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Aug 31 2016

Work & Family Event at Lake Keowee

WJC&B Work and Family Event at Lake Keowee

Karlie and Brina with their friend kayaking on Lake Keowee

This past weekend we had the opportunity to enjoy a Lake event with Bridgette’s co-workers at Lake Keowee!  We had a blast!  A huge thanks to Jeff and Sonya for their hospitality.  They graciously shared their home, boat, kayaks, paddle board, life jackets, floats, and many other fun items with everyone.  The girls had a grand time kayaking, paddle boarding, tubing, and splashing around off the dock!

Thankful for an opportunity to relax and have fun with people at work.  It was a great opportunity for Jake and the girls to meet some of the people I work alongside day to day.  The weather was gorgeous, food was delicious, and the company was great too.  Grateful for a chance to hang out at the Lake for a day – perfect way to spend a Saturday!  The kids slept well that night after a fun day at the Lake Keowee with their friends!!!


The kids had a blast at Lake Keowee


Karlie enjoying the paddle board


Karlie and friends going for a ride on the tube!


Their expressions crack me up!


Go Faster!!!


Brina and friends going for a spin on the tube!


Cruising along!


Look out for that wake!


Karlie ready to get back in the water!


Beautiful day and gorgeous view of the lake from the house

Jun 15 2016

Relationships: Reflecting on Memories

Sunflower / Yellow Flower

  • Across the fields the summer sun
  • Is shining, and the breeze
  • Flows gently through the trees
  • Like waves upon the summer seas.
  • The wild flowers all along the fence
  • Are dancing in the sun.
  • The bees are buzzing through the fields. . .
  • I’ll bet their work is fun.
  • Look, there’s a path upon the hill;
  • Please come and walk with m.
  • For overtop the hill and down,
  • A meadow we will see.
  • For in the meadow there’s a brook
  • That I once waded through,
  • And in the meadow there are flowers
  • Of every shade and hue.
  • Come walk, with me along that brook
  • And share this day with me.
  • As carefree children once again
  • We live in memory.

– Bonnie Gaunt

Our lives are sprinkled with a variety of  memories.  Some of those memories bring a smile to our face while others bring a tear of sadness to our eyes.  Memories can come rushing back when one or more of our senses are spiked such as a familiar place, smell, or sound.

When we walk along a stream or visit a familiar area with a family member or friend we get a glance into the past.  It’s important to take the time to remember those good times.  Relax in a quiet walk with someone dear to us.  Taking the time to laugh at the good times and great memories we have shared over the years.  Life goes by quickly and no one is guaranteed another day, but we have today so let’s make the best of what we have with those we love.

Oct 23 2015

Flashback Friday: 1st Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Our 1st Pumpkin - Karlie and Brina (Oct. 2005 - 8 Months)c

 So proud of their pumpkin!

Today’s Flashback Friday goes back 10 years when the girls went to their first pumpkin patch.  They were so excited to check out the pumpkins.  They didn’t like the feel of the prickly hay and grass on their feet, but were fascinated by the pumpkin and it’s stem.

Flashback Friday - Brina and Karlie both wanted to hold the stemc

 Investigating the pumpkin

Mommy and the girls checking out their pumpkin - Brina and Karliec

 It was like a cool new toy to Brina and Karlie

Daddy and his girls at the pumpkin patch - Karlie and Brinac

 Jake and his sweet girls Karlie and Brina

Daddy, Karlie and Brina at the pumpkin patchc

Karlie and Brina hanging out with Daddy at the pumpkin patch

The whole crew at the pumpkin patchc

Our 1st pumpkin patch adventure as a family of four.

Jun 01 2015

School Field Day


Water relay races

Recently the girls had their year end School Field Day.  I was able to go and watch them compete in the various activities during their event.  Thankful for an opportunity to spend time with them during the school day.  Glad they were able to have fun, spend some time outside in the fresh air, get some good exercise, and enjoy the sunny day with their classmates.

