October. Please visit our website for seasonal hours prior to your visit. Coupon not valid during our Holiday Lights Safari Benefit.  Expires: 10/24/2015.

A special thanks to U.S. Family Guide and Hollywild Animal Park for offering a special discount to our readers.  Any specific product information was provided by Hollywild Animal Park and U.S. Family Guide, however, the opinions expressed in this post are our own.  We did receive tickets so our family could visit and share our experience.

May 28 2015

Fun Around Town: Hollywild Animal Park (Wellford, SC)


 Our family visiting Hollywild Animal Park

Recently our family made a trip across town to visit Hollywild Animal Park in Wellford, South Carolina.  We already had a couple events earlier that day on that side of town so we just drove a little further and spent the afternoon having fun at Hollywild Animal Park.  It was a beautiful day and it was great seeing as well as interacting with the animals.

Even though our girls are twins they have very different interests, however, they both share a interest in anything pertaining to animals.  They love animals so this trip was a lot of fun for them.  All the animals seemed very active which was fascinating to watch that day too.  You could tell they were enjoying the Spring sunshine.  The newborn baby animals were very adorable!

The only problem we had is between my husband and I we took a lot of pictures so it was hard to narrow down some of our favorites.  We consolidated, but will probably highlight Hollywild in a couple posts in order to give you a full view our trip to this fun place.

If you live in the Greenville area you should check out this Hollywild Animal Park if you haven’t already especially if you have kids who enjoy being around animals.  There a good variety of animals and you have opportunities for more interaction with the animals as well.  It’s a great family event to do together.  Not to mention it is educational for the kids.

After spending an afternoon at Hollywild the girls first comments were – “Wow, that was a lot of fun!”  and  “I wished we lived closer so we could go more often!”  The kids give it a big thumbs up!

Here are some of the pictures from the animals we met while at Hollywild Animal Park:


 The Canadian Geese were very friendly.  This one decided to pose for me.


 Brina talking with the bird.  She loves all creatures!


 Karlie found a rock to perch upon.


 On the run….Karlie doesn’t want to get left behind!


Jake and his girls by the pond.  Right behind them in the water you could see all kinds of turtles (including Red Eared Sliders like we have at home) and fish swimming around.


 Beautiful cluster of ducks, the girls tried to get them to say AFLAC (guess that’s one commercial they remember, ha).


Karlie had to stop and pet the pony!


Having fun with my girls!


This little donkey was hoping we had some yummy treats still to share.


Brina soaking it all in.  She wanted to make sure we didn’t miss any of the animals!


This Baboon was talking up a storm.


 He really wanted something on the outside of the cage.  We watched as he grabbed a stick to try and bring the item closer to him so he could grab it with his hand.  He was very determined to get it!


 Brina petting the pigs.


 Beautiful iris flowers that caught my attention when I turned to walk to the next animal exhibit.  Makes me think of my Grandma and Jake’s Grandpa.


Someone’s got a tasty treat and digging in!  It was fascinating to watch him eat.


Looks like a sharp set of teeth in its mouth!


Intently watching the other one eat.


 Pretty bear!


 This one is getting a little closer!


 Brina loved petting this super soft dog named Andorra!


Andorra was enjoying a good petting and laid down so Brina could continue!


Up on his rock jungle gym.  The girls think we need to build a climbing rock structure for our goats too.  I have a feeling the goats wouldn’t be the only ones climbing around on it though.


A little one….so cute watching him run after his Mom on long wobbly legs.


The camel watching us approach!

The camels were featured in the following:

  • Christmas Play – Evangel Cathedral
  • Myrle Beach Christmas Production – Dixie Stampede
  • Living Christmas Tree – Jerry Fallwell Ministries


More content watching the kids.


This picture makes me smile…


Beautiful  Leopard Appaloosa was featured in the following:

  • Movie – The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking
  • Many live appearances and promotional events


So pretty! I think it is hoping for a treat!


We had a great time at Hollywild Animal Park!

