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Jul 20 2019

TrackRock Campground (Blairsville, GA)

Our family recently had a weekend trip to the TrackRock Campgrounds in Blairsville, Georgia. We left on Friday afternoon and stayed until Sunday.  The campground was very nice and well maintained.  We arrived after the office closed but they had our name posted with our campsite on the bulletin board.

There was a mix of retired couples and families as well as RVs and tents at the campgrounds. The campsites had enough space and trees around them to give everyone some privacy.  We stayed in campsite #10 which had full hookups (water, electricity and sewer) and as a bonus wild blueberries!  They were not quite ripe yet, but there were other berries around the property and a blueberry bucket in the office so they are pretty common.

They have a lake you can fish or swim in, a couple playgrounds, hiking trails, and more.  TrackRock has their own stables were you can either board your own horse or go for a ride on one of theirs.  They have a variety of horse trails.

Lake with the mountains in the background.

Barn with old farm equipment around it.

My favorite peeps!

Trackrock Campgrounds, Cabins & Stables

Aug 31 2016

Work & Family Event at Lake Keowee

WJC&B Work and Family Event at Lake Keowee

Karlie and Brina with their friend kayaking on Lake Keowee

This past weekend we had the opportunity to enjoy a Lake event with Bridgette’s co-workers at Lake Keowee!  We had a blast!  A huge thanks to Jeff and Sonya for their hospitality.  They graciously shared their home, boat, kayaks, paddle board, life jackets, floats, and many other fun items with everyone.  The girls had a grand time kayaking, paddle boarding, tubing, and splashing around off the dock!

Thankful for an opportunity to relax and have fun with people at work.  It was a great opportunity for Jake and the girls to meet some of the people I work alongside day to day.  The weather was gorgeous, food was delicious, and the company was great too.  Grateful for a chance to hang out at the Lake for a day – perfect way to spend a Saturday!  The kids slept well that night after a fun day at the Lake Keowee with their friends!!!


The kids had a blast at Lake Keowee


Karlie enjoying the paddle board


Karlie and friends going for a ride on the tube!


Their expressions crack me up!


Go Faster!!!


Brina and friends going for a spin on the tube!


Cruising along!


Look out for that wake!


Karlie ready to get back in the water!


Beautiful day and gorgeous view of the lake from the house

Sep 27 2014

Travel & Vacation: Picnic and Hike Around Lily Lake


Karlie and Brina hanging out at Lake Lily

We head up to Lake Lily to have a picnic, walk around the Lily Lake Loop, and enjoy the scenery.  It was a beautiful day.  A little colder than we are used to in South Carolina.  We had a wonderful day with family!


Dad trying one of Renelle’s Wasabi Seaweed Strips!  Spicy, crispy, and delicious!


Fun at Lake Lily!


Renelle brought these super cool hippo treats.  The outside was a crunchy cookie dipped in white chocolate and chips of chocolate.  The inside was a creamy chocolate.


Pausing for a picture with Grandma Penny and Aunt Mary Ann on our hike around Lake Lily.


Karlie wanted a picture with these cool fallen tree by the lake!


The Rocky Mountains scenery is beautiful!


Having fun in the Rocky Mountains!


Grandpa Russell by Lake Lily!


Gorgeous mountains around Lake Lily!


Soaking in the scenery around the lake.


Karlie all smiles on the hike around the lake.


Grandpa Russell on a stroll at Lake Lily!


Love spending time with my girls exploring.


Karlie loves being outside!

Jul 28 2014

Travel & Vacation: Kansas Family Reunion

Family Reunion Milford Lake Kansas Irrigation

Our family at Lake Milford this summer!

All my immediate family members were able to come to Lake Milford this summer for a long weekend together.  We had a blast!  We went swimming, boating, skiing, kneeboarding, tubing, played games, celebrated birthdays, ate great food, laughed, and had a wonderful time making some new memories together.  Even our family’s soon-to-be newest member was able to join us for the weekend.  My youngest brother Josh will be getting married later this year and his fiance Megan (who we have known for many years) was a part of the fun family weekend!  Grateful for a weekend to catch up and have fun!


My parents, siblings, spouses, and kids!


We are a wild crew at times, drive each other nuts occasionally, but all-in-all we know how to have a good time together!  Yes, I am blessed to call this crazy bunch my family!


Relaxing for a few minutes at Cracker Barrel.


Rocking and playing checkers!

Jul 27 2014

Travel & Vacation: The Grown Up Kids Having Fun Paddleboarding


Megan and Josh did really well on the paddleboard!

The lake was perfect for paddleboarding.  Not only did the kids have fun trying out their talents on the paddleboard, but the adults had a blast too.  It was great seeing everyone get up and zip (yes some faster than others) across the lake on the paddleboard.  Thankful for some time of fun, laughter, and the chance to try a new activity with family!


Amber showing off her paddleboarding skills!


Who says the kids have all the fun!  I think the adults had just as much fun on the paddleboard!  At least Amber did!


Jake taking Brina with him on the paddleboard.


Megan and Josh gliding around the lake on the paddleboard.


Dad heading out to the middle of the lake on the paddleboard.


Keeping it steady.


Becky taking off!


Becky and Nicko on the paddleboard.


Lee was up and going in no time!


Nicko going for a ride with his Dad!


Dad teasing Jeremy before take off!


Jeremy paddleboarding on Lake Milford.


Uncle Lee and the kids!


Looking a little crazy!


Nathan and Grandma Penny


Grandpa Russell and Nathan


Lee and Becky going for a ride across the lake.


Nathan taking his Mom on the paddleboard.


Fun times at the lake.


Jake started out kneeling….


Once he was out a little ways he decided to stand up….


And he was successful!  Jake cruising around Milford Lake on the paddleboard.