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Feb 20 2020

Penguins Winter Family Puzzle

Every year we typically do a puzzle during the winter. This year “Penguins” was the puzzle of choice!  I enjoy doing the puzzle, but if it stays out for a really long period of time it starts bothering me so usually we try to do it in a timely manner. The various members of the family can walk by and put in a puzzle piece here and there. Also, during family movie time the puzzle gets some more work done on it. Once we finish we will leave it out for a few days, take a photo of the puzzle then we donate it. Does your family have a winter activity you do together at home?

Aug 11 2012

For Beautiful Eyes….

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Feb 10 2011

Vacation: “Nature’s Little Secrets” – Tortola, British Virgin Islands (Part 2)

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, here are ones that highlight our adventures at Tortola, British Virgin Islands.

A beautiful place to visit!

View from Tortola, B.V.I. looking out over some of the other islands.

A BEAUTIFUL view from Tortola overlooking the surrounding islands!

Tortola painting along the road showing their history!

They had a wall of history depicted through many paintings, very neat!

We got to see a lot of neat views from the top of Tortola, including our ship, which looks small from the top of the mountain!

Range free cows on the edge of the road!

The animals (cows, chickens, horses, goats, etc…) were not fenced in so you would see them on the roads or standing next to vehicles grazing.  They had no one where to go since they were living on the island.

Beautiful coves and beaches on the island of Tortola!

The water was beautiful!  Tortola had gorgeous beaches on various parts of the island!

Tortola had beautiful flowers throughout the island and along the side of the road!

Tortola had a lot of amazing flowers that we seen along our excursion!

Yachts at the beach on Tortola!

A lot people come to Tortola to sail in yachts.  Another popular activity and site at these islands!

Police to the Rescue - traffic was stopped due to an accident!

Tortola’s roads were steep and curvy.  Thankfully, we weren’t in an accident but were held up for a few minutes by one.  The police finally came and outlined the cars in the accident so traffic could once again flow!

Party place on the island in the evening, the seaside Bomba Shack!

The Bomba Shack by the ocean is said to be the party place for the islanders in the evening.  It was an interesting sight!

Couples that get married in the Bomba Shack can sign their names inside.  No pictures were allowed inside the “shack”.

Pink house with a purple roof!

We took a picture of this “princess” house to show our little princess!  It was a pretty pink house with a purple roof view an amazing view of the island!

Dec 21 2010

Gift Giving: Delivering Christmas Goodies to Neighbors

Brina & Karlie Delivering Christmas Gifts to our Neighbors

We had a blast on our Christmas Baking day last weekend but I think the biggest joy came when we delivered the goodies to our neighbors.  Once the girls realized that we were not giving every morsel of the baking goodies away they were excited to share.  I think they were worried that we did all the baking and they wouldn’t be able to taste any of it.  Although, they definitely got their share of sampling the day of the event.

Sunday afternoon we put the baked items into gift bags, added a photo mug of the girls full of candy, put in a Christmas Card with the traditional annual picture we give to the neighbors, and tied the packages with ribbons to deliver.  The girls got bundled up in their coats and mittens to help me deliver the goodies.  We have 6 neighbors on our street.  Most of our neighbors are retired couples that enjoy seeing the girls and getting their annual card with a picture.  I found out the hard way the one year how much the yearly pictures meant to our neighbors when we didn’t give out Christmas pictures and one of our neighbors showed me her refrigerator with pictures of the girls from every Christmas.  Oops!

Karlie carrying the next gift!

Brina rang the doorbell!

It was cold and windy day delivering the goodies but our street is pretty small and we were so excited about handing out the presents to those on our street.  Only 3 of the 6 neighbors were home or answering their doors on a Sunday afternoon.  We headed back out on Monday to hand deliver the rest of the goodies, but it wasn’t until later in the week we were able to successful hand deliver all our treats to the neighbors.

The amazing blessing came when we delivered the presents.  Seeing the smiles, joy and gratefulness on the faces of our neighbors made it worth all the time and energy it took to put together the packages.  It is a wonderful blessing being able to share with others.  Not to mention it opens doors into the lives and hearts of those on the street near you.  We look forward to more opportunities to share with our neighbors.

Nov 18 2010

Artscow: Personalized Photo Ornaments for $1.99

Artscow is offering personalized Christmas ornaments for $1.99 each including free shipping worldwide.  Create your own by adding your favorite photographs of the kids and family.   These are great gifts for grandparents or you can hang on them on your Christmas tree.  Offer good for one sided ornaments only.

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