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Sep 17 2015

Organized Chaos: Medicine Cabinet


Medicine Cabinet

The medicine cabinet is in the kitchen.  The items that don’t fit in the medicine and first aid tackle box are placed on the bottom shelf in baskets to keep everything organized.  The cabinet is high enough that the little kids cannot reach it, but is accessible for adults.  We have been using this method for awhile now and it works really well for our family.

There are 3 different Medicine baskets on the bottom shelf (from left to right):

  1. Miscellaneous
  2. Fever & Miscellaneous
  3. Cold & Allergy


Medicine organized in baskets on the bottom shelf

Sep 10 2015

Organized Chaos: Medicine & First Aid Tackle Box


 Our Medicine & First Aid Tackle Box

I like tackle boxes, but probably not for the same reason as most people.  Some people like them to store their fishing supplies, I like them because they make great storage containers.  We have had this medicine and first aid tackle box for many years.  It has worked very well in storing basic medicine and first aid items.  The medicine and first aid tackle box is stored in our medicine cabinet in the kitchen.  It is within easy reach if you need something, yet not at a level young children can get access to it.

The top of our medicine and first aid tackle box contains items we only use once in awhile like wrapping, bigger bandaids, poison control items, burn gel, spare thermometers, and a few more items.  The 3 containers with the white stickers is the section we access the most often which we go into further details about what they contain below.   The front right side of the tackle box contains our thermometer and an otoscope (we had kids with a lot of ear infections and this tool has been a huge help for our family).  If you have a kid that gets frequent ear infections an otoscope is well worth the investment!


Items in our Head & Stomach Medicine Container:

  • Tylenol 8 Hour
  • Excedrin Tension Headache
  • Naproxin
  • Tylenol Extra Strength
  • Excedrin Migraine
  • Ibuprofin
  • Children’s Tylenol
  • Children’s Ibuprofin
  • Gas X
  • Anti-Diarrhea
  • Draminine
  • Tums


 Items in our First Aid Container:

  • Eye Drops
  • Antibacterial Cream
  • Drawing Sauve
  • Nexcare Clear Waterproof Bandaids
  • Advanced Healing Bandaids
  • Fun “Kid” Bandaids
  • Small Bandaids
  • Sheer Bandaids
  • Medical Tape
  • Antibiotic Bandaids
  • Large Bandaids
  • Antibiotic Ointment
  • Gauze


 Items in our Cold & Allergy Container:

  • Cough Drops
  • 4 Hour
  • 12 Hour
  • Kids Cold Medicine
  • Adult Cold Medicine
  • Kids Allergy Medicine
  • Adult Allergy Medicine
  • Decongestion
  • Mucinex
  • Day Time Cold Medicine
  • Night Time Cold Medicine


 All 3 containers placed in the Medicine and First Aid Tackle Box


 You can see all 3 containers are labeled – Head & Stomach, First Aid, and Cold & Allergy


 The containers are in the Medicine and First Aid Tackle Box and ready for when they are needed.


The Medicine and First Aid Tackle Box are on the middle shelf of our Medicine Cabinet.

Sep 03 2015

Organized Chaos: Storing Our Vitamins


 Organized Family Vitamins

We store our family vitamins on the top shelf of our medicine cabinet in the kitchen.  Each basket contains vitamins for our family members.  Jake and I have our own baskets, but Brina and Karlie share a basket containing all their vitamins.

Once a week I get the vitamins down and refill everyone’s individual vitamin containers for the entire week.  This system has worked pretty well for our family over the past couple of years.  Plus it keeps all the vitamins organized and in one location.  I picked up the baskets on clearance at Staples (they were sold in packs of 3 or more and were a $1 or less).  If you cannot find them at Staples I have seen them around at other stores as well.


 Our medicine cabinet with the vitamins on the top shelf.