School - Field Day - P1440049c

Brina running in a chicken relay


Karlie doing the chicken relay for her class


Wheelbarrow race


Soccer race


Brina in the water cup relay


Karlie on the run!


Giggling the whole time she is running


On her way back!  Laughing because she just got her teacher wet with her bucket of water.

May 29 2015

Fun Around Town: Big Celebrity Cats at Hollywild Animal Park (Wellford, SC)


“Mandela” the white lion!

Our family had a great time at Hollywild Animal Park.  Upon entering the park I was given a packet with a very nice “Welcome” letter from Kim along with a map, her business card, a bracelet for each of us to wear, and other park information. The workers from the Safari Bus driver to the Creature Feature Show to the Gift Shop Clerk and the various ones we encountered throughout our journey through the park were always willing to answer any questions we had along the way (most of the questions were the kids asking about various animals).  It was a wonderful activity to do with the family.

As I have mentioned in a couple other posts several of the animals that reside at Hollywild have been stars in Movies, Commercials, Print Ads, Sport Events, TV Shows, events, and much more.  The animals seemed friendly, content, and interactive with the people passing through the park.

It was great that even the lions were up and active while we were at Hollywild!  Usually at the zoo and other places you don’t often see the lions moving or playing around too much in their pens.  The white lion paused while moving around so we were able to get some shots of him, but the brown lion didn’t ever stop moving for a good picture.

We ended our trip through the park about the time they were getting ready to close.  The workers were starting to feed the animals their dinners so that was pretty cool to watch some of the animals munching down on one of their favorites treats.

For more information about our adventure at Hollywild you can check out our other blog posts:


He looks very serious!


He hears the worker getting his dinner meal ready and started pacing.


On the move!


Relaxing on his rock


Look at the length of those whiskers!


Peaceful and relaxing


Beautiful tiger


Love how his tail is sitting on the rock below him.  He was curious about us watching him though!


Those eyes are looking directly at us!


Siberian Tigers – he looked so serious, but colorful up on the rock.  Not an animal I would want to meet in the wild though he looks amazing.  Featured in the following:

  • Movie – Man Hunter
  • Movie – Betsy’s Wedding
  • Movie – Reversal of Fortune
  • Movie – Price of Tides
  • Movie – The Real McCoy
  • TV Ad Campaign – Land Rover
  • Gallery Portraits – Valerie Shaff Photography
  • Countless live appearances at special events


Cougars were out and walking around.  These cougars featured in following:

  • Commercials – Lincoln-Mercury (1983 to 1991)
  • Movie – Date With an Angel
  • TV Program – Rescue 911
  • Movie – Reversal of Fortune
  • Movie – Last of the Mohicans
  • Movie – Miracle on the Mountain
  • Commercial(s) – Coca-Cola


Black Leopard was busy eating its dinner time treat.  Not sure what it is, but fresh meat of some kind.  Seeing it’s eyes watching us through the grass gives me goose bumps.  The leopards were featured in the following:

  • Calendar – Great Cats
  • Print Ad Campaign – Kemdura Paper
  • Audiovisual Production – Leslie Advertising
  • Score Boards – Carolina Panther
  • Caesar, a Black Panther, has been a star in the National Football League for the Carolina Panthers


The white tiger just finished his dinner and is taking a walk around his pen.


So pretty!

Hollywild Animal Park Coupon Discount (Free Child’s Admission):

  • Print off the coupon for Free Child’s Admission with purchase of an Adult Admission and bring it to the park with youLimit one per family. $8 Value. This coupon is valid during our Park Season which is open Weekends in March, Daily April through Labor Day, and Weekends from Labor Day through the end of October. Please visit our website for seasonal hours prior to your visit. Coupon not valid during our Holiday Lights Safari Benefit.  Expires: 10/24/2015.

A special thanks to U.S. Family Guide and Hollywild Animal Park for offering a special discount to our readers.  Any specific product information was provided by Hollywild Animal Park and U.S. Family Guide, however, the opinions expressed in this post are our own.  We did receive tickets so our family could visit and share our experience.