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Jul 22 2019

TrackRock Stable (Blairsville, GA)

We specifically picked Trackrock Campground as one of the places to stay so we could go to their stables.  Our girls love horses.  When we booked our campsite we also booked a 2 hour trail ride. They have about 65 horses on the ranch, 45 are owned by Trackrock and the other 20 are ones that people are boarding at their location.

The horses each had their own individual personalities. The trail was a little tight and steep in some places (bushes would brush up against you) and my horse, Tango, enjoyed bouncing from tree to tree.  They had a lot of different trails you could ride on depending on the weather and wildlife in the area. There were bear tracks on one section of the trail and our horses were a little skittish in that area so we took another path.

We had 9 guests and 2 guides on our trail ride. We walked, trotted, and cantered with our horses. The trail went through the woods, meadows, streams and more. It was a hot day, but the majority of the ride was in the shade. At one point it started raining, however, it didn’t last very long so we didn’t get too wet.  The horses were well trained yet had a lot of spunk.  Thankful for the opportunity to go for our ride at Trackrock Stables.  The kids LOVED it!

Karlie riding Chef

Jake on Carlos and Brina on Felipe

Enjoying the trail ride!

Our crew in one of the meadows.

Are we having fun yet!?

Trackrock Stables

Jul 19 2016

Counting My Blessings: Week In Review

It was a fun week with my family.  While Jake and I were working this week the girls were busy on the farm at Horse Camp.  They were riding horses in the mornings, had a picnic lunch, helped with animal chores, and did a Bible Study at camp.  It was a busy and tiring day for them, but they loved it and several times I think they would have preferred to stay at camp instead of coming home.  They were able to experience a wide variety of tasks – trimming goat hooves, playing with soft baby lambs, washing horses & goats, hunting for chickens eggs, and more good activities.  They had a blast and loved it!

I want to be accountable to you so the following are snip-its of some of the things I am thankful for this past week.

Counting My Blessings – Week In Review:

Monday –Thankful that the kids have the opportunity to go to Horse / Farm / Bible Study camp while Jake and I were working.  They loved it!  Also, it is conveniently located only a few minutes away from my work which is a great bonus too!

Tuesday – Thankful for Jake and his thoughtfulness.  He went out of his way to stop by the store and pick up some items as a surprise for me.  I had been missing an ingredient in my smoothie drink this week (he picked up the chocolate flavor for me as a surprise), he got a couple non-dairy Mac-N-Cheese mixes for Brina, and bath salts to help me loosen up and relax a little bit more.  Love it when he surprises me with special items that are perfect for that day, moment, or time.  I am richly blessed to have him as my partner.  Love this man dearly more and more all the time!!!  XOXOXO

Wednesday – Thankful for my acupuncture doctor.  My back and shoulder were really tender and they made time to see me today which was a huge help in loosening me back up.

Thursday – Thankful for my work and that they are willing to allow me to work around the girls camp schedule.  The kids have been coming into work with me in the morning, I have been stopping to take them to camp and returning to work until they are out of camp.  They have been a big help in getting little tasks done for me at work too.

Friday – Thankful for an opportunity to get some errands run and chores done at home so we can head into the weekend a little more prepared and ready.

Saturday – Thankful for my weekend with family.  We had a lot to get done with everything going on and a busy week ahead, but we worked together, had fun, and was able to get some items done that needed attention.

Sunday – Thankful our church, the message, and a place where our girls can learn and grow with other kids their age.

What are you thankful for today?  I encourage you to take the time to write down a few blessings that you have in your life today.  It will help cheer you up and turn your focus on the amazing blessings you encounter each day.

Jul 28 2014

On the Farm: Irrigating the Corn & a Horse Ride at Sunset


Karlie was impressed with the height of the corn in the field!

The girls always enjoy coming to Kansas to visit our family.  Thankful for opportunities to spend time with their grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, great grandparents, and more extended family!  They look forward to their time spent and adventures while in Kansas.


 Brina making sure Midnight had company after finishing her stretch of irrigation pipes.


 Karlie using a wrench to start the water in a new corn row.


 Counting the rows so she can make sure to water the right ones.


 Checking out the fields and walking across the irrigation bridge.


 They are fascinated by all the neat stuff Grandpa Russell does on the farm!


 Of course,  Grandma and Grandpa’s animals are always a big highlight for them too.  Going for a carriage and horse ride at sunset!


A fun ride as the sun sets!  My camera was having a hard time with the lighting and all the animal movement.


A beautiful sunset to end a fun day in Kansas!

Jun 25 2014

Welcome Ranch Horse Camp


What a great week of fun and learning at Welcome Ranch!  Thanks Ms. Lisa!

 The girls were able to do a week of Horse Camp this summer at Welcome Ranch!  They always enjoyed getting there a few minutes early to say “hi” to all the farm animals on Ms. Lisa’s farm before camp started.  Both girls love horses and animals so camp is always an activity they look forward to during the summer.

Welcome Ranch Horse Camp and East Coast Road Trip

Brina on the move around the ring!


Ready to ride?  Karlie all smiles while Brina holds one of the cats at the ranch!


Karlie all decked out waiting for her turn to ride.  Ms. Lisa always has some special surprise or something different to do each day in addition to taking care of the horses and riding lessons.


Brina leading the horse back to the barn!


Finger painting their names and designs onto Reno, who was being a good sport standing still with all the kids around him!


I didn’t get a picture of all their finger painted drawings, but I did get a shot of their names!

Jun 14 2014

Family Fun at Welcome Ranch!


Brina and Aunt Mirm swinging at Welcome Ranch

We had the opportunity to spend an entire day with Jake’s sister Miriam and her family.  It was a fun day full of games, fun, good food, and we ended with a trip out to Welcome Ranch.  At Welcome Ranch we got to see a variety of farm animals, ride horses, go on a huge Radio Flyer Red Wagon, and have a pizza picnic at the ranch.  After all the fun at the ranch we wrapped it up with delicious ice cream at Bruster’s.  Thankful for some fun with extended family over the summer vacation.


They had a baby goat names Eloise who was quite entertaining to watch.


 All the girls are ready to ride!


 Noah taking a turn on the horse.


 Karlie loving it!


 Uncle Paul was hilarious!


Sweet Nadia had a blast and wasn’t even scared riding the big horse!


 Jake having fun!


 Noelle’s turn for a ride!


 Aunt Mirm all smiles!


The kids in front of the giant red Radio Flyer wagon!  Awesome!


Our families at Welcome Ranch!  Grateful for some fun time together this summer!