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Apr 22 2017

Muller’s Famous Fried Cheese Cafe (Helen, GA)

When my husband and I were visiting Helen, Georgia we decided to try out this small family owned authentic German or Czech food cafe.  We decided to try it because some of our family heritage is Czech.  Since it had a lot of dairy products on the menu Jake and I went together on our last day in the area.  They are known for their “fried cheese” sandwiches.  We have a child who cannot have dairy so figured if we wanted to eat at this restaurant it was a good day to do it.

We had the fried cheese sandwich as an appetizer.  Even as an appetizer it was pretty rich and we ended up bringing the majority of it home.  If you like cheese sticks you may enjoy this treat.  It was a little much for us, but tasty.  Jake had a Pork Schnitzel and I had a Chicken Schnitzel.  We split a bowl of Homemade Goulash Soup with Beef.

Overall:  We enjoyed the service and the quietness of the cafe.  The meal was richer than what we were used to eating so we could not eat much, but the food was good.  We typically do not eat a lot of fried food and brought some home to eat as leftovers.  If you like rich and cheesy food than you may enjoy this restaurant.  They are only open a limited amount of hours some days and closed others, check their hours prior to going.*

*We would not recommend this place if you have any member of your party with a dairy allergy as they would have limited menu options.

Inside of the fried cheese and ham sandwich

Homemade Goulash soup and Chicken Schnitzel

Mar 18 2017

Cowboys & Angels Restaurant (Helen, GA)

Jake and I went away for a weekend while the girls were on a Student Council Leadership Conference.  We stayed in Cleveland, Georgia not far from Helen.  After Jake was done with work we headed into Helen to grab a bite to eat.  We had looked at a few restaurant reviews prior to going so we had an idea of some of the places we may want to check out.

Once in Helen we parked on the edge of town and took a stroll through the quaint little shopping area.  We passed several of the restaurants that we were considering.  We finally settled on Cowboys & Angels Restaurant When we first arrived there were only a couple tables inside (but they were reserved) and several tables available outside.  We considered staying because it was probably going to get cooler as it got darker.  The hostess and staff reassured us that they had outdoor heaters.  They found us a table in an area that would be a little warmer and a little quieter.  A musician from Nasheville, TN was singing on the outdoor patio, but wasn’t too loud.

The weather was a little bit cooler, but it was still comfortable.  The staff was quick and accommodating.  The food was delicious.  Jake had the Longhorn Burger with Broccoli.  I had the Grilled Maverick Chicken with a House Salad both were delicious.


  • Location is in the heart of the shopping and tourist district of Helen, GA
  • Food was delicious and for a reasonable price
  • Atmosphere was good with live music
  • Hospitality was excellent and pleasant with prompt service from the staff


  • Limited indoor seating.  If it is a cooler day when you visit and the restaurant is busy you may be eating outside.
  • NOTE: Staff indicated that they were in the process of expanding and hope to have more indoor eating space in the future (not sure of the exact plans or timeline).

Overall:  Yes, would definitely try again on a future visit to Helen, GA.  They would probably benefit from more indoor seating especially during the cooler months, but I can imagine it would be a really neat venue for eating on the porch & patio throughout the Spring and Summer seasons.  The food was great and the service was excellent so if you are looking for somewhere to eat while visiting the area we recommend you check them out.

Aug 29 2016

Date Night with My Man

Date Night - Jake and Bridgette

Date Night!

The girls had a church Youth Group event on Friday night so Jake and I were able to get away for a couple hours together.  LOVE spending time with Jake.  Always enjoy a date night when we can relax, talk as a couple, laugh, and catch up with each other for a little bit.

I dropped off the girls at church and met Jake at Los Amigos restaurant in Powdersville.  He already had a table saved for us!  When I arrived I found a beautiful rose laying on the table waiting for me! Love his thoughtfulness and the way he makes me feel appreciated.

We had an enjoyable dinner, other than we probably ate too much, ha!  We didn’t have a whole lot of time after dinner before we had to pick the girls up from the church event so we headed over to Walmart to pick up a couple of items that we needed and to stretch our legs after a big dinner.

We picked up the girls and headed home.  Once the kids were showered and tucked into bed we headed back downstairs for an at home movie night together.  It was wonderful spending the evening with my Handsome Man!  Always enjoy these moments together even when they are more spontaneous.  It has been very busy lately so it is nice to be intentional and carve out time when we can relax together as a couple.

I love you Jacob Wesley Hayes!  Thanks for everything you do for me!!!  You’re the best!!! XOXO

Date Night Rose from My Man

Love my beautiful rose!  Thanks Handsome!

Mar 05 2014

Birthday Dinner at Joe’s Crab Shack


Joe’s Crab Shack was the girls choice for their birthday dinner!

