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Aug 22 2016

Tuna & Spinach Salad Made with Love

My delicious Tuna & Spinach Salad made by Karlie

A few days ago Karlie was in charge of making the family meal.  She made a super delicious meal.  For my meal she put together a Tuna, Spinach & Tomato Salad.  When I sat down for dinner this beauty greeted me.

I love how she displayed the tomatoes around the edges of the salad and the 1 spinach leaf on the top of the tuna fish salad mix she put together on her own.  It was amazing!  Thankful for a thoughtful and sweet kid who made a delicious and healthy meal.

She made tuna fish sandwiches for the rest of the family, which based on their reactions turned out really tasty as well.  Thanks Karlie for a great meal!  Love you kiddos!

Jul 20 2015

Recipes: Octopus Spaghetti

Recipes - Octupus Spaghetti Noodle - P1480757c

One of the Octopus Spaghetti pieces

Our family enjoys having fun in the kitchen.  We have done this recipe a few times especially when the kids are a little younger.  It was one of those days when we had spaghetti on the menu, but instead I decided to alter it to make it more fun for the kids.  The normal spaghetti and meatballs for dinner turned into Octopus Spaghetti which included hotdogs instead of meatballs.

It really is easy.  While the noodles were still hard I stuck them through pieces of hotdogs.  The hotdogs cooked while the spaghetti noodles were boiling.  I added a little bit of spaghetti sauce, a side dish or two (garlic bread and / or a fresh salad are good ones) and dinner is ready.  The kids love it and enjoy helping with this recipe too.

Octopus Spaghetti Recipe:

  • 1 package Hotdogs
  • 40 Spaghetti Noodles
  • 1 jar Spaghetti Marina Sauce (store bought or homemade)

Place a pot of water on the stove and begin heating it up until boiling.   While you are waiting for your water to boil cut each of the 10 hotdogs into 4 equal pieces.  Put 4 dry spaghetti noodles through each piece of hotdog (this allows you to have 4 octopus arms on each side of the hotdog, therefore giving you 8 octopus arms total).  It may take a couple extra spaghetti noodles because you may break a couple when poking them through the hotdogs.  Once the water is boiling place the hotdogs and noodles into your pot and boil until noodles are thoroughly cooked.

While the hotdogs and noodles are cooking place your spaghetti sauce into a smaller sauce pan and heat until it is hot.  Place the hotdogs and noodles on your plate first and put the spaghetti sauce on top.

Our kids think the hotdogs and noodles tastes good even without the spaghetti sauce.  You can do it either way.  It is a fun meal, especially for the kids.


A pile of Octopus Spaghetti on that plate.


Spaghetti marina sauce added on top of the Octopus Spaghetti

Feb 19 2015

Kids in the Kitchen: Cupcake Pops on a Stick


Blue Raspberry Cupcake Pop anyone?

The kids were baking up a storm in the kitchen the other day.  They put together these delicious blue raspberry cupcake pops.  Thankfully for kids who enjoy spending time in the kitchen cooking.  Now if I could get them to spend more time cleaning up their cooking messes.  They do clean up some, it’s just not always a thorough, but they are getting better!


Some of the delicious cupcake pops they made!


The sprinkles had a blue raspberry flavor which made these extra tasty!

Feb 11 2015

Kids in the Kitchen: Mini Doughnuts

Mini Donuts, Cake Balls, Firecrackers, New Year, New Year's Eve, New Year Firecrackers

Mini Doughnuts!

The kids love spending time in the kitchen.  They have put together some great treats.  Thankful for kids who love to cook.  They used the doughnut recipe on the mini doughnut container.  The doughnuts were good, but they were a little heavier than what we were used to so we will probably look for a different recipe to try out.  They did these all by themselves.  The kids decorated them beautifully.

Jan 28 2015

Kids in the Kitchen: Winter Rice Krispy Treats

Rice Krispy Treats

The girls made these super cute rice krispie treats.    They made and decorated these special treats to share with friends.  Thankful for kids who love to spend time in the kitchen.  It is great seeing their creative juices flowing!