Aug 27 2015

Organized Chaos: Health & Beauty Supplies


Health & Beauty Supplies

We have a tall narrow closet in the master bedroom where we store regularly used Healthy & Beauty Supplies.  When we find something that it is on sale and we know we will use in the next 1 to 6 months we pick it up and put it in the appropriate container.  The containers hold plenty for our family for the next few months so we never get more than what the container can hold.  If the container is empty or running low we put that item on our shopping list for the next trip to the store.

As the kids get older I have noticed they are starting to go through more of the Health & Beauty items.  Since we try to get these items when they are at a good price we haven’t noticed too much of an increase in use.  I anticipate as they get older the use will continue to go up and they may start getting more specific about what they like (or don’t like), but for now they are content with just pulling out something from the container that we have on hand.

It helps having everything organized and available so when an object is needed already we have it.  There are a couple items that technically are not Health & Beauty that we keep stored in this area as well such as the Air Fresheners and Small Gifts, otherwise it is all health and beauty items.

Once again you can see that I used the small clear containers with a white lid from the Dollar Tree.  These fit perfectly in so many of our smaller closets and help us keep supplies in order.  They are easy to see into, pull out, open up, and refill.  Anyone in the family can easily get the items they need without assistance.  We have not replaced the original wooden closet shelves in this closet because it is such a different sized closet the wooden shelves work for it.  The closet is not wide enough to fit 2 of the plastic containers side-by-side so I used a narrow box to slide in next to the containers which contains some of the slightly bigger items we try to keep on hand.


Top Shelf of the Health & Beauty Closet Contains:

  • Air Fresheners & Refills
  • New Make Up
  • Q-Tips & Cotton Balls
  • Box of Small Gifts (I try to have a handful of small gifts on hand for last minute parties, teacher gifts, hostess gifts, or something else.  Couple examples of what I keep in this box are candles, decorative hand soaps, and more.  These items have come in handy when we don’t have time to run to the store, but need something to give someone.)


Middle Shelf of the Health & Beauty Closet Contains:

  • Female Deodorant (which now we have 3 people in our household using)
  • Male Deodorant (we always have at least 2 of his deodorants out at a time – 1 for everyday home use and 1 packed in a toiletry bag for when my husband travels for work.  There have been times when he has had to leave at the last minute so having this already packed and ready helps us make sure he has everything he needs to travel and allows us to get him out the door more quickly.)
  • Chapstick / Lipstick
  • Box of Toothpaste, Tooth Brushes, & Mouthwash (since these are typically longer or taller in size they fit better in the box on the shelf)


Bottom Shelf of the Health & Beauty Closet Contains:

  • Hand Sanitizer & Sunblock
  • Dental Floss
  • Toothbrushes
  • Box of Lotion & Face Wash


All the Health & Beauty items are organized and ready to be used!

Aug 20 2015

Organized Chaos: Household & Party Supplies


Household and Party / Gift Supplies

There are certain items our household tends to need or go through on a regular basis.  Since these are items our family uses regularly we try to keep them organized, accessible, and stocked so that when they are needed we can get them quickly.  Also, there are certain party or gift supplies that we keep on hand and organized to use for a variety of different events that we participate in as a family.

In order to organize our Household and Party Supplies efficiently in our storage room we used these clear small containers with white lids, you can find them for a $1 at Dollar Tree.  We were able to fit all our household and party supplies on one shelf.    Once the items are placed in containers, we put the lid on, and labeled them. We picked up the wire shelving several years ago at Sam’s Club, but you can find it at a number of stores including Walmart, Target, Home Depot, and more.  We have used this system for several years now and it works really well for our family.

Household & Party Supply labels:

  • Vacuum Attachments
  • New Sponges
  • AAA Batteries
  • AA Batteries
  • D Batteries
  • C & Miscellaneous Batteries
  • Curling Ribbons & Yarn
  • Gift Bag Ribbons
  • Paper Bags (White & Brown)
  • Crepe Paper
  • Ribbons


When the kids were little it felt like almost every toy had a battery, not sure if we go through any less batteries now that they are older.  Although, they do have more stuff that charges using a wall outlet now!


The household and party supplies are located on the bottom rack in this picture!  Easy to see, reach, and use when needed!