We promised the girls that we would take them out to dinner for their birthday and gave them the choice of what type of food they wanted to eat.  Both girls agreed they wanted a restaurant that served seafood.  Once we narrowed down a few options they both chose Joe’s Crab Shack for their special dinner.  They both love seafood and Joe’s Crab Shack is a fun place to celebrate too.


We made it to Joe’s Crab Shack!  They look excited!  Whose hungry?!


Brina and Karlie were not sure about the “bibs” but when they saw other birthday adults wearing the birthday bibs they decided it would be okay for the evening.  “Let’s Get Crackin – Birthday Crab”


It didn’t take them long to figure out the table had a lot of cool coins, post cards, and neat items sealed into it.  It was like a scavenger hunt looking for the coolest items!


Happy Birthday Brina and Karlie!  Dinner is served!


Wow look at all that delicious food!  They are getting better at shelling the seafood, although at times pieces would come flying across the table which was rather entertaining.  Thankfully Jake was there to help!


The waitresses at the restaurant gave the girls blue blown up guitars to strum while everyone sang the Joe’s Crab Shack version of “Happy Birthday!”


Opening their gift from Grandma!  It’s not every day you get to open a gift at dinner time!

Brina and Karlie's Brithday Celebration

Thankful that Jake was able to meet us at Joe’s for the birthday dinner!  Even though he was probably covered with the flying pieces of seafood by the end he was still smiling!

Thankful for the opportunity to go out to dinner and spend some time with the girls.  We are blessed to have them in our lives and look forward to celebrating many more years with them.  Praying for them as they continue to grow up (too quickly).  Hopefully, they’ll look back on these birthdays and our moments together with big smiles!

The girls had a great birthday with a lot of fun activities and sweet messages, wishes, cards, calls, texts, and even videos with the happy birthday song from  family and friends.  We appreciate each person that reached out and made their day extra special.  They went to bed feeling loved and grinning from ear to ear!

Nov 10 2010

Date Night on a Budget – Dinner

Going on a Date Night with your spouse can be just what the whole family needs.   It is important to take time to relax and be a couple, whether you have little ones or not.   Your kids may enjoy a night away too.   One way to open the door of communication is by having a quiet meal together.

Here are a few ways to save on the cost of eating out so you can relax when you go on your date:

1.  Free Dinner Options

  • Gift Certificates – if you have a gift certificate to a restaurant use it when you go on your date.  Occasionally we get gift certificates for our anniversary so we save them for Date Nights.  It may be something you want to ask for your birthday or anniversary as well.   You can earn gift certificates by doing surveys or through accumulating points too.
  • Coupons – use a coupon to a restaurant that you and your spouse are wanting to go to.  If you plan ahead you can often find discounts or coupons online prior to going to a restaurant.  We have even shared a free dinner at a nice restaurant by using a coupon.  Sometimes you have to pay but if you look you can often get a meal for free.
  • Join the Club – many of the large chain restaurants offer special discounts if you sign up for their emails or newsletters.  You may get free food when they introduce a new menu item.  Even your local family owned restaurants give you special offers when you join their club.  Many restaurants offer free meal if you visit them around your birthday. If you have a favorite restaurant check and see they have a club you can join for extra savings.

2. Discount Dinner Options

  • you can get discount restaurant certificates.  We have tried many new restaurants using that have since become our favorite.  You can often get the certificates at a discount.  The best is when you can get them at 80% to 90% off.  We stock up when they are at a deep discount and it allows us to have plenty of options to chose from for Date Night.  The certificates last for one year so you have plenty of time to use them.  Try it out and see how you like it!
  • Barter – there are many barter programs available such as Tradebank or you can work something out with the owner of a restaurant or chain.  If you have services or products that they can use.  We have friends that provide a service for a restaurant and they get coupons for free meals. It is worth checking out.
  • Grouponhas daily deals that you can get between 40% to 90% off.  Many times Groupon will offer great discounts on restaurants.  When you purchase a certificate you have up to a year to use it.  Select the area closest to you to find out the  deals in your area.
  • Pack a picnic for a nice dinner at a park together.  You can pack a really wonderful romantic picnic for a great price.  Pick out a favorite food you know your spouse will like for an extra special treat.  It shows your love.  Some of our best Date Nights have been relaxing over a picnic at a park.

You can have a wonderful dinner with your spouse without breaking your budget.  It is important to take time to talk, relax, and enjoy each other.  Take turns planning where you are going.  One month you plan the meal the next month your husband plans, it allows for some great surprises and extra romance!

Jake and I try to have at least one date night a month because it is important to us to maintain and grow our marriage.  Communication around the typical family meal is more about the kids and the events of the day then on us as a couple.  Although we may be in a season when the finances are tight we can still have a terrific date night together.  The laughter, deep conversations, and a time of relaxation is worth finding ways to make it work logistically and financially.