Hollywild Animal Park Coupon Discount (Free Child’s Admission):

  • Print off the coupon for Free Child’s Admission with purchase of an Adult Admission and bring it to the park with youLimit one per family. $8 Value. This coupon is valid during our Park Season which is open Weekends in March, Daily April through Labor Day, and Weekends from Labor Day through the end of October. Please visit our website for seasonal hours prior to your visit. Coupon not valid during our Holiday Lights Safari Benefit.  Expires: 10/24/2015.

A special thanks to U.S. Family Guide and Hollywild Animal Park for offering a special discount to our readers.  Any specific product information was provided by Hollywild Animal Park and U.S. Family Guide, however, the opinions expressed in this post are our own.  We did receive tickets so our family could visit and share our experience.

Oct 07 2014

Charleston: Historic Edmonston-Alston House


Ready to tour the Historic Edmonston-Alston House in Charleston!

The next historic house we toured in Charleston was the Edmonston-Alston House.  We arrived a few minutes before the house opened so we were able to grab a picture and relax a few minutes.  On the side porch they have a place for you to sit, get a refreshing glass of water, and relax.  We enjoyed a few minutes of relaxing and chatting before heading into the house.  We were not allowed to take pictures in this house either so most of what you are pictures the exterior or porch.

We have passed the Edmonston-Alston House many times on the way to the Battery Park.  It is only a short walk away from Battery Park and overlooks the Charleston Harbor.  Several notable historical figures were present in this house.  It was on the balcony (or piazza as they call it in Charleston) of the Edmonston-Alston House that General P.T. Beauregard saw the bombardment of Fort Sumter at the beginning of the Civil War.  General Robert E. Lee used the Edmonston-Alston as a safe haven from Charleston’s 1861 fire.

The house was built by Charles Edmonston who was a shipping merchant, however, due to economic hardship in the mid 1800’s Charles Edmonston sold his house to Charles Alston.  Charles Alston was a predominant rice planter.  It was Alston who added the balcony on the third level of the house and his family’s coat of arms on the balcony along the roof.  The house has been through many historical events in Charleston from the Civil War, Charleston Fire in 1861, Earthquake in 1886, Hurricanes, and more.

An heir from the Alston family still lives in the upper level of the house, but generously allows visitors to take tours.  A lot of the furniture, silver, and other items in the house are actual the Alston family heirlooms which make this house more unique.  It was really neat to see items that have been preserved and kept within the family for over 150 years.   The Middleton Place Plantation actually manages the Edmonston-Alston House and if you are looking for a neat place to stay in Charleston you can stay at the Edmonston-Alston Bed and Breakfast.


The lady who led the tour for the Edmonston-Alston House was our favorite.  She was very personable, was excited to see the kids, made the tour interesting, and great learning experience for all of us.  She die an interactive scavenger hunt with the girls throughout the house and they got a little prize at the end too.  The girls got to experience the joggling board for the first time at the Edmonston-Alston House.  We have seen several, but they had never sat on one.  They loved it!  Such a fun experience!

The joggling board was first found during the Antebellum period in the South.  It is a long board that is supported on each end by wooden stands that can rock back and forth.  The board is springy and the people sitting on it can bounce up and down as well as rock back and forth on it.  There are a couple stories behind the purpose of the joggling board.

One theory –  it was developed because C. Kinloch’s sister, Benjamin Kinloch Huger, had rheumatism which made it impossible for her to go for horse and carriage rides.  The joggling board was put outside on the porch for fresh air and exercise.  It mimicked the motion of riding a horse or in a carriage.  Soon the joggling board became a staple piece on many porches in the Lowcountry and was a great way to relax while sitting outside.

Another theory – was that the joggling boards were created as “courting benches” for young couples.   Per the legend if you sit on a joggling board with a young suitor you were considered engaged.  The man would start on one end of the joggling board and the women on the other side.  As the couple joggled they would slowly move to the center of the joggling board.  Once the young couple was in the middle of the joggling board they could briefly sit together and have a conversation.

I have heard the second theory several times, but the first one made more sense.  You hear stories of the lady of the house or one of the maids rocking babies on the joggling board before putting them to bed too.  The girls were ready to get one for our porch they thought it was so much fun.


Charleston’s Historic Edmonston-Alston House at 21 East Battery!