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Sep 12 2016

Glacier Bay National Park (Alaska)


Our family at Glacier Bay National Park!

On our Alaska cruise we were able to visit Glacier Bay National Park.  It was BEAUTIFUL!!!  The day started out as rainy and cool, but it cleared up as we were getting closer to the glaciers.  The overcast, misty, and foggy day gave it a really neat look.  Thankful for the opportunity to visit this beautiful place.  We LOVED hearing the glaciers snap, crackle, pop, and watching them slide into the water.

The water was a gorgeous blue color with lots of ice chunks floating around into it.  The lines and colors in the glaciers were super pretty.  You could really see a lot of the dirt, rocks, and items that the glaciers brought down through the mountains and valleys with it.  It was a super fascinating experience!   We took a lot off pictures, but even the pictures don’t do it justice.  We even saw several animals while on the boat going through Glacier Bay…a bear near a camp site with campers in a tent, otters swimming in the water, and more!

We had the privilege of visiting Glacier Bay National Park on it’s 100 anniversary!  While we were cruising through Glacier Bay National Forest Rangers were giving talks and sharing information about the area.  It was a very educational and fun activity for the whole family!


 Overcast, but beautiful in Glacier Bay National Forest


Our family on the deck of the ship with a glacier in the background!

Glacier Bay National Prrk - Alaska Cruise, Family Vacation - New Holland Cruise

 Big glacier!


 The water, mountains, and beaches were pretty at Glacier Bay


 The fog made it have an even more distinct and beautiful look to it


 A private boat in Glacier Bay


You can see from the striachens on the rock where the water ran down it into the turquoise water below


 You can see the waterfalls coming down the mountains


 You can see all the rocks, dirt, and items that a recent glacier moved down this mountain.. Fascinating that ice can move that many items along with it!


 Huge glacier coming down between two mountains and into the water!


Love the beautiful colors and lines in the glacier


Water streaming down the mountain!


 Iceberg floating in the water below us


 Glacier coming around the corner of the moutnain

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My favorite people – thankful for my family!


 Massive iceberg, part of a glacier!


A little cave like area of the glacier


On the middle-right side of the picture you can see something that looks like a cloud near the water?  That is actually a part of the ice breaking off and falling into the water.  It was loud and super cool to watch!


 Freezing cold, but gorgeous to see so close!


 Brina hanging out on the deck and trying not to get too cool


 I knew the glaciers were a pretty turquoise just didn’t expect it to be so vivid and beautiful in person!


Mesmerizing watching the water splashing along beside us.  Peaceful and pretty at the same time!

Mar 12 2015

Hiking & Tracking Animals in the Snow


Hiking through the woods

Most kids love to go sledding, building a snowman, make snow angels, and more crazy stuff in the snow.  One of the first things our kids want to do is take a hike in the woods.  They love going through the woods, checking out the stream, and looking for various animal tracks in the snow.  We saw a lot of animal tracks and most of them I knew what they were there was only one set that had me stumped….still haven’t quite figured it out even after looking up pictures.


One of our favorite stops by the stream.  Always gurgling down hill even on the snowy days.


Lots of deer tracks going through the woods after the snow and ice stopped.


Karlie looking for animal tracks.


Karlie loves being outside.


Brina brought the sled and was sledding down hills on our hike.  She managed to go around most trees.


Little tracks….


This was the one that perplexed me, it was as big as my hand and had 5 claws (or toes).


Lots of little bird tracks.


Skipper goes swimming in the creek even when its icy cold and snowing!


Little bird…


Cat paw prints.


Hanging out in the woods.


Talking, walking, and having fun in the woods.


Karlie loves getting out of school for snow days!

Mar 11 2015

Everything Beautifully Covered in Icicles


All the trees coated in ice!

The past couple of weeks have been busy with changes in schedules due to the weather.  Our first big storm started as sleet went to snow and ended in more sleet.  The result was everything covered in a sheet of ice.

The kids that it was great they got out of school.  They didn’t care that it was cold or slick they loved playing outside in it!   It was nice having some extra fun time with the kids.  With all the fun we have been having it has taken me awhile to catch up on the things around the house and get the blog pictures posted.  Hopefully, I will have you all updated on our snow and ice activities within the next couple of days! 🙂


Brina volunteering to take out our mail.  So happy to have a “snow / ice” day from school!


Skipper loves snow days as much as the kids.  She loves playing outside with them!


Brina sledding.  The ice on top of the snow actually made the sledding a lot of fun for the kids.


Karlie getting ready to go down too!


Karlie sledding.  It’s amazing how well the sled worked even going through the leaves!


Icicles on the back porch.


Icicles on the jungle gym.


My old planter is covered with ice!


Our poor trees….they looked so sad!  They were not as happy about having the weight of ice on them.


Icy branches!